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Tomoe Minai (南井 巴 Minai Tomoe) is one of the main protagonists of the Advanced Story. She's a detective and Chief Inspector of the Kakiuchi City police department, first appearing in Someutsushi-hen.



Tomoe has short brown hair and wears a red coat over a black shirt and a red skirt.


Tomoe takes her job as detective seriously and is always prepared with the necessary paperwork and materials. When she interrogates people she comes off as very cold and oppressive, but she knows when she's made people uncomfortable and usually apologizes for it.

Tomoe also has an appetite for junk food and especially loves hamburgers, usually seen eating dozens of them at a time.


As a teenager, Tomoe was an athlete and was very skilled. She and her sister Madoka were orphaned one day when a fire broke out at their home, resulting in the deaths of their parents. It was determined that the fire was a case of arson and not an accident. Tomoe has since become an outstanding detective, skilled enough to earn the rank of Chief Inspector at her age.




Tomoe is first introduced being called to the scene of a fire, where a woman's burnt corpse was found in an oil drum. Because the body was found in the district of another nearby police station, Tomoe and Fujita cannot do any investigating of their own and leave it to them.


  1. The Someutsushi-hen TIP "Old Local News Article" is dated 1971 and lists Tomoe's age as 17 at the time. It is likely that she is 29 in the current present of 1983.
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