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This page contains a plot summary of the event To Love A Magic Angel. See "Magic Angel" Rika Furude and "Magic Angel" Satoko Houjou for the continuations.


It was about time for the show to start, and the production crew was worried about their star being nowhere. Meanwhile, a high school-aged Rika looks at the ocean. She had left Hinamizawa and became a huge and famous star, but that wasn't the future she wanted. In the end she missed everything, but above all, there was no Satoko there.

In 1983, the club learns about an idol contest that will be realized in the Sonozaki Guest House in Okinomiya. Most of the girls decide to participate, including Rena, Mion, Rika (who takes Satoko with her) and even Miyuki. Rika wonders if Hanyuu doesn't want to try since she already had some experience singing, but Hanyuu refuses since she doesn't have a full existence as a human, so she can't really join something public like that.

In the end, Rika and Satoko, who presented as the duo "Hina☆Mix", actually win. They receive invites to work as idols for real, and Rika accepts, surprising everyone. She reveals she always wanted to go beyond Hinamizawa and see the world outside. Satoko is hesitant though and notably downbeat. In the end, she rejects it. She'd stay there, waiting for the day Satoshi returned. However, she promises Rika that as soon as her brother was back and fine, she'd put all her strength to go after her, no matter where she was. Meanwhile, Hanyuu too would stay behind. Rika as a star would get lots of attention, which in a way would protect her from any evil people that might target her, but it was also a path that was impossible for an existence like her to follow. She couldn't just leave Hinamizawa and be exposed like that. And, saying goodbye to her two most precious people, Rika leaves.

Soon afterwards, the Great Hinamizawa Disaster happened. Everyone died, and soon the village was covered by a dam. Rika stands at the beach and cries for Satoko when she suddenly wakes up back in 1983. Was it just a dream? The next few days followed her dream, but in the end she rejected the invite and stayed with her friends.

However, Rika did leave Hinamizawa anyway and took Satoko to St. Lucia with her. She tells the student council president about that dream she had with mixed feelings. She somehow was irritated by the president's mere presence, but yet always ended up following her whims and now was telling all that to her. The president questions if her choice was really right: losing an opportunity like that rather than using all her strength to control her destiny. Satoko interrupts their conversation and Rika leaves with her.