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Plot Summary
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Chapter List

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
ある日の巴 Tomoe One Day
病院の変死事件 Suspicious Hospital Murder
東京にて In Tokyo
昔の職場と元上司と Old Workplace, Old Boss
雛見沢訪問 Hinamizawa Visit
竜宮礼奈 Reina Ryuugu
夏美との再会 Reunion with Natsumi
加速する運命 Accelerating Fate
新たな謎 A New Mystery
失意の異動 Depressing Transfer
運命の歯車 Gears of Fate
再戦 Rematch

Tomoe One Day

Suspicious Hospital Murder

In Tokyo

Old Workplace, Old Boss

Hinamizawa Visit

Reina Ryuugu

Reunion with Natsumi

Accelerating Fate

A New Mystery

Depressing Transfer

Gears of Fate