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Tataridamashi-hen Part 3 (祟騙し編 其の参 Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 3) is the eleventh episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the third episode of Tataridamashi.





English (Translated)

Keiichi and his friends are powerless to do anything about Satoko, who suddenly breaks down and cries out for help.

In order to save their precious friend, they find out what they can do and clash with each other in their arguments.

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Higu2020ep11 rika concern.png

Satoko continues freaking out as the rest of the class watches, stunned. Keiichi walks over to her but Satoko runs further into the corner. Keiichi keeps trying to console her but Rena tells him to back off and starts shedding tears. Mion and Rika are also watching silently.

First Half

Chie enters the classroom, sees everyone huddled in the corner and asks Satoko what's wrong. Satoko stops crying, gets up and gives a hearty laugh, saying she was just having a small dispute with Rena. She asks Rena for confirmation and twirls happily as the rest of the class continues watching. Mion laments their powerlessness.

Higu2020ep11 come home.png

School ends and Satoko begins to leave school by herself when Rika walks up and asks her to come home with her. Satoko looks away and says she has to be living with her uncle from now on. Rika knows she doesn't want to live with him but Satoko feels there's no way around it.

Rika returns to the classroom where the rest of the club is and affirms Keiichi's concerns. Keiichi demands to know why CWS didn't do anything, and Mion says that because of her false report they won't do anything without proof. Mion and Keiichi dispute a bit when Shion interrupts them, angrily asking why they're all standing around. She says they need to do something now before its too late and Rena agrees.

Higu2020ep11 keiichi vs shion.png

Keiichi wonders why they need to make another report to CWS when Shion says they can fix it by just ambushing Teppei and beating him to death. After hearing her proposal, Keiichi recalls his dream of killing Teppei himself. Rena interrupts his reminiscence and says murder is not the way they should be handling things. Shion retorts and asks if she has any better ideas, saying that Satoshi told her to take care of Satoko and doesn't want to tell him she failed. Mion tells her to calm down and Shion asks why she doesn't just use her influence to save her, then remembers that the old hag won't get involved with the Houjou family because of her grudge over the dam war; Mion looks away.

Scenes from Watadamashi-hen play out as Keiichi wishes to go back to a happy world.

Shion starts walking away and voices her intent to kill Teppei when Keiichi tells her to wait. He asks if she thinks killing her uncle means Satoko will thank her, and that Shion will wind up regretting it and hating herself for it. Keiichi professes that what Shion really wants is to return to a world where everyone was happy and that killing someone will make it go away; Rika stares at him in surprise. Keiichi walks up to Shion and says that Satoko will blame herself for encouraging Shion to murder, and Shion asks again what his ideas are.

Keiichi changes position to block the doorway and Shion takes that to mean he's on Teppei's side and picks up a chair. Mion calls out and Keiichi admits that he doesn't have a better idea, but he knows there's a way to save Satoko. Shion tells him to get out of the way and Keiichi tells her to believe in him, swearing on his name that he'll save Satoko.

Shion swings the chair down, making Keiichi bleed. He says she'll have to kill him if she wants to leave, and that if she does they'll be living in a world where Satoko will be heartbroken every day. Shion readies her chair again and says Keiichi must not know how serious she is, and Keiichi says again that he wants to live in a world every everyone is happy together. Rika then stands in front of Keiichi towards Shion and starts speaking in a deeper voice, saying that people cannot live without hope and that their world hasn't lost it yet. Keiichi asks Shion to trust him, and her expression relaxes.

Shion goes to sit in the corner facing the wall and Keiichi thanks Rika for the help. Shion then asks what they plan to do after that speech, and Rika says Keiichi must know the truth: that this world is not a dead end. Rena tends to Keiichi's injuries while saying a miracle will happen if they all work together, with Rika affirming it. Keiichi realizes that they should go to the Child Welfare Center, drawing surprise from the others; they know the most about Satoko's situation, so they can help her. The group begins to see the full picture, but Shion says CWS is unlikely to change their mind once they've made it. Keiichi still wants to try. Rena asks Shion if she'll join them, and she agrees to it.

The group heads to the Child Welfare Services Center and meets with a case worker. Keiichi tells the woman that they heard CWS got a call but decided to monitor the situation, and they have to give more details to it. The woman doesn't understand, and Keiichi says Satoko may have said nothing was wrong but she's being violently threatened by her uncle. The woman says that her case is still being worked on and that a social worker contacted the Houjou residence and will be doing so regularly. The woman says that Satoko will be receiving the appropriate level of parental care and Shion yells that she doesn't know what's really going on, prompting the woman to change her wording that Satoko is getting appropriate guardian care. Keiichi says that Satoko was just fine by herself and that Teppei dragged her back home, though the woman replies that he's supposed to be her legal guardian. Shion loudly complains and Mion quietly reminds her that he became her guardian after Satoko's parents died.

