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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

"Fighting isn't always the best option. But maybe stepping forward with the resolve to be prepared for a fight is a requirement for a leader."
— Toratsugu in Rose Guns Days: Last Season

Toratsugu Uedera (上寺 虎継 Uedera Toratsugu) is Wayne Uedera's grandson and works for Primavera as Julie's bodyguard in 2012. He first appears in Season 3


Toratsugu has short brown hair and wears black-rimmed glasses. He wears a black vest adorned with colored buttons over a white shirt with a black tie. A police baton and knife are holstered on his sides. Toratsugu has a few scars visible on his arms.


Toratsugu tries to act cool and tough a lot, which usually prompts Wayne to tell him to be quiet. Toratsugu also takes his job of protecting Julie very seriously, telling off her coworkers when they get too close and annoying her greatly.


Toratsugu was raised to do all he could for Primavera, having been told that he would someday serve Rose's descendants. Toratsugu was then appointed as a bodyguard for Julie until she finishes interviewing Jeanne.



Season 3[]

Toratsugu is first introduced in 2012 when he protects Julie from being attacked by a homeless man. He then drives Julie home and reveals he'd been assigned as her bodyguard, getting an undercover job at her workplace.

During a later conversation with Julie, Toratsugu suggests that Jeanne may be preparing to name Julie as her successor.

Last Season[]

At the very end, Julie is revealed to be the granddaughter of Rose and Leo. Toratsugu apologizes for his past rudeness and pledges his life to protecting Julie.