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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Terumasa Nanjo (南條 輝正 Nanjō Terumasa), also known as Nanjou in the manga, is a doctor who tends to the Ushiromiya family and is the personal physician for Kinzo Ushiromiya.


Kinzo's attending physician and long time friend.

He once ran a hospital on Niijima, but he turned it over to his son and now enjoys his old age in peace.

Now that Kinzo's constant suspicion has reached extraordinary heights, Nanjo is one of the very few people he trusts. Thanks to Nanjo's big-hearted nature, he has been able to continue his friendship with Kinzo despite the latter's tendency to fly into a rage at the slightest provocation.

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Nanjo is old and balding with white hair and a white mustache. He wears a white coat over a green vest and green tie with black shoes.


Nanjo is very polite and caring. When the adults begin their inheritance discussions he always excuses himself and goes somewhere else. He looks out for the Ushiromiya grandchildren and tries to protect their mental states whenever their parents are murdered. He also tries to mediate arguments between the family members and keep them from making rash decisions. Despite his longtime friendship with Kinzo, he doesn't hesitate to defend the family as a whole when Kinzo berates them.

Nanjo gets flustered easily. Anything that deviates from the norm is sure to confuse him greatly, though he tries to handle it as best he can.


Nanjo used to own a clinic on Nijima before retiring and passing it on to his son.

He met Kinzo a long time ago and would come to be friends with him for decades. Requiem of the Golden Witch reveals that their first meeting was during World War II. A young Nanjo first met Kinzo when he brought Beatrice Castiglioni to his clinic in secret after they escaped the Japanese military base on Rokkenjima. Nanjo was given a gold bar in exchange for secrecy and would become one of Kinzo's oldest friends. He also tended to the baby Yasuda and helped them survive their fall from the cliff incident. The Twilight of the Golden Witch manga expands on this scene, showing that Nanjo had additionally performed surgery on Yasu to remove their extra toes from their polydactyly to conceal their relation to Kinzo and was directly responsible for them becoming "furniture", wanting Yasu to live a happy life even if they couldn't have children.

In 1984, as revealed in End of the Golden Witch, Nanjo witnesses Kinzo's death by natural causes and conspires with Krauss and Natsuhi to keep his death secret from the rest of the family.



Kinzo Ushiromiya

Kinzo and Nanjo have been friends for decades, with the doctor often reminiscing on Kinzo's younger days. Despite their long friendship, Kinzo often explodes at Nanjo when nothing goes his way.

Role in the Story

Legend of the Golden Witch

Nanjo is first introduced in the prologue, where he informs Kinzo that he has three months left to live. He recommends that Kinzo write a will, but he is ignored.

Once the family arrives to the island, Nanjo tries convincing Kinzo to come out and greet them but he is once again blown off. He informs the rest of the family that Kinzo is far too moody to see anyone. At lunch, Nanjo explains more of Kinzo's status and regrets that he refuses to be admitted to a hospital. The adults begin their conference soon after, and Nanjo goes to the main hall and ponders with Genji over the purpose of the epitaph.

Nanjo joins the family at dinner after another failed attempt to bring Kinzo down and hears of the letter from Beatrice, with the guests theorizing over who gave it to Maria. He confirms that Kinzo couldn't have given the letter, having been with him until a while ago; despite this, even Nanjo is shocked to see the letter is sealed with Kinzo's personal seal from his ring. He vaguely recalls sensing something off with Kinzo's finger when he played chess with him earlier but Natsuhi interrupts his thought.

The next morning, several people go missing with the servants and adults trying to find them. Nanjo is called by Genji to the storehouse in the rose garden and hurries over there, where the missing people - six in total - have been killed, their bodies dumped in the storehouse. Nanjo determines that they were indeed killed and tries to stop Battler from looking at the corpses of his parents. He suggests they lock the storehouse to preserve the crime scene until the police arrive.

Kinzo disappears from the study and the group is questioned about when they saw him last. Nanjo says he played chess with him last night before dinner. Eva and Natsuhi soon argue over Kinzo's disappearance with Natsuhi being accused of murder, and Jessica interrupts them when she has an asthma attack, with Nanjo handing her a bronchodilator.

Eva and Hideyoshi are found dead in their room with Nanjo determining they were dead for at least an hour. Kanon later rushes to the boiler room to confront Beatrice and is stabbed in the chest by a stake. Clutching onto life, Kanon is carried away to another room and Nanjo attempts to treat his wounds, however Kanon dies; a large bloodstain on Nanjo's shirt that spurted out from Kanon's chest proves his devotion.

