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Ronove hosts a cooking show, making a cauldron full of Valentine’s Day chocolate. He pours it into bite-sized circles and puts on the finishing touches amidst a round of applause. Ronove loads the chocolate into a box meant for Beatrice, with plenty to spare; he motions for the Seven Sisters to come out of hiding. Belphegor apologizes for spying on him but Ronove forgives them, saying it’s only natural for young maidens such as the Sisters to be interested in Valentine’s Day. Beelzebub wants to eat the chocolate but is stopped by Ronove telling her it’s supposed to be a gift; he’s sharing the chocolate with the Sisters so they can give it to somebody, no matter the gender.

The Stakes set out to find recipients for their chocolates, and Asmodeus has already settled on Amakusa. She flies into a building that Amakusa’s at, being very upfront with her gift-giving. The other Sisters comment on how courageous Asmodeus is as Amakusa takes it, asking if it’s homemade. Asmo says it is, made especially for him. The Sisters know that she lied about it being handmade, which Leviathan compares to a Devil’s Proof. Beelzebub wants to eat hers immediately, but then hears Amakusa is going to return the favor on White Day.

Spurred on by the idea that she can receive much more than she gives on White Day, Beelzebub heads out to find Gohda. The chef awkwardly accepts the chocolate, and after eating it, he comes to an epiphany. Upon hearing that Beelzebub “handmade” the chocolate, Gohda declares that he will go to Belgium for training, not wanting to be beaten in taste by such a young girl.

Mammon decides on her recipient as well, splitting it between Sakutaro and Ange. After hearing that Ange is out shopping, Mammon and Sakutaro agree to wait for her and surprise her, wanting to invite MARIA as well. Lucifer sees that the Sisters have been giving chocolate from youngest to oldest, so Belphegor decies she’s up next. She has no connection to any particular human except for Rudolf, who she fought in Episode 3 during an old-fashioned duel. Even though Rudolf is married, Belphe hopes he’ll accept her chocolate as an acknowledgement of a worthy opponent. Rudolf voices his concern for Belphe after seeing the way she went out in Episode 3, and the demon is surprised that anyone would worry about someone like her. He moves in close and whispers something to her, much to the dismay of the other Sisters; Satan tells everyone not to watch only to find Leviathan missing.

Leviathan was doing a similar thing as Belphegor, giving chocolate to her former enemy. Kyrie compliments her for the delicious chocolate, and Levia tells her Rudolf said the same thing about Belphe’s chocolate. The demon shares all the details, and Kyrie heads out while calculating her envy.

Satan, too, tries to give chocolate to her former enemy only for Kanon to reject it. She fervently tries to make Kanon accept her chocolate, who deploys his magic sword in response. Jessica suddenly appears, dropping her gift box and equipping her brass knuckles at the sight of the demonic stake. The two who are close drive Satan away, who throws down her chocolate box and disappears in frustration. Kanon wants to dispose of Satan’s chocolate but Jessica says she’ll do it herself, motioning that she had a gift of her own. Kanon is confused as to why Satan’s gift caused such a rise in Jessica while the demon returns to her sisters and gets teased for it.

Lucifer is the last one to give her chocolate, and she becomes concerned about failing after seeing Satan. She thinks about giving it to George, but Shannon would get in the way; secretly disposing of it would work too, but Satan suddenly interrupt her, having ended her torment by the others. As Luci worries over what to do, Battler suddenly walks in and sees the Valentine’s box she’s holding. She uses this opportunity to give Battler her chocolate, who takes it with a smile. He eats it and compliments her for the taste, and he leaves after promising to return the favor for White Day. The Sisters all report their success to Ronove, who sends them off and muses that the variety the chocolates had given to their day was much sweeter than the chocolates themselves. He then calls for Beatrice to be shown on camera, who has the box of chocolates Ronove made earlier and is searching for Battler. She finally finds him and presents the box of chocolates to him, who tries one. Beato claims it’s handmade, but Battler realizes that it tastes the same as Lucifer’s chocolate. He asks if Beato really did handmake her chocolate, asking her to repeat in red that “this chocolate was handmade by Beatrice.” She’s unable to respond, and Battler determines that she got it from Lucifer, leaving after calling the Golden Witch a liar. She knows Lucifer was responsible for ruining things, and prepares a punishment for her; Beato appears ominously after Lucifer receives her White Day gift from Battler.

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