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Tataridamashi-hen Part 1 (祟騙し編 其の壱 Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 1) is the ninth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the first episode of Tataridamashi.





English (Translated)

Due to a minor argument, Keiichi decides to have a cooking competition with Satoko.

When he fails to cook at home, Satoko and Rika help him out, and he catches a glimpse of Satoko's homely side that she doesn't usually show.

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The inside of a dirty house is shown. A woman repeatedly rings the doorbell and tries to get the attention of the man sleeping inside, soon knocking on the door. The man rouses and swears to himself, with the woman yelling that other tenants are complaining about his house smelling. The man gets fed up and throws a bag at his door, startling the woman. He then opens the door and cusses the woman out, asking what he's supposed to about the smell. The woman runs off and the man goes back inside after giving one last insult. He walks past a prescription note that reveals his name as Teppei Houjou.

First Half

Higu2020ep9 apple bunny.png

A newspaper lodged inside a fence shows the date as Tuesday June 9, 1983. At school, the club sits around eating lunch and commenting on each other's food. Mion Sonozaki says the mayor and his friends came over last night to hang out, so she took some of their leftovers for lunch. Keiichi Maebara commends her for her craftwork, and Rika Furude admires Rena Ryuugu's apple bunnies. Mion says Rena's secret ingredient is love and so she can't match to hers. Satoko Houjou tells Rika that they should learn from them. Rika reveals her lunch and greatly impresses Keiichi.

Keiichi shows some derision for Satoko's own cooking skill, who replies that she may not be as good a chef as Rika but she can still hold her own in the kitchen. Keiichi smugly asks if she can tell the difference between cauliflower and broccoli: Satoko says broccoli is green but then confuses it with yellow, and as Keiichi eggs her on Satoko starts crying. Keiichi pats her head to console her, and Mion then asks if Keiichi is a good cook himself. Keiichi insists he's better than Satoko, and Mion says they should show off their skills the next day and prove it, and he better not cheat by getting someone else to make his lunch. Keiichi accepts the challenge.

Higu2020ep9 keiichi fire.png

Keiichi goes home and finds a note from his parents that they went to Tokyo for some urgent work. They'll be there for a few days and want Keiichi to learn to cook by himself, his hands shaking as he reads it. Keiichi crumples the note in frustration and loudly complains, then takes on their request and sets up several tools and ingredients. He flips through a recipe book and looks for something to cook, having no idea what he's doing. Keiichi finally settles on vegetable stir fry, thinking it to be simple. The recipe calls for a teaspoon of oil though Keiichi has no idea what it is, so he pours a bunch of oil into a ladle and drops it into his wok. A column of fire erupts from the stove, with Keiichi impressed. Satoko suddenly dropkicks him, turns off the stove and then sprays a fire extinguisher over it.

A confused Keiichi looks at Satoko and Rika and asks what they're doing at his house. Satoko comments on his attempted arson of his own house, with Rika saying if they didn't come there would be firetrucks everywhere. Satoko is disappointed to see that Keiichi's cooking skills aren't so great and asks him to leave the kitchen, with Rika pulling him into the living room. Alone, Satoko starts cooking food with a practiced hand and then asks Keiichi to set the table. Seeing how happy Rika is at being able to eat dinner at his house, Keiichi wonders why Satoko has to act so angry all the time. Rika tells him that Satoko isn't angry, but that she's actually having fun; it reminds her of when her nii-nii was around. Seeing Keiichi's confusion, Rika explains that nii-nii is what Satoko calls her big brother Satoshi. Satoko was always happy when with Satoshi, and Keiichi figures he's not around anymore due to her use of "was." Rika says nothing, and Satoko announces that dinner is ready.

The three start eating, with Keiichi greatly enjoying his meal. Satoko gloats over his change in opinion towards her, and Keiichi says she wins the cooking competition. Satoko meekly accepts his praise and says the meal isn't all that good, as the side dishes were all canned. Keiichi doesn't mind, as it tasted good regardless. Rika says it reminds her of when they ate dinner with Satoshi, and Satoko wonders what he's doing now. Satoko then says Satoshi is her nii-nii but soon corrects herself to say "big brother." She says Satoshi could barely take care of himself but now he's run away, though she hopes he'll give up and come back some day. Keiichi starts giving Satoko a headpat, commenting on how mature she is. Keiichi and Rika joke around about Satoko saying nii-nii, and the two girls get ready to bike home. Satoko goes ahead but Rika stays behind and tells Keiichi he got an A+. Satoko became happy from feeling like Satoshi had come home, with Rika hoping that Keiichi can play a similar role as him. Satoko calls out and asks why she's lagging behind, and Rika bids farewell and rides off.

Higu2020ep9 keiichi trapped.png

Friday, June 10. At Sevens Mart, Keiichi and Satoko are shopping and hunting for discounts. Keiichi wants to get a family pack of meat but Satoko chastises him for his lacking of management skills and puts the meat back. After purchasing ingredients they walk home, with Keiichi anticipating stir fry for dinner. He gives Satoko more headpats and praises her skill some more, the latter embarrassedly accepting it. That night, Keiichi devours his meal, with Satoko asking if he washed his hands. Keiichi wants to do it after but Satoko nags him for it. Keiichi soon gets up to wash but soon trips a trap and is showered by metal pans. Satoko laughs at claiming another victim as Keiichi exasperatedly sits up. Seeing the look on his face, Satoko asks what's wrong and Keiichi says he's an only child, so this interaction feels nice. The phone suddenly rings and Keiichi picks up to hear his mom, who says they've finished their work in Tokyo and will be home the next morning. Satoko becomes downtrodden.