The survivors head to Kinzo's study shortly after Kanon's death where another letter is discovered from Beatrice. Nanjo, the remaining servants and Maria face suspicion as any of them could have placed the letter. Nanjo and the accused agree to return to the parlor and bid farewell.

The study group receives a strange phone call from the parlor and rush down there to find Nanjo and the servants dead, their faces smashed and stakes impaled into them.

Found in the parlor. His thigh had a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of it, and his face had been smashed.

At the seventh twilight gouge the knee and kill.


Turn of the Golden Witch

Nanjo talks to Kinzo inside his study and sees he doesn't want to come out for the family conference yet again. Kinzo muses that he'll be holding a special ceremony that day, wth Nanjo informing him of a special long-awaited guest arriving. Kinzo perks up at the sound but becomes disappointed when Nanjo clarifies he's referring to Battler. The adults ask to see Kinzo later but Nanjo says he's too immersed in research and too moody to see them, looking towards Natsuhi for support.

Nanjo plays more chess with Kinzo and asks him to come down for dinner, but Kinzo refuses. Nanjo gets up to leave and Kinzo thanks him; he's suspending their match, and he wants to finish it in the Golden Land. After dinner, the adults begin their discussion and Nanjo goes with the cousins to the guesthouse. There they discuss the candy Maria received from Beatrice, with Nanjo saying he's secretly left sweets behind in the past.

Nanjo is asked about the possibility of Kinzo having a mistress named Beatrice in the past, and the doctor affirms it. He's never met Beatrice himself but Kinzo has oft talked about her, though she died long ago. Nanjo denies that she and Kinzo had a child, though the old patriarch always talked about reviving her. They then talk about the supposed 19th guest Beatrice, with Battler joking that she's an illegitimate child out for revenge. Nanjo thinks it'd be more realistic if a 19th person came in secret instead of announcing their presence.

The next morning, the adults are found dead inside of the chapel, with Nanjo called to examine their corpses. The cousins arrive to see the commotion and Nanjo tries to shoo them away. With the phones not working, Nanjo suggests to Rosa that they leave and lock up the chapel for the police to investigate later. The survivors ponder the strange circumstances of the six's deaths, with Nanjo wondering why the culprit went to such effort to display their corpses like that.

The group then talks about the chapel's existence where Nanjo says Kinzo has called it a place where he will receive a blessing. Later, Nanjo shows confusion when Rosa discovers she had the key to the chapel in Maria's envelope despite it being locked the previous night. His confusion turns to horror when the group reads a letter from Beatrice found in the chapel telling them to solve the epitaph or they will die. Nanjo later talks about the Legend of the Gold and how the adults never believed in it until Kinzo's health started failing and the inheritance problem came up. He recounts a story where Kinzo showed the President of Marusoo the legendary stockpile.

Jessica and Kanon go to the former's room and don't return for a while, with the group heading there to find only Jessica's corpse. Nanjo confirms her death. He finds it likely that Kanon could have killed her when he's nowhere to be seen, though he also shows reluctance to definitively pin him as the culprit until they learn more. This causes an argument between Rosa and Battler, the former claiming the servant did do it, and Battler directs Nanjo to check Jessica's pockets. The doctor finds Kanon's master key on Jessica's corpse; with her personal room key being on her desk and the other servants being accounted for, Kanon could not have killed Jessica. Nanjo apologizes for his earlier remark.

The group returns to the parlor, and after a short while Nanjo and the servants are directed to leave by Rosa. They go to the kitchen where Nanjo and Genji play chess, and they get interrupted by Kanon suddenly barging through the back door and bleeding profusely from his chest. Nanjo tends to his wounds and gets help carrying him to the servant room. Seeing how deep his wound is, Nanjo can hardly believe that Kanon is alive and becomes shocked when Kanon suddenly gets up while claiming Rosa is the culprit. Kanon then removes his bandages and starts poking inside his wound, much to the doctor's horror. The young servant is soon revealed to be an illusion created by Beatrice, and he conjures a purple blade and kills Nanjo and Kumasawa by slitting their throats.

Died in the servant room, his throat sliced open by a sharp blade or something similar.

However, this alone isn't enough.


Gohda and Shannon leave the servants room and lock it to inform Rosa's group and soon return with them, only to find that Nanjo and Kumasawa's corpses have disappeared, leaving behind only bloodstains and a letter. The group realizes that Nanjo still had Kanon's master key on him, however the letter is shown to contain his and Kumasawa's keys.

