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This article is about a character in Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni.

Teruya Tadamura (忠村 輝也 Tadamura Teruya) is one of the main protagonists of Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni . He's the younger brother of Terumi Tadamura and the son of Nobuteru Tadamura.


The oldest son of Nobuteru and younger brother of Terumi. He's a jobless freelancer, and at 24 years old, he likes to play games and spends his days slacking off.

(Translated from the official website.)


Teruya has short orange hair. He wears a collared shirt some times and a tank top in others.


Teruya is mature and stoic, keeping a cool head at all times and rarely showing sadness. He likes to play video games, especially WanyaDora.


Terumi is the younger brother of Terumi and the son of Nobuteru. As a child, he took Grandmother's warnings about Hell seriously and behaved himself. Teruya is very knowledgeable about Buddhism. When Teruya's family visits Hirasaka in 2016, they skip washing their hands at the village entrance and are sent to Hell with the rest of the Tadamuras.


Role in the Story

Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

Teruya and his cousins flee from a gakiban swarm

Teruya is introduced when Yue and Yukito's family arrives at Grandmother's house. The next morning, the whole family is shocked to discover they've traveled to another world when it's strangely quiet in Hirasaka. As the family searches for supplies and struggles to survive, Teruya relays his knowledge of Buddhism and compares some of their situations to its mythology.

When Nobuteru passes away, Teruya watches in concerned silence as his sister cries. They bury him outside the next day. When Terumi and Yukito have an argument resulting in Yukito slapping her, Teruya intervenes. While filling up water bottles together, Teruya consoles Yukito and tells him to ignore what his sister said.

Teruya, Yukito, and Terumi go out to retrieve more supplies and pay a visit to Nobuteru's grave only to find it's mysteriously empty. Terumi goes off by herself to find him and is attacked by a datsueba (transformed from Grandmother's corpse). Yukito and Teruya retrieve Terumi when she escapes the woods and return home.

When Tsunemasa's condition worsens and the mist river begins filling the house, the group is attacked by Grandmother again. They drive off and come across another safehouse (formerly lived-in by Takano) where they discover Chiharu Nakamura tied up under a trapdoor.

They discover a map in the safehouse with locations of wells and other supply stores. While exploring them, Teruya and Yukito come across a pile of corpses, with Teruya deducing the number of heads matches the number of beds found in their safehouse. The guys agree to keep the corpses secret for now.

The next day, Teruya and Yukito go scavenging again when Tsunemasa eats all their food. After Terumi explains that the crazed Tsunemasa was eating feces, Teruya determines he's practically dead since some deceased in Hell can only eat human waste. Later, Chiharu is taken out of the house and revives the pile of corpses to fight each other, soon turning into a demon herself. The group brings her back inside the house under the protection of the charm and unknowingly destroy it.

The group decides to set off for the Hirasaka Community Center since it should have more supplies. At night, demons begin to attack the house since the charm was destroyed, and a demonic Chiharu starts chasing the group when they run. They eventually make it to the community center and collapse in relief.

Takano rejoins the group and reveals that everything about Hell has been recorded in a picture book, and they must go to Hell's Cauldron and pray for their parents to escape. Teruya points out that Takano is still using an old film camera but dismisses the thought. Teruya later finds a newspaper article with a photo of Chiharu's famly, proving they lived in Hirasaka before going to Hell.

Teruya prays to his father and promises to be better

At Hell's Cauldron, the group finds their deceased family members buried in a mountain. Teruya promises to stop playing games so much and get a real job. After everyone prays, they return to the community center and prepare for the journey home.

When the group heads back to the living world, they watch as Yue purifies a demonic Takano and resolves to stay behind in Hell to pray for the damned souls. A year later, Teruya and Terumi reunite with Yukito, the three of them having become better people than before.


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