Second Half

Saturday, June 11. Keiichi returns home and his mom says Rena's calling him. Rena desperately tells Keiichi that they need to win a fight and that Satoko's in a rough spot. Keiichi slams the phone down and pulls out a golf club, rushing to the scene and ending up at a baseball field, where a baseball game is being held. Some players look at Keiichi confusedly as Rena calls him over.

Higu2020ep9 bench.png

Keiichi sits down on the bench amidst strange looks from the other players, with Rena asking why he brought a golf club. Keiichi complains that Rena should've specified the "fight" was a baseball game. Just then, Satoko hits the ball out of the park and wins the game as the batter watches in awe. Keiichi wonders why they even called him there if they've won now. Mion asks the coach if he remembers the deal, who agrees to host a big barbecue tomorrow. Rika pats the coach's head and pities his wallet.

Sunday, June 12. The kids are enjoying their barbecue as Mion commends Satoko for her home-run. Keiichi sits on a bench watching them as the coach walks up to him, saying he feels healed when he sees Satoko. Keiichi is confused, and the man introduces himself as Irie, though everyone calls him Coach. Keiichi comments on how Irie seems to like Satoko a lot and Irie says he really does, hoping to marry her one day. Keiichi is taken aback by that statement and Irie laughs. He then says Satoko's brother Satoshi was part of the Hinamizawa Fighters baseball team and wishes he could've played with them longer. Irie continues that Satoshi left Hinamizawa a year ago due to a series of unfortunate events: three years ago, Satoko's parents died when they fell off an observation deck into a cliff while on vacation, and now Satoko is living with Rika. Irie seriously wants to adopt Satoko, but there are legal issues preventing him from doing it. He wants to see her smiling all the time, and Keiichi says he wants to see it too.

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Irie asks Keiichi to promise that they will never make Satoko cry. Keiichi promises it, and then asks what Irie would do if he were to adopt her. Irie grabs his face and says it's a difficult question to answer when a female voice says he'd turn Satoko into a maid and make her call him Master. Keiichi is shocked by this and Irie swears he didn't say that. The voice continues saying that Irie would make Satoko wear a maid outfit, and Irie agrees that she'd look nice. The voice is revealed to be Shion Sonozaki, who Keiichi recognizes. Shion starts to leave right then and Keiichi stops her, asking what she's even doing here. Shion says she's the manager of the Hinamizawa Fighters, with Keiichi asking why she wasn't at the game yesterday then: Shion is actually a phantom manager. Irie tells her to cheer them on next time, and Shion says she also wants in on his and Keiichi's promise. Shion says she's Satoko's "nee-nee" and goes up to hug her, much to Satoko's resistance.

The group starts cleaning up and Keiichi asks where Satoko is, with Rika saying she's gone shopping for dinner. He complains about her ditching everyone when they're cleaning and Rika says she's actually clever unlike Keiichi. Keiichi scrubs some dishes and hears some kids nearby talking about the Watanagashi Festival coming up and wondering if Oyashiro-sama's curse will strike again this year. They also mention that it got Satoshi last year, with Keiichi becoming afraid.

Higu2020ep9 mion rena.png

Keiichi, Mion and Rena walk home when Keiichi stops and asks about Satoko's brother. Mion pauses for a bit and says Satoshi transferred last year to another school. Keiichi then asks if it had to do with Oyashiro-sama's curse, and the three say nothing while looking at each other. Mion breaks the silence to say she promised to lend Keiichi some manga and asks if he wants to go to her house. Keiichi gets confused but soon agrees, with Rena saying she'll go home.

At the water wheel, Mion asks Keiichi how much he knows about Satoko's family, with Keiichi repeating what he'd heard about her parents and brother. Mion explains that Satoko's parents were supporters of the dam project, with Keiichi surprised as he thought every villager was against it. The government paid people to move out and let them build the dam, with Satoko's parents the leader of the pro-dam group. Unfortunately, Satoko's parents died on the day of the Watanagashi, and rumor spread that they died because of Oyashiro-sama, and that Satoshi running away was also his doing. Mion, Rena and the others don't like bringing up the curse or her family around Satoko because they figure she doesn't want to hear any of it. She asks if Keiichi understands, and he apologizes for his lack of tact. He figures Satoko is living a happy life with Rika now.

Higu2020ep9 sadoko.png

An old man is walking down the road when he sees Teppei walking into a house, with Teppei yelling at him and chasing him off. Teppei tells a saddened Satoko to get in the house, with Satoko calling him Uncle as she walks in and Teppei closes the door behind him.


The opening, I believe what you said, is not played during this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
1:09 2:12 In Class Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The club admires their lunches
2:50 3:25 Warudakumi [Wile] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi's cooking skills are questioned
3:45 4:28 Game! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi starts cooking
6:31 7:29 Natural Time Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Dinner is served
8:08 9:33 Setsunakute [Painful] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi pats Satoko
10:05 11:04 Yuusuzumi [Evening Cool] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi and Satoko walk home
12:33 13:17 Kimeruze! [Let's Be Enthusiastic!] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi gets armed
13:36 14:20 Genkijirushi! [Seal of Spirit!] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko hits a home run
22:15 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending

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