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There are 15 total achievements:

Image Name Description
Higurashi ch6 The Great Water Gun Disaster Achievements.jpg The Great Water Gun Disaster Participate in the grand melee.
Higurashi ch6 Perfume and Shortcakes Achievements.jpg Perfume and Shortcakes Meet with someone unpleasant.
Higurashi ch6 dont call me reina Achievements.jpg Don't Call Me Reina Reminisce on the past.
Higurashi ch6 The Husband of Hinamizawa Achievements.jpg The Husband in Hinamizawa Accidentally uncover a horrible truth.
Higurashi ch6 collateral Achievements.jpg Collateral Find an easy solution to a big problem.
Higurashi ch6 youre crying right now Achievements.jpg You're Crying Right Now Be forgiven.
Higurashi ch6 icky things Achievements.jpg Icky Things Believe in a conspiracy.
Higurashi ch6 Mystery Machine Achievements.jpg Mystery Machine Be drawn further into the conspiracy.
Higurashi ch6 Fish in the pond Achievements.jpg Fish in a Pond Make the decision to run.
Higurashi ch6 Village of the body snatchers Achievements.jpg Village of the Body Snatchers Realize how deep the conspiracy really goes.
Higurashi ch6 I Just want to live normally Achievements.jpg I Just Want to Live Normally Accuse a friend of a horrible crime.
Higurashi ch6 shes just sick right now Achievements.jpg She's Just Sick Right Now Get the very distinct feeling that something bad is going to happpen.
Higurashi ch6 the curtain call Achievements.jpg The Curtain Call Overcome a tragedy.
Higurashi ch6 Tsumihoroboshi Staff Room Achievements.jpg Tsumihoroboshi Staff Room Had a chat with Ryuukishi07.
Higurashi ch6 Detective - Tsumihoroboshi Achievements.jpg Detective - Tsumihoroboshi Read all TIPS in Tsumihoroboshi