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Tataridamashi-hen Part 2 (祟騙し編 其の弐 Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 2) is the tenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the second episode of Tataridamashi.






English (Translated)[]

When Keiichi learns of Satoko's painful past, he begins to care for her more than ever before.

Then one day, Satoko is suddenly absent from school.

Keiichi and his friends try to learn from Rika what happened...

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Plot Summary[]

Higu2020ep10 dream


At night, a moped speeds through on a road. Keiichi grips his bat and jumps out from hiding, knocking over the rider of the moped. The rider Teppei cries out in pain, and Keiichi says this is nothing compared to what he did to Satoko. Teppei screams as Keiichi swings his bat down.

Higu2020ep10 hands

Keiichi jolts awake inside of his room and stares at his trembling hands.

First Half[]

Monday, June 13. Rena comments on Keiichi being late for school and thinks he overslept again. He apologizes says he had a weird dream and couldn't sleep; he couldn't remember what was in it but he thinks it was about Satoko. Keiichi and Rena then hightail it to school after realizing how late they are.

Higu2020ep10 rikapat

Keiichi and Rena make it to school just in time, with Mion giving a sigh of resignation. Keiichi sees that Satoko and Rika aren't seated at their desks, which is strange because they're never late. Mion sits down in silence and Keiichi is about to question her when Chie walks into the room to announce the start of class. She asks Mion to start the class when Rika walks into the room. Chie scolds her for being late and asks where Satoko is, to which Rika replies that she might be late. Rika is staring out the second floor school window later when Keiichi goes up and headpats her, wanting to make her feel better for being scolded. Rika gives a sad "mii" in response. Keiichi asks what's wrong with Satoko and Rika turns away from him, going back to staring out the window.

Higu2020ep10 preview (1)

At recess, Keiichi gets a baseball out of a gutter for Tomita and Okamura and sends them off when a strange man suddenly walks up to him. The man introduces himself as Ooishi, a detective for the Okinomiya police department. Keiichi tells him where the teacher's room is when Ooishi cuts him off and says he's looking to speak with Satoko Houjou about something. Keiichi's demeanor changes and he asks what he wants with her. Ooishi replies that he just wants to ask a few questions, with Keiichi responding that he should just call her. Ooishi laughs at his harsh retort and asks some girls behind him to get Satoko. They say that Satoko isn't at school; cursing his luck, Ooishi then asks for Keiichi's name and gets it. Ooishi says he's heard a lot about Keiichi and grips his shoulder tightly, pulling him close and advising him not to make any enemies around here or else.

Higu2020ep10 bandage

Doctor Irie arrives and tells the detective to knock it off. Ooishi greets him and says he was wanting to talk with him at the clinic, and Irie sternly replies that he should get a warrant in that case. Ooishi lets go of Keiichi and says he'll be back as the latter clutches his shoulder in pain. Irie patches up Keiichi in the school doctor's office, with Keiichi saying Ooishi hurt him a lot but there were no marks. Irie says it proves the detective is used to threatening people like that. Keiichi wonders what Ooishi's deal was, mentioning his need to talk with Satoko. Irie hopes he doesn't bother her again, with Keiichi confused.

Higu2020ep10 abuse

The doctor then asks if Keiichi knows about Oyashiro-sama's curse. Keiichi knows that Satoko's parents supported the dam project and that when they died, everyone said it was a curse. Irie explains that after that, Satoko and her brother Satoshi moved in with their aunt and uncle. Their uncle Teppei was their father's younger brother, but he and his wife were terrible people. As soon as they became legal guardians, they stole the money left behind by Satoko and Satoshi's parents and treated them horribly: beating them ,scolding them, even starving them. Irie knows Keiichi might not comprehend what that did to Satoko, as she's always happy and energetic. The thing that changed Satoko was a year ago when on the night of the Watanagashi Festival her aunt died, beaten to death by a drug addict. Teppei fled Hinamizawa, fearing it was the curse. Though Satoko was able to escape her abusive relatives, Ooishi stepped. Irie says Ooishi is a little strange; although every incident in Oyashiro-sama's curse has been made out to be an accident or murder, the detective still wants to solve them. Ooishi even has the nickname of "Oyashiro-sama's messenger".

During lunch, the club sits around with a saddened Rika staring at the bentos she made for her and Satoko. Keiichi asks if Satoko will show up for lunch, and Rena says they will wait for her as long as it takes. Keiichi sees Mion staring down and asks if she knows something, as she's been acting weird all morning. Mion says she heard a rumor from the neighborhood council that Satoko's uncle came back to the village. The class then gasps when Satoko finally walks through the door. Keiichi asks where she was as everyone was worried for her, and Satoko gives a half-hearted laugh while saying they didn't need to worry. She says she was just running errands for her uncle, with Keiichi questioning why it was on a school day. Satoko puts her things up and wants to eat.

