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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

"The beginning of the end? You're behind the times. It's the opposite. Here's how it should go: once it's begun, it already has ended."
— Toujirou Mitake, Phase 1, Chapter 14 transition

Toujirou Mitake (御岳 藤治郎 Mitake Tōjirō) is a major in the AOU military and Miyao's father.


From AOU Japan

A Special Major attached to the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager

He's officially a military reporter, but actually serves as an intelligence officer directly under the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager. He's been granted extralegal authority to take any action of his own volition that will serve the interests of the state.

He also has connections with intelligence officers from other factions who are in similar positions, and it's suspected that his main job is to resolve matters quietly between various militaries whenever feuds between factions break out.

He's part of the generation that came before Infant PP Training, but he's also the rare middle-aged man who can control a Gauntlet a little.


Toujirou has brown hair and wears glasses with black rims. He wears a green jacket and khakis with brown shoes.


Toujirou is very aloof, traveling the world and doing whatever he feels like. He also frequently muses on the state of the world and on various problems, showing some joy in manipulating these problems for his own benefit.



Miyao Mitake

Toujirou and his son don't talk often due to Toujirou traveling the world a lot, but they still exchange emails. Toujirou wants to ensure that Miyao becomes the best Gauntlet Knight he can be and gives him a lot of advice.


Jestress acts as a liaison between Toujirou and the Three Kings. Toujirou regularly flirts with her but Jestress always blows off his advances, citing it as "technically cheating".

Special Abilities

Override Code Issued by the AOU Combined Military HQ Manager (SS)

He has an override code that can modify any order issued within the AOU Combined Military using the HQ Manager's authority.

Of course, this is a rarely used trump card. There's thought to be strict regulations preventing Its easy abuse.

Intelligence Officer Network (S)

He has a network of intelligence officers across all factions. He can quickly obtain any sort of dark information from across the world.

Rumor has it that the 'pocket change' he makes by using this network has grown to quite a fortune.

Mitake Flash (A)

His hobby is taking photos using the naked eye, and he's always subconsciously seeking the best angle.

He loves his son too much, and his mental image folder is filled with pictures of a 0-year-old Mlyao.


Toujirou raised Miyao by himself, as his wife and Miyao's mother was not present during Miyao's life. He raised Miyao to be an excellent Gauntlet Knight and started getting involved in various Orders, later forming the Order of the Wisteria; as such, Toujirou has a large information network.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Toujirou is first introduced in Chapter 1 talking to Seshat. He later goes to a LATO bar and obtains some 8MS blueprints from an acquaintance before being brought by Valentina to meet a LATO executive.

Toujirou attends a party in a LATO hotel and hacks into an executive's Selcom to steal some data. He returns to the party and, after witnessing how the "secondary secretaries" are being treated by military officials, comments that this world is worthy of destruction.

Toujirou later has some talks with Miyao and tells him that World War IV is approaching and to be prepared. Soon after, he speaks with Jestress and makes some advances on her, with the latter commenting that it's technically cheating.

During another conversation with Miyao, Toujirou explains that he runs a chivalric order and encourages him to start one of his own. After bidding farewell again, Toujirou has separate conversations with Seshat and Jestress. Seshat asks for the whereabouts of Toujirou's ex-wife, to which he knows nothing; Jestress is asked to remove her mask, and Toujirou is reminded of the first time he and Jestress met from this.

In Chapter 16, Toujirou muses about "God's program" and how there will always be a minority appearing to challenge the majority opinion, and there's a "bug" that can be exploited. He's used the Order of the Wisteria to manipulate information and make it so that the majority public opinion favors war, thereby ensuring that the minority opinion of anti-war practically doesn't exist.

In Chapter 19, he attends the signing of the global peace treaty at the IPMA HQ as a reporter and records a video of the explosion incident. He sends the video to Miyao in such a way that it can only be watched once.

In Chapter 23, during the drone revolt Toujirou relaxes in the ruins of a destroyed beach and is accompanied by Valentina and Maricarmen, who were supposed to escort him to a shelter. Toujirou notes that the drones are destroying everything equally, with Mari thinking of him as some inhuman observer.

In the final chapter, Toujirou hacks into Miyao's Gauntlet and takes control of it, forcing him to kill Lingji.

In the epilogue, Toujirou is guided at gunpoint by Vier Dreissig and shows her a statue of the Venus de Milo with a secret compartment in it. Another scene seemingly depicts Toujirou and his wife naming the newborn Miyao.

The final Data Fragment "The Revelation of Saint Ioánnis" shows that Toujirou is aware of an unknown opponent using the titular Revelation to destroy the world and is prepared to stop them.