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Tataridamashi-hen Part 5 (祟騙し編 其の五 Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 5) is the thirteenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the fifth and final episode of Tataridamashi.





English (Translated)[]

In order to save Satoko, the village of Hinamizawa unites as the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance, settling their rivalry with the Houjou family that has persisted since the dam project.

However, Ooishi appears in front of Keiichi and the others...

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Higu2020ep13 planning

Kiichirou reports that the local government has rejected their plea against the child consultation center. Keiichi is determined to keep fighting back. Kiichirou says he'll rally some council members and go to Oryou's house to discuss this; her response will determine how many others will appear.

First Half[]

Rena and Shion are amazed that their protest crowd has attracted not only Hinamizawans, but people from Okinomiya as well. Several other adults appear to voice their surprise. Tomitake figures Keiichi must be a big deal to gather this many people, and he meekly says he didn't do anything special. Kiichirou speaks to the crowd with a megaphone and says they are representing the village council, so they shouldn't be using any Onigafuchi Defense Alliance signs. Rika tells Keiichi that is is the final push. Keiichi is ready to teach the center a lesson as one of the employees, Harayama looks down at the crowd from a window.

Harayama asks his superior the director what they should do about the huge crowd, but he says he has urgent business outside the city so he needs to take care of it. Harayama warns him that during the dam war, the villager protests had a habit of turning violent, and it would be bad if they saw the center director leaving. The director changes his mind and says they cannot let anybody inside no matter what as Kiichirou addresses the center using his megaphone.

Higu2020ep13 ooishi

Keiichi's group begins to head inside when Ooishi suddenly appears and calls out to Keiichi. Ooishi says he has an urgent matter to discuss and asks everyone to come with him, including the mayor. At the park, Ooishi says the child consultation center is a government office, and so disrupting its activities is illegal. Ooishi says this is an unlawful assembly, and city law allows high-ranking officials to ban residents from the premises. Keiichi says they'll protest outside of his property then but the detective tells him he needs a street protest permit. Keiichi refuses to send everyone home after gathering them all, and Ooishi reminds him not to make any enemies around here. Keiichi trembles with rage as he begs Ooishi to overlook this, and he says Keiichi will be arrested for police obstruction if he hits him. Mion tells Keiichi to calm down, as Ooishi is provoking him. Shion tells Ooishi that he won't live long if he keeps this up, but he makes a similar arrest threat to her in return.

Ooishi laughs and walks off, and a fellow detective Kumagai tells him that the chief is calling on the radio. Keiichi wonders what to do now, as the head of the center won't listen to them and they need to disperse legally. Rena can't explain it, but she knows Satoko doesn't have much time left. Rika tells everyone to keep believing that they can do this; they must wait for the right wind to blow.

Oishi and Kumagai drink at their car, with the latter surprised that Ooishi lied to the chief. He thinks they should call for backup just in case the protest turns violent, and Ooishi tells him to just look at all of the people gathered here, all to save one person. If the village council is involved then Oryou Sonozaki must be allowing this to happen, which is truly impressive. Kumagai says Ooishi is quick to use force so when he tried to talk to the protest leaders, he knew something was up. Ooishi says they'll let Keiichi take the credit for today. Ooishi smokes a cigarette and puts it out after seeing a certain car drive up, asking Kumagai to come with him.

Higu2020ep13 sonozaki men

An old man emerges from the car and asks for Keiichi Maebara. Keiichi goes up and the man says they're on his side, him and the bespectacled man behind him. Mion and Shion recognize the old man as their uncle and stand in awe. Uncle Sonozaki tells Keiichi that he's their leader now and to now lose hope. Ooishi interrupts them and pulls out his badge, with Uncle Sonozaki arguing with him that they have a right to be here. Ooishi refers to him as Assemblyman Sonozaki, which intrigues Keiichi. Ooishi says the chief of police ordered the crowd to disperse and brings up city law when the bespectacled man provides his own business card, introducing himself as the attorney Ken Sonozaki. Ken looked into various laws and determined that the child consultation center's claims of obstruction are unjustified and an abuse of power. He ruffles around in his folder and Ooishi relents, allowing the protest to continue.

Higu2020ep13 sonozaki women

Now that nobody else can stand in their way, Keiichi and his friends march onwards. Thanks to Oryou's help, they can finally save Satoko. The crowd gives cheers to the group, with various adults and kids voicing their support. Meanwhile the center employees are wondering why the police isn't doing anything. The director notices it's almost closing time and plans to wait until then but Harayama says they ought to listen to their demands. The phone rings and Harayama answers it, soon passing the phone to the director: the mayor of city hall himself was calling them. The mayor asks them to listen to the crowd's demands, as special matters like these must be handled with care. After they agree, he also asks to have a report of the day's events later.The mayor hangs up and looks towards Oryou and Akane, who thank him for the favor. Oryou figured it would be rude to call in a favor if she weren't in person, and the mayor apologizes for the way his colleagues acted. He comments on how passionate the young people really are, with Oryou happy that the village will be in good hands when she dies. Akane asks if her mother is still upset she never gave birth to boys, noting Oryou's interest in Keiichi.

