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Tenohira de Higurashi ga Naku (掌でひぐらしがなく, lit. The Cicadas Cry On the Palm) is an officially licensed[1] program that allows users to convert and play their Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Question Arcs on a Game Boy Advance or emulators. It was developed by Inside-cap (帽子屋インサイド) and sold with permission from 07th Expansion.

The program requires users to own an original copy of the Question Arcs and verify it using the provided software. They may then create a GBA rom with it.



  • There are some anti-piracy measures that take effect if players don't verify they own the Question Arcs. Rena will appear on-screen and accuse the player of being someone else while saying their computer's IP address.

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