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The Blu-Ray release for Tataridamashi-hen contained a booklet which featured an interview with Satoko Houjou's voice actor Mika Kanai.

Interview translated and summarized by Hubris.


This article or section contains untagged spoilers for all of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou. Readers who have not finished the anime are advised not to proceed further.


  • Kanai was asked about Teppei's change in episode 23 and how it might affect interpretations of Tataridamashi. Her response was "Who would have imagined that Teppei would reflect on his past actions? Knowing that, it opens up a lot of ideas about what Satoko, who went out of the viewers' sight half way through, was doing."
  • Asked about her feelings on everyone coming together to save Satoko in Tataridamashi: Kanai talks about how Keiichi went to the lengths to protect Satoko as if he wanted to be called Nii-nii, and how Rena and Mion protected her as well. She also talks about how Shion also stood up to protect Satoko too, but that Shion's a bit scary and (Satoko? Kanai herself?) holds doubts as to whether it's really OK to trust her. Everyone's kindness was properly conveyed, and (Satoko? Kanai herself?) realized once again how these club members really are the best.
  • Asked about Nekodamashi, Kanai said "To be honest, when Satoko performed the Watanagashi on Rika, I was like, what on earth (is Satoko) trying to do?" She was deeply shocked. "Why would she go this far?" She felt like Satoko's feelings had gone on way ahead of hers and she desperately had to catch up. "I thought, 'no matter how much she loves Rika, to go this far...', but that's the extent to which Satoko was desperate. I put my all into the scene, even while feeling bad for Yukarin and Rika's fans."
  • Yukarin, who used to always say that she liked Satoko suddenly said "I hate Satoko now." (the language is a bit lighter in Japanese; hard to translate) Kanai says she knows it's kind of a joke, but also thinks there's some truth to it, and doesn't like how she's been a part of making Yukarin sad.
  • Kanai was told from the beginning that there'd be a person for Satoko who was like Hanyuu was for Rika. Not only is she more powerful than Hanyuu, but Satoko herself would take on her role as a looper with an incredible resolve.
  • Kanai was surprised at Satoko's willingness to die painfully over and over. Calls it courage at one point, and love at another. She talks about how Satoko dropped the chandelier and how she had seen Rika's hundred years, and how it showed the strength of Satoko's feelings for Rika. She mentions the proverb that "the greatest hate proceeds from the greatest love".
  • Satoko has been saying "Nii-nii" for so long, she used to rely on Satoshi as a savior, but now all those feelings have transferred over to Rika. Even though those are Satoko's honest feelings, it seems a bit heavy for Rika to bear.
  • Kanai's final comment about Sotsu: "I've heard Sotsu's latter half will have some pretty heavy (taihen) stuff. As of this interview only about half of the recording is done so I don't know what will happen, but whatever does happen please don't come to hate Satoko (smile)."