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Tataridamashi-hen Part 4 (祟騙し編 其の四 Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 4) is the twelfth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the fourth episode of Tataridamashi.





English (Translated)[]

At Keiichi's urging, a large number of people crowd in front of the child consultation center.

With the help of not just the school but Irie, Tomitake, and others, Keiichi continues his appeal to save Satoko.

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Some villagers look at an overturned shrine and wonder who did it. One of them heard that Teppei kicked it over and did his business over it. Rumors around the village say the Houjous will be the target of the curse this year.

First Half[]

Higu2020ep12 everyone is here

Friday, June 17. Dozens of people are gathered at the child consultation center, including some baseball players, otaku customers, and Angel Mort employees. Tomitake and Takano arrive to compliment Keiichi for bringing in such a large crowd. Rena asks why those tow are here, and Takano says she heard it all from Keiichi last night. Irie shows up bringing signs and banners, all of which are calling for the consultation center to save Satoko. Shion says she's always hated how weird Irie acts, but her mind's starting to change. The group puts on the headbands, with Tomitake saying it reminds him of the dam war. Takano hands Rika a headband, and she takes it and thanks her. Now that everyone's ready, the group heads inside.

The social worker asks how they can help, and Keiichi says that, just like yesterday, they want immediate action to be taken on Satoko Houjou's child abuse case. A manager walks up and says all of their meeting rooms are in use that day; the center director will meet with them, but the meeting space can only fit three people. Keiichi starts to complain but Mion cuts him off and says it'll be fine.

Later that afternoon, Keiichi, Irie and Rika finish the meeting and rejoin the others with the results: the center is still taking a "wait and see" approach, and they'll make a decision within a month. Shion doesn't want to imagine how badly damaged Satoko will be in a month, and Irie says the center seemed to be taking them seriously that time. Mion says they're going to protest again tomorrow, but they might lose some people. Rena and Keiichi still wants to fight however, and Rika says they can't make miracles happen unless they work together. Irie tells everyone to go home since it's getting dark, and they have a festival planning meeting that night. Mion realizes that she has to go that too and says Keiichi should come with her.

Higu2020ep12 entering the hall

At the Furude Shrine, Keiichi asks if it's okay for him to be there, and Mion says the elders have heard a lot of interesting things about Keiichi, and they've wanted to meet him. Rena asks if she'll be okay too, and Mion says the elders will be pleased to see so many passionate kids. The group heads inside to greet the elders as Keiichi looks on the walls and sees pictures celebrating the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance and the protests against the dam. The mayor Kiichirou Kimiyoshi then enters the room and wonders what the occasion is. Keiichi introduces himself to Kimiyoshi who makes some small talk with Shion, asking her to come to the festival this year. Kimiyoshi then says he wanted to talk with Mion a moment and goes off with her in private.

The club gets acquainted with the elders and Mion returns, asking Keiichi to come with her a moment. Outside the meeting hall, Chie is there with a message for Keiichi: he needs to stop protesting the center after tomorrow and see what happens. Keiichi thinks it's a warning and asks Mion what the mayor told her. Mion explains that back when the Board of Education hadn't officially recognized the school in Hinamizawa, Chie went against them and taught there anyway. Chie believes Keiichi is doing the right thing, however she cannot continue to support him if it means threatening the future of the school. Keiichi knows how strong Mion and Chie are and that they must be some incredible pressure if they're going to give up like this.

Keiichi asks why the older village members hate Satoko and her family so much since the dam war is over; he swears to find the people responsible for it and talk to them. Mion says nobody in the village actually hates the Houjous. Though Satoko's parents supported the dam and became the archenemy of the village, after they died everyone knew Satoko was innocent. However, no one publicly forgave her; the older villagers are afraid of associating with her. Even Mion's grandmother wants to forgive her, however she cannot do that for fear the villagers will lose trust in her.

Mion laments that, though everyone wants to forgive Satoko, they don't want to get involved, and that way of thinking has spread like a mold on tatami. Keiichi and Rena realize that all they have to do is replace that tatami, and they decide to go back to the meeting hall and challenge the elders. Mion and Chie are surprised by this, though Mion agrees with their plan. Keiichi asks Chie to let them try this for now. Rika also voices her support.

Second Half[]

Keiichi's group heads back into the meeting hall. Kimiyoshi asks them to save personal matters for the end but Keiichi says he wants to talk about Satoko's situation. An elder says they know all about it and they should let the center take care of things, with another saying they have a problem with their protests since the dam war ended, and they don't need to fight anymore. Keiichi says he doesn't care about the old war and is concerned about the new war, the one he's fighting now. As other elders complain about Keiichi's rudeness, Ooishi takes a seat and wants to see what he's got.

Rena asks why the dam war ending means they can't protest, and she is told that the village and the government need to work together now. Shion agrees; the village and government are such good pals that they even pay for the Watanagashi festival, with Keiichi realizing that the village is effectively being bribed by them. This causes more uproar with the elders, and Kimiyoshi tells them to quiet down. Keiichi asks if they're seriously refusing to help Satoko just because she's a Houjou, and Kimiyoshi says it has nothing to do with that. Rena suddenly points out something framed on the wall, a message from the village saying they negotiated with the government but their democracy was crushed, which Keiichi compares to what the village council is doing to his group now. Rika says Kimiyoshi wrote that to commemorate the dam war, and the mayor's serious expression begins faltering.