Higu2020ep13 harayama in the car

The director and Harayama greet Keiichi's group with a bow and agree to investigate Satoko's house immediately. Harayama is ordered to go there posthaste, and the group heads outside where Ooishi stops them once again. Ooishi says to Harayama that the police will be taking him to the Houjou residence. Rena says Satoko's uncle will have to let Harayama in if he's with the police, and Mion questions the detective's sudden change of heart. Ooishi says he wants the center to understand how horrific Satoko's situation is, and seeing it in person is the way to go. Keiichi thanks him and Ooishi asks the crowd to disperse now that everything's taken care of. Harayama enters the car with Ooishi and Kuamgai, and the detective bids everyone farewell as he drives off.

Keiichi wonders if they won, and Rika tells him that he managed to roll a 6 on a die with all 1's. Keiichi is confused by the dice metaphor but Rika says that Keiichi truly achieved victory.

Second Half[]

That night at home, Keiichi receives a phone call from Satoko and asks if Ooishi and a social worker came by. Satoko tells him to calm down and that they did. She always thought enduring pain was a form of strength, and that her nii-nii wanted her to stay quiet about it. After seeing what all of her friends did for her; when the doorbell rang, Satoko called out for help. Teppei tried to attack her afterwards, but Ooishi restrained him and took him to the station, so everything should be fine now. Keiichi figures he misjudged Ooishi and should apologize to him. Satoko says they can now have fun at the Watanagashi Festival tomorrow and can't wait to see Rika's dance.

Higu2020ep13 satoko and rika

Sunday, June 19. As the festival grounds get active, Satako takes a shower and gets dressed, with the doorbell ringing and Rika appearing to pick her up. Satoko and Rika gather with the club at the shrine grounds. Rena says the coach told her that Satoko skipped her checkup at the clinic, with Satoko replying that she felt very healthy. Mion figures that Satoko was afraid to spend the night there by herself, with Rika saying Satoko can't sleep without her there. Shion's about to say something else but Satoko stops her, asking what kind of person Shion thinks she is. The group shares a laugh. Mion says that with Shion and Keiichi joining them, they can begin the Watanagashi Six-Demon Battle Royale. The aim of the game is to have as much fun as possible.

The club has fun eating food and playing stall games. Several festival goers ask if Satoko is doing fine and offer to help if she needs help. Satoko blushes from the goodwill. The club soon watches Rika perform her ritual dance when Satoko grabs Keiichi's hand, signalling him to follow her somewhere.

Alone on a cliff, Satoko says she heard everything from Rika about what Keiichi was doing for her. He says it's no big deal since their friends, but Satoko is still very thankful to him. He asks if it's okay to call him nii-nii, and though Keiichi shows some opposition Satoko hugs him. Satoko says there's another thing she wants to give him, something that was important to her original nii-nii. Keiichi agrees, and Satoko says they should go get it before the others notice, feeling embarrassed if they did.

Higu2020ep13 teppei

Satoko takes Keiichi to her house and motions for him to go inside, as this is his house now. Keiichi is told to wait inside a room as Satoko leaves. Keiichi looks around for the light switch and turns it on. Suddenly, a bat slams down on Keiichi and knocks him down, spraying his blood everywhere. After flailing around, a bloodied Keiichi turns over to look at his attacker: Teppei, whose eyes are glowing red. Satoko returns and is just as surprised to see him as Teppei swears at Keiichi for trying to screw him over. As Satoko cowers in fright, Teppei kicks Keiichi over and moves to deliver the finishing blow when Keiichi yells; he knocks over Teppei and takes his bat before beating him with it, splattering more blood everywhere. Even Satoko becomes drenched in blood as Keiichi bludgeons Teppei to death. After seeing that Teppei is no longer moving, Keiichi drops his bat and finally falls over exhausted. Satoko scurries away.

Keiichi reawakens in a hospital with a bandage around his head. Kumagai soon arrives and introduces himself, wanting to ask Keiichi some questions. He asks what happened the night of Watanagashi. Keiichi explains he went with Satoko to her house and clutches his head in pain. Kumagai runs off to call a doctor but Keiichi grabs him and says he's fine, but he can't remember anything that happened that night. He asks where Ooishi is so he can thank him, and Kumagai doesn't answer, instead saying that Keiichi should call him when he remembers anything. Keiichi watches Kumagai leave.

Higu2020ep13 rena and keiichi park

Keiichi goes to rest on a bench outside the hospital when Rena appears, congratulating him for his better health. Keiichi wants Rena to tell him what happened that night and why Mion or the others haven't shown up to visit him yet. Rena sits down and says it's probably good that he went to Satoko's house. Keiichi is confused, and Rena explains that on the night of Watanagashi, after the cotton drifting, Ooishi suddenly walked into the crowd with his gun drawn. Mion, Shion, Rika, and Satoko were all killed, and Rena saw it happen. She clutches her head in agony, not understanding why this all happened after they all worked so hard for a happy ending.

Rena screams into the sky that this makes no sense.


The opening, I believe what you said, is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:09 0:57 Silent Protest - Quietly Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The group continues to fight
3:14 5:15 Michishirube Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Ooishi tells the crowd to disperse
7:40 9:50 Plot Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The Sonozakis overturn Ooishi's demand
12:31 13:33 Cherished Desire Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Ooishi tells Harayama to come with him
14:28 15:29 Setsunakute [Painful] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko tells Keiichi everything is alright
16:01 17:30 Yuusuzumi [Evening Cool] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko and Rika go to the festival
22:17 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Rena freaks out, Ending

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