The Princess' Lie (お姫様の嘘 Ohime-sama no uso) is a story before "Shrine of the Guardian Deity" and after "The Spirit Camera". In this story, A girl named Midori Kusunoki is the popular girl in her class. Everyone called her Princess Midori and she was admired by the girls at school and Midori was well respected. Her classmates were bulling each other and Midori tells both of them to not bully in front of her. Then she realized that every time she looked at Nozomi Kawada, she will feel pain somewhere in her arm. In the drama club, she originally wanted to play as a witch but until The Black Tea Gentleman granted her wish, she wanted to play as the princess. Her head was empty from the stuff that happened before and the crowd kept cheering her on. Black Tea Gentleman tells her that she has to remember her wish. Will Midori have this wish forever?


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