During a debate in the meta-world, Beatrice confirms with red that Nanjo was indeed inside Jessica's room when they found her corpse. Battler refuses to accept a theory that he's an accomplice.

Rosa refuses to accept that Nanjo and Kumasawa are dead, instead thinking they ran off to hide somewhere. After some time, Genji rediscovers Nanjo and Kumasawa's corpses outside. The doctor now has a stake embedded into his knee. Rosa thinks that Genji is in league with Beatrice and killed Nanjo since he claimed to be alone in the kitchen when he left the group.

His corpse, which had gone missing, was later found in the courtyard.

At that time, it had a weapon shaped like a stake rammed into its knee.

With this, the seventh twilight is finished.


Banquet of the Golden Witch

The morning of October 5, the family becomes concerned when the servants are nowhere to be seen. Hideyoshi thinks Kinzo is planning something big but Nanjo tells him he's not heard anything about it. After searching around they see Shannon sleeping inside the parlor through the window and break inside to find she's dead, with Nanjo confirming her death. They soon find the other servants and Kinzo dead inside their own locked rooms, with Nanjo confirming that everyone except the latter must have been stabbed or shot with something.

The survivors go into the guesthouse, with Nanjo going to the second floor after seeing that the adults want to discuss personal matters. Rosa and Eva solve the epitaph by themselves later and find the gold room, where they discuss their suspicion of Nanjo and think he lied about confirming the six dead. They think Nanjo was part of a plan by Kinzo to get them to solve the epitaph.

Rosa and Maria are found dead outside in the rose garden. Nanjo confirms that the former was killed by being stabbed in the medulla oblongata by the fence and the latter was strangled to death. Kyrie says she originally suspected Nanjo to be an accomplice as part of an act by Kinzo, as the closed room chain could not have been created without it being faked. Nanjo admits that due to his age, he may make a misdiagnosis but he would never mistakenly confirm someone's death. He later gives an alibi that he was on the second floor the entire time, as everyone saw him go up; he could not have killed Rosa or Maria, let alone jump from the second story.

Eva's headaches grow worse and she collapses, with Nanjo trying to help her up but she stops him. Rudolf, Kyrie and Hideyoshi are found dead in the mansion later and Nanjo confirms their deaths. The survivors return to the guesthouse with Nanjo and George going to the second floor. George suddenly disappears later, and the only feasible way he could have left the second floor without anyone seeing him is if he opened a window and someone else locked it behind him. Nanjo is one of the few people who could do it, which he swears that he did no such thing. The doctor blames the witch Beatrice for making George disappear but Battler denies the thought.

After seeing that Krauss and Natsuhi have also disappeared, the survivors leave the guesthouse and find their corpses in the arbor, with Nanjo confirming they were strangled with something like a rope. They then enter the mansion and find the numbers "07151129" written on the parlor door, with Nanjo having no memory of them being there when they checked that morning. He thinks the number may be part of a magic square, some kind of ward created by numberplay. Battler recognizes 0715 as July 15, his birthday, and Nanjo struggles to assign the other half with anyone else; it's not Kinzo's or Genji's birthdays. After opening the parlor and finding George's corpse, Nanjo confirms he too is dead.

Jessica accuses Eva of being the culprit and they bicker, with Nanjo trying to break them up. He assures that neither person is responsible for any murders and that the witch is the one behind it all. Jessica is then accidentally blinded when Eva's gun discharges, and Nanjo brings her to the servant room to treat her. After putting a bandage around her eyes and calming her down, Nanjo checks in the hallway and is met by EVA-Beatrice, who threatens to kill him. Nanjo pleads for his life and that he has a sick grandchild, but the new witch kills him by ramming her staff into his forehead. EVA plays with the doctor's corpse for a while and then leaves it for Battler and Eva to find when they check the servants room.

His corpse was found in the hallway in front of the mansion's servant room.

The weapon used on him is assumed to be a gun or spear-shaped object.

Just a little longer, and he'd probably have managed to return alive. However, in the very end, the witch did not permit that.


During meta-world-Battler's debate with EVA-Beatrice, the witch confirms that Nanjo is dead with red, and that neither Battler, Jessica, nor Eva could have killed him in any way. Nanjo's death is also stated to be a homicide, that he locked eyes with a human and was killed.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Nanjo and the adults sit around the dining hall where Kinzo admonishes his children for failing to create anything substantial as his successors. Nanjo defends the family and says that, though Kinzo may be a genius, he is being harsh in expecting the family to reach his level. He tells Kinzo that his grandchildren can carry on his legacy, prompting him to ask the adults if their kids really are special.

