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This article is about an organization in Higurashi When They Cry.

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

"Tokyo" (「東京」) is a secret nationalist organization that aims to preserve Japan as a major world power and restore it to its pre-World War II glory. To further their goals, they created the Alphabet Project and funded Hinamizawa Syndrome research.


After WWII, Japan began reconstruction under American leadership, but many powerful politicians refused to accept this foreign way of thinking. Though many of them were fired from GHQ, they still acted as advisors to the Japanese government itself. These politicians started getting together in secret and discussing their ideals, and they soon formed their own organization with the intent of restoring Japan to its pre-war glamour. This organization would eventually be called "Tokyo," named after the city they were based in.

Tokyo had much influence on the Japanese Self-Defense Force and sought to develop weapons on par with nuclear weapons, which Japan had publicly denounced. Hinamizawa Syndrome was one of the many potential biological weapons they took interest in, and so Tokyo funded the creation of the Irie Clinic, enabling Miyo Takano to finish her grandfather's research. They wanted the disease's existence kept secret from the rest of the world and especially to Hinamizawa's residents, and using their SDF connections they formed the Mountain Dogs taskforce and assigned them to help the clinic preserve secrecy. To ensure research went smoothly, Tokyo even intervened during the dam conflict and helped shut it down when the Mountain Dogs kidnapped the Minister of Construction's grandson.

Tokyo's old leaders were eventually replaced with new, younger leaders, and while they still remained a very nationalist and far-right group they started pursuing development into education, economics and foreign relations. They began to show disinterest in weapons research and wanted to shut down the Irie Clinic, but Irie convinced them to keep it open until he could find a cure. He was given three years to wrap up research of Hinamizawa Syndrome, with the clinic to cease operation in 1986. In the meantime, Tokyo requested the destruction of all research notes for military applications of the syndrome, which Irie gladly complied with.[1]




Koizumi was one of the founders of Tokyo and of the Alphabet Project. He was the last remaining member of the old nationalist leaders, and his death causes a shift in power among Tokyo.

Jirou Tomitake

Tomitake regularly visits the clinic and checks the progress of research while relaying requests from Tokyo.

Kyousuke Irie

Irie isn't a true member of Tokyo since he doesn't share their nationalist ideals. Irie doesn't even know how to contact Tokyo by himself, as he always communicated to them through Takano.[2] Rather, he was hired by them since he was very knowledgeable in the field of neuroscience, a perfect person to research Hinamizawa Syndrome.

Miyo Takano

Takano communicates between Tokyo and the Irie Clinic, ensuring that syndrome research is kept to the utmost secrecy. She also holds the rank of Major since Tokyo is technically part of the SDF.

Tetsurou Okonogi

Okonogi leads the Mountain Dogs, who answer directly to Takano. Many worldwide governments were forming secret squads of covert operatives, and the Mountain Dogs were Tokyo's answer to it.



Tokyo's existence and backstory are revealed. Takano kills Tomitake by injecting him with H173 and letting him commit suicide by Hinamizawa Syndrome, tricking Tokyo into believing Irie masterminded it because of his displeasure towards them trying to shut down his research. Takano soon fakes her death and leaves behind a burnt corpse, further implicating Irie.

Rika is soon killed as part of Takano's plan to exterminate Hinamizawa and prove her research legitimate, with several government secretaries wanting to pin the blame on Tokyo for planning to execute 2000 people. The Prime Minister faces a dilemma where if he doesn't approve Emergency Manual 34, then the Hinamizawa residents will succumb to terminal symptoms of Hinamizawa Syndrome because of the queen carrier's death and cause chaos; Tokyo will criticize the PM for his refusal to act and damage his political plans. The PM signs off on the manual's use and arranges a meeting with one of Tokyo's members. wanting to hear an explanation.


The Connecting Fragments section details Tokyo's involvement in getting the Irie Clinic opened and their interference with the dam project. After Koizumi's death, a power vacuum opens in Tokyo. The Alphabet Project board is also replaced with new leaders who want to shut down the clinic due to it being a remnant of the old leaders' support.

Tomitake hears from Rika about the possibility of Takano and the Mountain Dogs using this power vacuum to their advantage, and so he contacts Tokyo to have them investigate her background. Rika fakes her death later and Tokyo hears news of it, with Takano scrambling to carry out Emergency Manual 34. Once 48 hours pass and nothing happens, Okonogi tells Takano that Tokyo never believed in her queen carrier theory at all and are probably destroying evidence; they wanted the theory to be believable, not necessarily true or false. He also tells Takano that Nomura had set her up as the scapegoat for this entire operation. The Bloodhounds show up to arrest Takano on request of Tokyo, but Tomitake convinces them to stand down.


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