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Tataridamashi-hen Part 2 (祟騙し編 其の弐 Tataridamashi-hen Sononi, Curse-Deceiving Chapter Part 2) is the ninth chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


Satoko comes to school looking depressed. The club check on her but she insists that she just caught a cold and gives a sad laugh. She’s happy that Rika brought lunch for her. Mion says they should prepare for club but Satoko says she’s leaving early. After she leaves, Keiichi asks Rika if anything happened last night. Rika says she never came home, and Mion explains that Satoko’s abusive uncle Teppei returned to Hinamizawa. Her aunt and uncle became Satoko and Satoshi’s guardians when their parents died and tormented them. Satoshi is gone now, and Satoko is living alone with her uncle. Keiichi says they need to report it and Mion explains they tried it two years ago, but the child consultation center couldn’t find any proof and decided to wait and see.

Tataridamashi ch2-1 bruises

Keiichi says they need to save Satoko and stand up for her on Satoshi’s behalf, and asks Rika to take them to Satoko’s house. Once there, they knock on the door to the Houjou residence and get no response when Satoko returns from a grocery trip, surprised as to the sudden visit. Rika asks Satoko to come home with her but Satoko says she’s living with her uncle now. Satoko’s uncle then yells from inside the house and demands her to come inside. He opens the front door and tells the club to get lost. Keiichi gets a look at who he is. Satoko tries to quell Teppei's anger by saying they’re just her classmates. Satoko laughs while saying she went to get drinks and groceries while her uncle was playing mahjong, and Keiichi notices there are bruises on her. Satoko hides them and says she just fell down the stairs. Keiichi yells that he’s going to kill Teppei and Mion grabs him, saying they can’t fix anything with violence. Satoko thanks everyone for their concerns and cries, happy that Keiichi is her new Nii-nii. Keiichi swears he won’t abandon her.

The next day at school, Mion explains that she told Chie about what happened, and she’s made the child welfare center aware of the issue. Satoko suddenly walks in, happy. The club asks what happened and Satoko says that when the child welfare office called, they apologized and said nothing was going on. Keiichi asks what she means but Satoko ignores him and starts acting energetic like usual. During lunch Keiichi gives Satoko a headpat when she bats him away and panics, then throws up.

Tataridamashi ch2 keiichi's memories

Keiichi recalls memories of killing Teppei and Satoko calling him a murderer.

Keiichi asks what’s wrong and reaches his hand out towards Satoko, but she runs away towards the corner and starts apologizing while calling out for her Nii-nii. Keiichi tries to help more but Rena tells him to stand back and hugs Satoko. Shion walks into the room and tends to Satoko. Satoko stops crying and thanks Rena for her comfort, heading home soon after. Mion says they’re powerless, and Keiichi thinks there’s a way to save Satoko and imagines beating Teppei to death with a baseball bat. Rika grabs Keiichi and tells him to stop, saying that murder won’t solve anything, and there won’t be a happy ending for anyone. Keiichi then recalls Fragments of killing Teppei and Satoko calling him a murderer, realizing that in that future he made Satoko cry. Shion yells that she needs to kill Teppei and can do it in 1500 seconds. Mion and Rena try to calm her down as Rika cries, and Keiichi pats Rika before blocking the exit to the classroom. Shion tells Keiichi to get out of the way, saying she promised Satoshi to look after Satoko like a little sister.

Shion picks up a chair and hits Keiichi with it, but he continues to stand up despite his bleeding. Keiichi asks if Satoko would really be happy if Shion became a murderer and says she’ll regret it. Shion insists that’s the best thing to do, and Keiichi says they just need to trust each other to save Satoko for sure. Shion punches a wall in frustration, and Rika tells Keiichi that they can gather everyone’s strength and make a miracle happen. Keiichi thinks about the villagers gathered in front of the child welfare office and tells the club that they just need to protest the office in Satoko’s defense. Shion decides to join, and Keiichi thanks Rika for stopping him earlier. Rika sheds tears and says she did it because she believed in him. The club swears to save Satoko.