Higu2020ep11 shion vs lady.png

Mion says Teppei willingly abandoned Satoko for over a year and asks what CWS thinks: the woman says she can't reply for case confidentiality but they did get the full story from Teppei. Rena interprets this as CWS being content with his story and deciding to monitor them. Keiichi adds that Satoko was being abused by her aunt and uncle last year as well and that there must be notes, and the woman closes her notebook while once again citing case confidentiality. The woman says they are working on it and after some more complaining from Shion, she suddenly gets up in her face and promises that if something happens to Satoko then she'll regret it. Mion tells her to stop, as it's hurting their case. Keiichi says not to be fooled by whatever Teppei said on the phone, and the woman says she take that into consideration and thanks them for coming.

Second Half

The club goes to rest in a park with Shion finding it incredulous that the worker actually listened to what they said. Rena wants to believe it'll work and Shion wonders if they should go talk to that person directly. Mion says it must be a difficult job since they must get many threats like the one Shion made earlier. Keiichi asks Mion if she should speak on their behalf since she's used to speaking with city officials and Shion says they only listen to her because she's head of the Sonozaki family; CWS treated them differently since they didn't know them.

Higu2020ep11 preview (2).jpg

The group walks home and a dejected Keiichi asks what to do now. He apologizes for amounting to nothing with all his talk when Rika suddenly says she doesn't believe him. She believed that Keiichi Maebara would save Satoko and is refusing to accept that he would back down so easily. Rika says she still believes in Keiichi and repeats something he said before about being able to break fate like wet paper. Rika starts crying and begs Keiichi to save Satoko from her fate. Keiichi gets renewed with confidence from Rika's words and now knows how important it is for people to believe in him. He rallies everyone's spirits and says they would all lose if this were a club game. Seeing everyone happy again, Shion asks what they're actually going to do.

Thursday, June 16. At school, Keiichi gets the entire class' attention during lunch and tells them all about Satoko's plight. Satoko didn't come to school today and her uncle said it was a cold but they all know it's a lie. The students whisper among themselves and realize that what Keiichi's saying is true as he says CWS has done nothing and is going to "monitor" the situation. Rena affirms his words, as they all know what happened with Satoko and her aunt earlier last year. Keiichi exclaims that Satoko is like family to them, and they aren't going to let her suffer anymore; the club has started the process already.

Keiichi singles out Tomita and asks if he knows what they're doing, with Mion saying they're going to follow all of the rules in fighting them. Keiichi stands on top of a desk and continues rallying the students' support as Chie walks by and sees him through the door window. He announces that the center jotted down that "five students came to visit" and takes it to mean that they need to get more people in there to make their voices heard, which stuns Chie. As the other kids raise their hands in support, Chie moves to enter the classroom but Rika stops her. Rika tells her that everyone is doing their best to save Satoko, soon speaking in a deeper voice and saying she cannot do much by herself, but she can stop Chie if she tries to stop everyone. The teacher takes the hint and says not to get anyone hurt, with a surprised Rika thanking her. Chie walks into the classroom and says she's going to join the class.

Higu2020ep11 everyone is here.png

At the center, Keiichi tells an employee that they're here to demonstrate how important it is to save Satoko: all 16 of them in the school. The class is gathered in a room where another worker says they already know of Satoko's situation. Keiichi says CWS is not actively helping her case despite last year's incident, and the man pulls out a notebook and explains they do not have any confirmed records of Teppei's abuse at all. They know there was trouble between Satoko and her aunt Tamae but nobody mentioned Teppei being involved at all, not even neighbors. Rena thinks it's because the aunt's behavior overshadow his and the man considers it. When asked about Teppei abandoning Satoko for an entire year, the man replies that they've been told he was working out of town to raise money for her. They also asked Satoko directly about it but she denied that anything happened, and so CWS is letting her continue to live with Teppei. Rena slams the table in frustration as the man suggests they all give Satoko and Teppei a chance to rebuild their life.

Higu2020ep11 frustrated rena.png

Shion stands up and asks the man if he considered at all anything they said, and the man says they'll take this meeting into consideration. She then asks if they'll take responsibility if anything happens to Satoko and makes another threat, and Chie tells her to stand down. Mion asks when that decision will be made, and the man says it will take time and hopes they are satisfied.

As the class leaves the center, Mion comments that this is just like the dam war. Rika says Hinamizawa's community spirit is what makes it great. Mion says a proverb about how if one person attacks a villager, then twice more will fight back, with the entire village attacking if a thousand people came; it's an old phrase her grandma used to say. Keiichi sees that large numbers are what they need, and Okamura says he and Tomita know how bad Teppei is since they live near his house, and they aren't going to back down. The rest of the class voices their support for saving Satoko, and Keiichi says they can get more people to show up tomorrow. The kids begin talking about telling everyone they know, and Rika says that this is what the power of breaking fate is really like.

As the cicadas cry, Ooishi is seen walking down a road.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:10 0:56 N/A N/A Satoko continues freaking out.
0:57 2:26 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
4:06 6:55 N/A N/A Shion appears
7:29 7:49 Setsunakute [Painful] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rika talks about hope
10:12 12:05 N/A N/A The CWS woman talks to the club
13:57 14:41 N/A N/A Keiichi regains confidence
16:15 17:55 Yasuragi [Tranquility] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The class starts giving support
18:46 20:28 Trick Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The CWS man reveals there is no record of Teppei's abuse
21:22 21:59 N/A N/A The class keeps voicing their support for Satoko
22:15 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending

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