Higu2020ep12 furude and kimiyoshi

Keiichi says he's heard all about Kimiyoshi's bravery in the dam war and has a lot of respect for people like him, especially the courage of the Onigafuchi Guardians. As Kimiyoshi looks at the banners around the room, Keiichi reminds him that their fighting is why Hinamizawa and its spirit if unity still exists today, and he wants to be proud to live there. The elders start to come around, and Keiichi repeats the mantra that united the Guardians, that if one attacks then double that number will retaliate. Keiichi professes that he wants to revive the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance's spirit to help save Satoko and bows his head. The elders finally realize that he's right; though the government has helped the village in the past they've never been one to bow down to them. Another elder tells Kimiyoshi that they can't support Keiichi, but they have no right to stop his movement. The other elders voice their support, but Irie says the center may not hear them out again if they go there tomorrow since they think the village council is on their side. Rika says the elders need to publicly voice their support for Keiichi, and Kimiyoshi says he'd gladly do it if not for a certain someone. Rika goes up to him and asks if he wants that person's permission, and Shion realizes he's talking about her grandmother Oryou. Keiichi confirms that the council will join him if Oryou gives her support. Ooishi comments to himself about Keiichi's skill.

Higu2020ep12 vs the sonozakis

At the Sonozaki main house, Keiichi's group meets with Oryou and her daughter, Mion and Shion's mother. She says the child consultation center must be doing their job properly and doesn't see why the village council should be having problems with them. Shion doesn't want to wait months for them to help Satoko, and Oryou says a few months won't kill her. She then blows up at the group for making such a big fuss over it. Rika tells her that Satoko is her friend and wants to help her, but Oryou says she needs to choose her friends better. She also wonders why Irie is there despite him being an adult, and he tries to defend her but the old Sonozaki shuts him up.

Mion's mother tells Keiichi to speak up, seeing the look in his face, and he says the problem is not that Satoko Houjou is in danger but a fellow villager is. Mion's mother reiterates that the center is already working on her, finding it selfish that he wants to rush them. Keiichi says Satoko looked miserable the day she came to school, and there's not telling what will happen after a month; he wants to help her right away, and Mion's mother says that's fine, so the Sonozakis shouldn't be involved then. Mion and Shion explain that the council won't help unless they get approval from Oryou, and she angrily asks who decided that without telling her.

Keiichi says all Oryou needs to do is nod her head. Mion's mother asks what will happen if she doesn't, and Keiichi swears that then he'll kill Oryou and make Mion take her place. Oryou gets angry and retorts, calling for one of her aides to throw him in the well. Keiichi exchanges another threat with her and says he's fighting to save his friend, knowing Oryou would've done the same. Irie says that though Keiichi is a newcomer, he's shown promise and can bring good change to the village. Oryou asks why he thinks disrespectful kids like him show promise, and Keiichi decides that if he's acting disrespectful then he'll act respectfully instead; Keiichi bows his head to the ground and asks once more for the Sonozaki family to help save Satoko.

Higu2020ep12 akane glare

Mion's mother asks what Oryou thinks, but her answer is the same; she thinks all Houjous are evil, and Keiichi even threatened to kill her just now. Mion soon bows as well, saying she always respected Oryou for fighting for her friends and wants her to fight for Mion's too. Shion, Rena and Irie bow as well. Keiichi pleads for Oryou to help, and the matriarch asks what will happen if she agrees now: the council will support them, and the center will have to hear them. Kimiyoshi says he pities Satoko and thinks it's time to let her back in with everyone. Oryou once again rejects them, and Keiichi declares that she's his enemy and will strangle her. Oryou suddenly cries out in anger, and Rika says she'll bursts a blood vessel. Mion's mother prepares some tea and asks Keiichi's group to leave things here for the night. Keiichi says they didn't get an answer yet, but she tells him that he needs to know what to stop, giving him a glare.

Higu2020ep12 akane and keiichi

Outside the house, Keiichi swears at how close they were. Rika consoles him, saying he said all the rights things and they must wait for Oryou to make the right decision. Mion's mother comes out with Kimiyoshi, who explains that Oryou said yes. Mion's mother affirms that the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance will be backing Keiichi, so he can't lose now. Seeing his resolve, Mion's mother becomes impressed by Keiichi's determination and explains that Oryou hoped to fix the Houjou situation by taking her grudge with her to the grave. She really is grateful that it can be resolved while she's alive. Mion's mother says she's also taken a liking to him after that display, teasing him in saying that Satoko should be proud to have his affection. Mion steps in front and says Keiichi and Satoko aren't like that, and her mother says the twins ought to work harder then, drawing confusion from Mion and Shion.

The group starts to go home and Rika speaks with Keiichi, saying they can now break fate with this. Keiichi asks her to stop using that word and Rika starts speaking in her deeper voice, saying she won't throw the word "fate" around lightly anymore. She repeats Keiichi's phrase that he can tear fate apart like wet paper, and Keiichi asks when he said that. Rika suddenly goes back to her regular voice and says it's a secret, giving a nipah.


The opening, I believe what you said, is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:33 1:34 Justice! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The crowd at the child consultation center grows
6:27 7:31 N/A N/A Mion explains why the villagers won't help Satoko
8:28 9:11 N/A N/A Keiichi and the others will still fight
10:52 13:05 Plot Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The village council is being paid by the government
18:16 20:36 Silent Protest Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Keiichi threatens Oryou
22:17 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Rika speaks to Keiichi

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