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This article is about a character in Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni.

Terumi Tadamura (忠村 輝美 Tadamura Terumi) is one of the main protagonists of Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni . She's the older sister of Teruya Tadamura and the daughter of Nobuteru Tadamura.


Nobuteru's eldest daughter and Yukito's cousin. She is a cheerful woman who is enrolled in a theater company with the aim of becoming an actress. She is 26 years old.

(Translated from the official website.)


Terumi has blonde hair worn up in a bun. She often wears shorts.


Terumi is selfish and rude, frequently complaining about things and insulting others. She doesn't mind using up the family's supplies for her own benefit. However, Terumi does have some concern for protecting her unborn child despite her prior misgivings about it.


Terumi is the older sister of Teruya and the daugter of Nobuteru. She has dreams of becoming an actress. It is revealed that Terumi became pregnant by an unnamed man and debated keeping the baby, as it could ruin her actress plans.



Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

Terumi meets Masashi's family when they arrive at Grandmother's house. While taking a bath that night she hears Yue crying outside and comments that Yue needs to learn to stand up for herself. The next morning, the family is shocked to find that Grandmother's body is missing and there are two suns outside. Terumi cooks leftovers for lunch and finds that the ingredients all spoiled.

Terumi prepares to take another bath despite everyone reminding her to conserve water and supplies. She notices a swarm of flies outside the bathroom window and is confused as to why they're not coming in.

Terumi cries as Nobuteru passes away

Takano rescues the Tadamura brothers from wild dogs and explains some things about Hell to the group. Terumi later explains that Nobuteru never stopped at Hirasaka's entrance to wash their hands. Later, Nobuteru succumbs to his injuries from the dog attack and dies. A tearful Terumi holds his hand and prays at his grave later.

When Yukito and Teruya prepare to go get more supplies, Terumi insults Yukito by calling him a shut-in and claiming he's happy about being transported to another world where he can power-trip. Yukito slaps her and Teruya tries to intervene.

The next time Yukito and Teruya go out, Terumi joins them so she can visit Nobuteru's grave again. However, they find his grave empty and dug up, with what look like giant footprints near it. Terumi walks into the woods to look for Nobuteru and is attacked by a demon (which is actually Grandmother's corpse revived as a datsueba). The demon rips off Terumi's clothes and she stabs it with a stick before running off. She regroups with Yukito and Teruya and tells them about what happened. The woods suddenly catch on fire and chase the group, who run back to the house.

The group gathers in Nobuteru's car and ask Terumi to drive. While carrying out supplies, Terumi sees Grandmother's face in the shadows and walks up to her crying before getting attacked again, realizing that Grandmother has become a demon. The others arrive to fight off the demon, and they rush into the car. Terumi reluctantly starts the car to get away from the giant demon that just crushed Grandmother.

The group drives to an abandoned house (which Takano was recently living in) and find Chiharu tied up there. Terumi tends to the injured Masashi and Tsunemasa, the latter refusing to eat or drink. Later, Terumi and Yue go outside to find supplies. Yue says that if only one of them were to survive, she'd prefer it be Terumi. Terumi apologizes for her earlier outburst where she insulted Yukito and for acting so selfish. Yue promises to give Terumi her share of dinner later.

The women take Chiharu and Tsunemasa out for some fresh air, and Tsunemasa suddenly runs off. Terumi follows him and is horrified to see Tsunemasa eating feces from a toilet in an abandoned house before he runs off again. Terumi goes back with Yue to find Chiharu, who was watching several naked people fighting and killing each other. Chiharu suddenly revives the corpses and sics them after the family.

The group returns home and later turn Chiharu back to normal by dragging her back inside under the protection of the charm. Terumi explains what happened with Tsunemasa, and Teruya says it may have a connection with mythological Hell since some deceased are only able to eat waste and feces. At dinner, Yue lies about eating and gives Terumi her share, but Terumi insists that they'll eat half. Terumi also apologizes to Yukito for what she said to him earlier.

Terumi tries to protect her stomach with armor

Demons begin to attack the house since Chiharu destroyed the protective charm. The group escapes to the Hirasaka Community Center. After resting for a while, the group is joined by Takano and find a picture book titled "Tales of Hell", which accurately describes what Hell is like and how they can escape by going to Hell's Cauldron and praying for their deceased parents. Terumi at first is reluctant but starts preparing waist armor, hoping it will offer protection against the demons.

Terumi's prayer gives the group the ability to escape Hell

After reaching Hell's Cauldron, they discover Nobuteru buried in a mountain alongside Masashi and Tsunemasa. The group prays for them and summon fireflies, however it's not enough. Terumi remembers a childhood memory of Nobuteru wishing to raise a happy family, causing a massive amount of fireflies to appear. Nobuteru's voice rings out that he's pleased, and the brothers disappear.

Back at the center, Terumi reveals that she's pregnant. She considered getting rid of the baby since it meant she couldn't pursue her acting dreams, but remembering Nobuteru's dream and pondering the importance of family made her change her mind. Later, Terumi writes down her experiences in a notebook titled "When the Fireflies Glow", coincidentally matching Takano's own.

Terumi introduces Yukito to her daughter Umika

When the group heads back to the living world, they watch as Yue purifies a demonic Takano and resolves to stay behind in Hell to pray for the damned souls. A year later, Terumi has given birth to a daughter named Umika. She and Teruya reunite with Yukito, the three of them having become better people than before.


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