School ends and Mion announces the start of club activities, but she sees Satoko packing up. Mion says Satoko can choose what game they play today and tries to be cheerful but Satoko thanks her and walks out the door. Mion asks her to stay or else she'll face a club penalty but struggles to remember what rule that was. Rena admonishes Mion for trying to force her and Satoko says she has matters to take care of and leaves.

Keiichi confirms they're all friends, to which everyone nods, and then he asks Rika to explain what's going on. Rika looks at everyone pleading with her and then explains that yesterday, Satoko went shopping but still wasn't back after sunset. She waited for her at their front door and was about to walk inside when she saw Satoko walking up. Rika tells Satoko to get ready for dinner but she replies she only came to get her things and will be staying with her uncle now, shocking Rika. Keiichi laments that Satoko's been placed in a similar situation as before and Rena says it'll be worse since Satoshi is no longer there. Mion says Satoshi always protected Satoko and shield her from abuse, and now Satoko is all alone with her uncle. Keiichi knows that it's child abuse and they should report it, but Mion replies they tried it last year. The Child Welfare Services sent over a social worker to interview both Satoko and Satoshi and their aunt and uncle to "get both sides." In the end, they said they'll keep an eye out for them. Teppei and his wife beat the two kids but never left marks, and no one had recordings of his rants; there were no witnesses since it all happened at home. The abuse got worse as a result. Keiichi wonders if there really is nothing they can do, with Riak staring at them.

Second Half[]

The next day, Rika arrives alone to class again and Chie asks if Satoko will be late again, receiving an affirming nod. Chie tells everyone to study by themselves and goes to talk with Rika privately. Inside her office, Chie confirms the rumor about Satoko's uncle as the rest of the group listens in. Rika asks what Chie plans to do if she knows all of that, and she replies that shell visit her at home. Mion opens the door and walks in, asking if she'll call Child Welfare Services if she sees anything wrong. She says they won't do anything unless there's proof of abuse as Keiichi and Rena walk in, and Chie scolds them. Keiichi says Satoko is more important than studying right now, and Chie replies that she needs to see Satoko's home environment to make a truthful report. Rena and Rika agree and say they should leave things to her for now. Chie tells Mion to take everyone back to class.

Higu2020ep10 chie and teppei

Chie goes to Satoko's house and knocks on the door, with Teppei rudely greeting her at the door. She introduces herself and asks to speak with Satoko, though Teppei asks what for. The teacher says she didn't come to school and nobody reported her absent. Teppei replies that Satoko has a cold and might come to school tomorrow, slamming the door closed.

Higu2020ep10 rika stairs

Chie returns to school where Mion and the rest ask how things went. Chie says she didn't get to see her, which angers Keiichi. He figures her uncle didn't want her to see Satoko's bruises and Chie apologizes. Rena tells him to calm down as Rika buries her head on the stairs. Chie says she'll call Child Welfare Services, thinking they'll do something if she explains the situation. Mion hopes something will change this time.

Wednesday, June 15. Keiichi hears that CWS called Satoko's house and is going to "wait and see" once more, getting mad. Just then, Satoko walks into the classroom and comments on how loud everyone is, with every trace of her sad demeanor gone. Mion asks what CWS said and Satoko says nothing happened; her cold cleared up so she came to school. In private, Keiichi asks Rika what really happened and she says Satoko told the worker "everything is fine." Keiichi knows her uncle told her to say that and Rika says this is actually the third time Satoko's been involved with child abuse. Rika explains that Satoko's dad is actually her stepdad, as her mother remarried. They never had a good family life, and one day Satoko tried to get rid of her stepfather by calling CWS and claiming he was abusing her. The reason they always say they're keeping an eye on things is because Satoko might be lying again, with Keiichi finding it incredibly stupid.

At lunch, the club sits around and admires each other's bentos. Satoko apologizes to Rika for having her make her lunch every day, and Rika replies that she enjoys doing it. Keiichi goes to get a bite of Rena's food but Satoko elbows him and steals it. Keiichi stands up and is about to give her a headpat when Satoko suddenly bats his hand away. Mion asks what's wrong and Satoko starts hyperventilating, pushing Keiichi away and throwing up. Keiichi asks what's wrong and Satoko throws up and runs up to the wall crying. She starts clutching herself and repeatedly apologizing. The rest of the class watches her breakdown in stunned silence, with Rika looking on neutrally. As Satoko calls for her nii-nii, Keiichi wonders what happened to her.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:55 2:24 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
4:53 6:20 Truth Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Ooishi asks to see Satoko
9:47 10:24 Trick Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko enters the classroom
18:59 19:49 Omoi Daite [Embracing Thoughts ] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rika explains Satoko's family issues
21:11 22:14 Survey Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Satoko freaks out
22:15 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending

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