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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Tequila Matoba (テキーラ的場 Tekīra Matoba) is a thug who works for Primavera after it is taken over by Richard. He appears in Last Season.


Tequila has medium-length scraggly hair and wears a purple headband around his head. He also wears a black coat over a white shirt and black pants.


Tequila acts like a thug and doesn't give up easily. He has a habit of saying "like, totally♪".



Last Season

Tequila is introduced in 1950 pestering businesses in the Dawn Shopping District for money, and Jeanne and Leo fight off his repeated advances. Tequila later obtains the loan contracts for every business, which Richard had bought up earlier, and threatens to shut everyone down if they don't pay up. His threat is foiled when Jeanne suddenly provides all of the money everyone owes, and Tequila hands over the contracts.

Rose and Jeanne begin preparing to take on Primavera in one last battle, and Tequila is sent to kidnap Claudia however he gets driven away. He's then sent to kill Meryl on an order from Richard and attacks her shop only to get fooled by a disguised mannequin.

During the final battle, Tequila tries to help Alfred by rushing in to fight Miguel with his own knife skills, however he gets blown off by the both of them.