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The Three Kings gathered. From left to right: Fury, Ridicule, and Sorrow.

The Three Kings (三人の王たち Sannin no Ōtachi), also known as the Order of the Three Kings (三人の王の騎士団 Sannin no Ō no Kishidan), are a chivalric order planning to destroy the world.


The Three Kings are an enigmatic group of people with lots of power in the world and wear masks and voice changers to hide their identities. Their goal is to destroy the world and reset it, believing that the current humanity is unfit to live on it. As part of their plans, their followers in the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order have inserted four Gauntlet Knight spies into the leading world factions.



For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Through the course of the story, the Three Kings operate in the background while watching the world news and commenting on their successes and failures along with Jestress. They first appear in Chapter 2, where they watch the International Battle Standard Festival and confirm that their spies have infiltrated the factions.

In Chapter 5, they send someone to investigate Vier Dreissig, however she converts him to her side, another in a long line of attempted spies.

In Chapter 9, the Three Kings hold a vote which turns out to be unanimous; their followers go out into the world and began enacting their plans.

In Chapter 18 they mastermind the spread of the Erbil L5 virus, which wipes out 30% of the crops in the world, falling short of their goal in 50%.

In Chapter 22 and 23, the superearthquake caused by Vier's subordinate ruins their initial plans, so the Three Kings announce for every Order under them to carry out everything. A drone revolt is one of the many ensuing calamities.