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Tomoko Okada (岡田 智子 Okada Tomoko) is Michiru Sakurada's best friend who dies in an accident.


An occult-loving girl on par with Michiru. Her areas of expertise are ancient civilizations and super-science. Aliens are okay too. She likes to chat while drawing, and her art is pretty good.

She slipped and fell to a quick death. But even in death she's still itching for someone to talk.

Incidentally, she has a really good fashion sense. If she were to lose the glasses, she would be an exceedingly beautiful girl.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Tomoko has short black hair and wears large white glasses. She wears a beige sweater, black pants, brown stockings and black shoes.


Like Michiru, Tomoko loves occult topics but leans more towards sci-fi. She is very caring towards Michiru, to the point where she rejects being resurrected so that Michiru can live her life without worry.


Tomoko became good friends with Michiru as one of the few people who didn't doubt her sixth sense and enjoyed talking about all sorts of things with her. They wrote down a lot of things in a notebook. When Tomoko suddenly dies on a trip with her family when she falls and hits her head, a heartbroken Michiru attempts to bring her back to life.



Second Night[]

My Best Friend[]

Michiru summons a demon to revive Tomoko. The demon offers to teach Michiru to art of resurrection, but it will require her to burn their notebook and give up her greetings forever. Tomoko actually asked to have the notebook burned because she didn't want Michiru to live her life constantly being sad over her death, nor does she want her to go through life being unable to greet anyone.

Michiru performs the resurrection and summons Tomoko's soul, but the girl pretends to hate Michiru and tells her she doesn't want to be brought back to life. Michiru sadly says farewell to her friend again and becomes resolved to live a better life.

After School[]

In this dream world, Tomoko becomes friends with Yoko Numata and Takeshi Nonomiya.