Kinzo soon summons several witches and demons, claiming sacrifices for Beatrice's resurrection ceremony. Nanjo attempts to escape the dining hall but Gaap sends him and several other people (Krauss, Kyrie, Shannon, and Kanon) into an underground prison using her portals. He and the prisoners try to make sense of their situation, with Nanjo thinking that instead of being dropped into pits they must have been knocked out by blowdarts. Kinzo and his cohorts soon arrive to greet the prisoners, with Nanjo shocked to hear that they're actually underneath Kuwadorian, which he's been shown in the past.

A scene of Ange's journey in 1998 describes that Nanjo's corpse was never found after the Rokkenjima Mass Murders.

Kinzo plans to use the prisoners as sacrifices and test the grandchildren to see how worthy they are, and Nanjo tries talking him out of it. They are left alone with goats guarding the cell, and Virgilia places a magic mirror to let them watch Jessica and George take their tests. After Gaap steals the goat guards to help her and leaves the cell unattended, the group breaks out and tries to escape, with Nanjo providing directions on where to go. Virgilia catches up to them and blocks their way with a powerful goat. As Krauss and the goat duel, Nanjo and the other prisoners provide some color commentary. The goat is defeated and Nanjo commends his strength.

The group manages to escape the prison and reaches above ground, but Nanjo is soon killed by the Chiesters when their golden thread flies through his head. In the Tea Party, Battler examines his corpse: half of the doctor's head was destroyed, with a demon stake lying next to him.

His corpse was found behind the mansion.
About half of his head was destroyed. It's probably reasonable to assume that he was murdered with a powerful gun or something similar.

A demon stake had fallen near the body.


Later in the Tea Party, Battler debates Beatrice and posits that an unknown 18th person X can be used to commit all of the murders, including Nanjo's murder in the third game. After the 18th person X is denied and it is stated there are no more than 17 humans on the island, Battler changes his theories: for the first game, he suggests that Nanjo, Genji and Kumasawa shot and killed each other after it is stated that Nanjo's murder was a homicide, and that Maria didn't kill him. For the second game, Battler claims that, though Kanon's death was confirmed in red, Nanjo and Kumasawa were killed by someone disguised as Kanon, or someone who inherited Kanon's name.

For the third game, Battler theorizes that someone faked their death earlier, killed Nanjo, and then died before EVA-Beatrice confirmed their deaths in red. This final theory creates a massive stake to impale Beatrice.

In the ???, Lambdadelta corrects some of Battler's theories in red. She says that in the first game, Nanjo is not a killer. She also says that nobody else can go by Kanon's name.

End of the Golden Witch

In 1984 Kinzo dies and Nanjo examines his corpse inside the study, confirming that he is indeed dead. Natsuhi and Krauss struggle with this sudden turn of events, with Nanjo and Genji asked to take care of legal and funeral arrangements. Because Kinzo didn't die in a hospital, Nanjo says that an autopsy of Kinzo's corpse will need to be performed, depending.

After a short break, Nanjo is called back to the study where Natsuhi announces that they will instead be keeping Kinzo's death a secret and pretending as though he is still alive, with the intent of revealing his death later when the necessary arrangements are made. Nanjo objects, as an autopsy will definitely confirm the patriarch's time of death. He eventually agrees to play along when Krauss proposes they get rid of Kinzo by making him "disappear" and reporting him as missing.

Once the game begins in 1986, Nanjo tends to the outsider Erika Furudo when she washes up on the island and reports that she's in good health. During Battler's narration Nanjo's location is confirmed to be inside the parlor by him.

During a meeting in the dining hall a mysterious letter is found at the door placed by an unknown person. Nanjo is excluded from the list of suspects since he was in the guesthouse at that time. Later, Nanjo, Gohda and Erika have a late chat in the guesthouse lobby. Nanjo soon retires to his room and sleeps.

The next morning, Jessica, Maria, George, and Rosa are found dead inside of the cousin room on the guesthouse's second floor. Nanjo examines them and confirms their deaths, much to Eva's distress. Erika asks Nanjo about his examination results, which he readily gives to her. Nanjo also confirms that Genji was killed in the same way. He steps in between Eva and Kyrie when the latter is blamed for George's death. After finding bloodstains in Krauss' room when the man himself is not present, Natsuhi storms off to the guesthouse to look at Jessica's corpse and Nanjo tries to stop her, fearing the culprit is nearby.

