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Chapter List[]

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
沙都子のいない教室 A Classroom Without Satoko
職員室にて In the Staff Room
入江のマイカー Irie's Car
昨夜の出来事 Last Night's Events
殺人計画 Murder Plot
綿流しの夜に The Night of Watanagashi
誘き出し Luring
時間のロス Lost Time
夢の中 Within a Dream
図書館へ To the Library
沙都子の危機 Satoko's Crisis
絶望的な悲鳴 Scream of Despair
ありえない再会 Impossible Reunion
魅音との別れ Farewell to Mion
大切な友達 Dearest Friend
終劇 The End

A Classroom Without Satoko[]

In the Staff Room[]

Irie's Car[]

Last Night's Events[]

Murder Plot[]

The Night of Watanagashi[]


Lost Time[]

Within a Dream[]

To the Library[]

Satoko's Crisis[]

Desperate Scream[]

Impossible Reunion[]

Farewell to Mion[]

Dearest Friend[]

The End[]