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The Secret (隠しごと Kakushigoto) is the second episode of the Higurashi When They Cry anime adaptation and the second episode of Onikakushi.





Plot Summary[]

First Half[]

Keiichi Maebara is seen in the Junkyard reading a newspaper article about a lynch death that occurred in Hinamizawa. Behind him, Rena Ryuguu is shown walking towards him. She steps on a piece of junk, alerting Keiichi, causing him to turn around in fear. When he turns around, he sees Rena, who is on top of a pile of junk, holding her hatchet and glaring at him. Keiichi screams out, stands up, and then falls on his butt. Rena asks if he is okay, and tells him that she brought her hatchet because it seemed to be helpful. Keiichi remarks that the hatchet is pretty big, shrugging what just happened off, and then states that he and Rena should go home, as it is getting dark, and that they should continue tomorrow. Rena expresses her sadness, and Keiichi cheers her up, saying that she'll be able to dig up Kenta-kun tomorrow. She says that he's right, and giggles.

The next morning at the Hinamizawa Branch School, Keiichi, sitting at a table consisting of Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, Satoko Hojo, Rena Ryuugu, and himself, asks about the festival. Mion remarks that she told him it's the Watanagashi Festival, and states that Rika-chama is on its executive committee. Keiichi pushes on, asking what it is. Mion explains that it's where they take worn-out blanket or padded kimonos, thank them, and hold a memorial service down the lake. Keiichi says that it sounds boring. In a flash, Mion gets up from her seat, yells "It'll be far from boring!" and proclaims that they will do it again this year. All of them, except Keiichi, pose like they are in an anime, and all say together, "Watanagashi! Battle of Four Evils!" Keiichi is seen looking exasperated, and he asks them what that means.

Rika explains that it will now be the Battle of Five Evils, since Keiichi has joined the club. Satoko adds that he'll be showing off his skills, and Rika translates Satoko by saying that they'll do club activities while visiting stalls. Keiichi understands now, and the group laughs.

A bird is seen on a camera, and the shutter clicks. Jirou Tomitake is taking pictures of some birds, until Rena, Mion, and Keiichi walk up to him and say hello. Tomitake greets them, telling Keiichi it's nice to see him again. Keiichi replies with a "you too", and Mion asks if he's taken any good pictures. He says he's taken a few and changes the subject to how popular Keiichi is, telling him that he envies him for being popular with the girls. Keiichi's eyes grow little, Rena shrinks, and Mion laughs as Keiichi insists that it isn't like that.

Mion asks Tomitake if he's staying for Watanagashi, and he tells them he is. He adds on that he's going back to Tokyo after he takes pictures of the festival. Tomitake laughs, says "oh man", and walks away. Mion says bye, and Keiichi asks if they know Tomitake. They nod and say that he comes to Hinamizawa two or three times a year, and explains that he takes pictures of birds and the seasonal scenery.

As Watanagashi is going on, Keiichi narrates that a few days have passed and the festival has started. Rika walks up to the group in her shrine maiden outfit, and Rena is immediately head over heels for her. They all say that she looks great, with Rena adding that she wants to take her home. Mion points her hand at the stalls, and proclaims that they should get started. They all agree.

They have an eating contest at many stands, and Keiichi shoots a bottle, winning the big teddy bear.

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