The survivors try to get Kinzo's attention and knock on the study door, and Nanjo tries to dissuade them by citing Kinzo's bad mood as a reason to not enter. Rudolf climbs through the study window from a ladder and lets everyone else inside the study, where Kinzo is nowhere to be seen. Nanjo plays along with Natsuhi's lie that Kinzo decided to get up at night and walk around the mansion, but nobody buys it. He continues to defend her when Erika pries into Natsuhi, claiming all sorts of nonsense to explain why Kinzo isn't in the study.

Erika reexamines the letter's placement with the help of red truths, where it is confirmed that Nanjo existed outside the mansion at that time.

After facing another round of accusation, Natsuhi gets fed up and leaves to somewhere else, and Nanjo tries to stop her once more. Hideyoshi's body is eventually found inside of a guest room, with Nanjo confirming his death.

During the Court of Illusions, Nanjo introduces himself and takes his spot in the jury. He testifies that he was with Erika in the guesthouse from 24:00 to 3:00 AM before going to sleep in his room. Red truth confirms he never left his room until the next morning, meaning he could not have killed the cousins. Furthermore, Erika sealed his room with duct tape when he went to sleep, which was unbroken until he woke up and left in the morning.

On the game board Erika obtains Natsuhi's diary and reads from it that she felt like a hostage to the Ushiromiya family when she was married to Krauss, with Nanjo and Kumasawa corroborating it. Eva soon explodes at Natsuhi after she is accused as the murderer, and Nanjo tries to calm her.

The game is ultimately suspended, with Nanjo's status confirmed as alive.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

On the game board Nanjo converses with Erika and the rest of family over a cheese puzzle, showing awe when Battler and Erika present an alternate explanation to it.

After the first twilight, the survivors are rounded up into different rooms in the guest house, with Nanjo inside the next room over with Hideyoshi, George, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Erika. Their locations are confirmed in red later when Erika debates over BATTLER's escape later.

The game is ultimately suspended, with Nanjo's status confirmed as alive.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

Will and Lion interview Kinzo about his meeting of Beatrice, where it is revealed that during World War II Nanjo tended to Beatrice Castiglioni's wounds when she and Kinzo escaped from the Japanese base on Rokkenjima. He was told to keep their presence a secret and was given a gold bar as collateral. Though Nanjo was reluctant, using his English knowledge he overheard part of their conversations and concluded they were good people. He tended to Beatrice for a time and then an Ushiromiya family representative came to take her to Odawara to live in an unused villa away from his real family. Nanjo then talks about Kuwadorian Beatrice's birth and how the One-Winged Eagle crest was created.

Maria is interviewed for her relationship with Beatrice, and she explains that though the witch was weak at first she regained some magical power and could appear in front of several people, including Nanjo. Nanjo and the servants would visit Maria and Beatrice's tea parties and talked with them at times.

During Clair's story, Nanjo explains that after the baby Yasuda was thrown off of the cliff, Nanjo performed a secret examination and saw they survived, but they were gravely injured. Nanjo also reveals his knowledge of Kinzo raping his daughter and says he tried to guide Kinzo's conscience to the right place.

Yasu eventually solves the epitaph and is taken to meet Kinzo, where Nanjo introduces them. Greatly enthused by the survival of his child, Kinzo dies and falls over, with Nanjo confirming his death. Nanjo and the other servants talk with Yasu about the gold and of Kuwadorian. On Yasu's request, Nanjo agrees to keep secret the fact that the epitaph was solved and that Yasu is the new family head.

In the Tea Party, Nanjo's fate is unknown.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Nanjo helps Kinzo to get dressed for the Halloween party hosted on the island. During the quiz tournament, Nanjo gives Ange a riddle related to ambulances and awarding a medal when she answers correctly. When Ange falls asleep after the festivities, Nanjo gives her some parting words and hopes she will live to the fullest in her future. Once the illusions join the party, Nanjo converses with Will and others over mystery novels.

Bernkastel arrives and plays a game with Battler and Beatrice where Nanjo dies on the seventh twilight.

Once the goats begin attacking and devouring the island, Nanjo along with the other Humans retreat to the Golden Land and are killed when it crumbles. They are later revived by Ange during her final encounter with Bern.

In the manga, the Confession of the Golden Witch chapters reveal that Nanjo played an accomplice to Yasu's murders in her various games, believing they were all part of a murder-mystery play. Being a doctor, nobody is able to question him when he declares people dead. His murder in Banquet of the Golden Witch is also shown to have been performed by Shannon, who faked her death earlier.


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