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This article is about an organization in Ciconia When They Cry.

The Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, or Thalathat Suyuf, is a Gauntlet Knight squad from the Abrahamic Brother Nations.

Thalthat Suyuf is formed around Naima, the ABN's top ace. Stanisław and Naomi support and subdue Naima with sedatives as the situation calls for it.


Attached to the ABN Peace Department
The Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad
Thalathat Suyuf

A kette formed around Naima, the ABN's mysterious trump card. This is another one-man ace style team, like the COU's Baibao Squad.
Their kette is composed of one Attacker and two Responders, or possibly one Attacker and two Supporters.
Stanisław and Naomi change how they support Naima depending on the situation.
Until recently, Naima was assigned to an experimental division, and her very existence was covered by a veil. She first became known when she was chosen as a representative for the International Battle Standard Festival. This probably means that, as a research subject, she had reached a level of completion that made it worth betting the honor of the faction on her at the Festival.

Will Aerial Augmented Infantry battles be won with numbers, or will individual geniuses be able to dominate? Thalathat Suyuf holds the answer to that question.



Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

In Chapter 2, Thalathat Suyuf is introduced during the International Battle Standard Festival. They later join the It's a Wrap Public Bath.

In Chapters 11 and 12, Thalathat Suyuf leads a mission to rescue a captured Leader of Peace from an ACR military convoy.

In Chapter 18, the squad adopts the Order of the Public Bath's motto of "don't die, don't kill" and engages ACR forces led by Squad 601 above the Mediterranean Sea.

In Chapter 22, Thalathat Suyuf further holds to Miyao's ideals and attempt to fix missions by making them intentionally fail. They and other squads blame their failures on malfunctions in their targeting software, which is unilaterally taken as truth by their superiors.

In Chapter 23, they defend against the drone revolt.

In Chapter 25, analysts are appointed to not only Thalathat Suyuf but to Gauntlet Knight squads worldwide after it is determined that the trend of failed missions is intentional sabotage.



  • Thalathat Suyuf can be written in Arabic as ثلاثات سيوف, meaning "Three Swords"