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Part 1

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The inside of a dirty house is shown. A woman repeatedly rings the doorbell and tries to get the attention of the man sleeping inside, soon knocking on the door. The man rouses and swears to himself, with the woman yelling that other tenants are complaining about his house smelling. The man gets fed up and throws a bag at his door, startling the woman. He then opens the door and cusses the woman out, asking what he's supposed to about the smell. The woman runs off and the man goes back inside after giving one last insult. He walks past a prescription note that reveals his name as Teppei Houjou.

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A newspaper lodged inside a fence shows the date as Tuesday June 9, 1983. At school, the club sits around eating lunch and commenting on each other's food. Mion Sonozaki says the mayor and his friends came over last night to hang out, so she took some of their leftovers for lunch. Keiichi Maebara commends her for her craftwork, and Rika Furude admires Rena Ryuugu's apple bunnies. Mion says Rena's secret ingredient is love and so she can't match to hers. Satoko Houjou tells Rika that they should learn from them. Rika reveals her lunch and greatly impresses Keiichi.

Keiichi shows some derision for Satoko's own cooking skill, who replies that she may not be as good a chef as Rika but she can still hold her own in the kitchen. Keiichi smugly asks if she can tell the difference between cauliflower and broccoli: Satoko says broccoli is green but then confuses it with yellow, and as Keiichi eggs her on Satoko starts crying. Keiichi pats her head to console her, and Mion then asks if Keiichi is a good cook himself. Keiichi insists he's better than Satoko, and Mion says they should show off their skills the next day and prove it, and he better not cheat by getting someone else to make his lunch. Keiichi accepts the challenge.

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Keiichi goes home and finds a note from his parents that they went to Tokyo for some urgent work. They'll be there for a few days and want Keiichi to learn to cook by himself, his hands shaking as he reads it. Keiichi crumples the note in frustration and loudly complains, then takes on their request and sets up several tools and ingredients. He flips through a recipe book and looks for something to cook, having no idea what he's doing. Keiichi finally settles on vegetable stir fry, thinking it to be simple. The recipe calls for a teaspoon of oil though Keiichi has no idea what it is, so he pours a bunch of oil into a ladle and drops it into his wok. A column of fire erupts from the stove, with Keiichi impressed. Satoko suddenly dropkicks him, turns off the stove and then sprays a fire extinguisher over it.

A confused Keiichi looks at Satoko and Rika and asks what they're doing at his house. Satoko comments on his attempted arson of his own house, with Rika saying if they didn't come there would be firetrucks everywhere. Satoko is disappointed to see that Keiichi's cooking skills aren't so great and asks him to leave the kitchen, with Rika pulling him into the living room. Alone, Satoko starts cooking food with a practiced hand and then asks Keiichi to set the table. Seeing how happy Rika is at being able to eat dinner at his house, Keiichi wonders why Satoko has to act so angry all the time. Rika tells him that Satoko isn't angry, but that she's actually having fun; it reminds her of when her nii-nii was around. Seeing Keiichi's confusion, Rika explains that nii-nii is what Satoko calls her big brother Satoshi. Satoko was always happy when with Satoshi, and Keiichi figures he's not around anymore due to her use of "was." Rika says nothing, and Satoko announces that dinner is ready.

The three start eating, with Keiichi greatly enjoying his meal. Satoko gloats over his change in opinion towards her, and Keiichi says she wins the cooking competition. Satoko meekly accepts his praise and says the meal isn't all that good, as the side dishes were all canned. Keiichi doesn't mind, as it tasted good regardless. Rika says it reminds her of when they ate dinner with Satoshi, and Satoko wonders what he's doing now. Satoko then says Satoshi is her nii-nii but soon corrects herself to say "big brother." She says Satoshi could barely take care of himself but now he's run away, though she hopes he'll give up and come back some day. Keiichi starts giving Satoko a headpat, commenting on how mature she is. Keiichi and Rika joke around about Satoko saying nii-nii, and the two girls get ready to bike home. Satoko goes ahead but Rika stays behind and tells Keiichi he got an A+. Satoko became happy from feeling like Satoshi had come home, with Rika hoping that Keiichi can play a similar role as him. Satoko calls out and asks why she's lagging behind, and Rika bids farewell and rides off.

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Friday, June 10. At Sevens Mart, Keiichi and Satoko are shopping and hunting for discounts. Keiichi wants to get a family pack of meat but Satoko chastises him for his lacking of management skills and puts the meat back. After purchasing ingredients they walk home, with Keiichi anticipating stir fry for dinner. He gives Satoko more headpats and praises her skill some more, the latter embarrassedly accepting it. That night, Keiichi devours his meal, with Satoko asking if he washed his hands. Keiichi wants to do it after but Satoko nags him for it. Keiichi soon gets up to wash but soon trips a trap and is showered by metal pans. Satoko laughs at claiming another victim as Keiichi exasperatedly sits up. Seeing the look on his face, Satoko asks what's wrong and Keiichi says he's an only child, so this interaction feels nice. The phone suddenly rings and Keiichi picks up to hear his mom, who says they've finished their work in Tokyo and will be home the next morning. Satoko becomes downtrodden.

Saturday, June 11. Keiichi returns home and his mom says Rena's calling him. Rena desperately tells Keiichi that they need to win a fight and that Satoko's in a rough spot. Keiichi slams the phone down and pulls out a golf club, rushing to the scene and ending up at a baseball field, where a baseball game is being held. Some players look at Keiichi confusedly as Rena calls him over.

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Keiichi sits down on the bench amidst strange looks from the other players, with Rena asking why he brought a golf club. Keiichi complains that Rena should've specified the "fight" was a baseball game. Just then, Satoko hits the ball out of the park and wins the game as the batter watches in awe. Keiichi wonders why they even called him there if they've won now. Mion asks the coach if he remembers the deal, who agrees to host a big barbecue tomorrow. Rika pats the coach's head and pities his wallet.

Sunday, June 12. The kids are enjoying their barbecue as Mion commends Satoko for her home-run. Keiichi sits on a bench watching them as the coach walks up to him, saying he feels healed when he sees Satoko. Keiichi is confused, and the man introduces himself as Irie, though everyone calls him Coach. Keiichi comments on how Irie seems to like Satoko a lot and Irie says he really does, hoping to marry her one day. Keiichi is taken aback by that statement and Irie laughs. He then says Satoko's brother Satoshi was part of the Hinamizawa Fighters baseball team and wishes he could've played with them longer. Irie continues that Satoshi left Hinamizawa a year ago due to a series of unfortunate events: three years ago, Satoko's parents died when they fell off an observation deck into a cliff while on vacation, and now Satoko is living with Rika. Irie seriously wants to adopt Satoko, but there are legal issues preventing him from doing it. He wants to see her smiling all the time, and Keiichi says he wants to see it too.

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Irie asks Keiichi to promise that they will never make Satoko cry. Keiichi promises it, and then asks what Irie would do if he were to adopt her. Irie grabs his face and says it's a difficult question to answer when a female voice says he'd turn Satoko into a maid and make her call him Master. Keiichi is shocked by this and Irie swears he didn't say that. The voice continues saying that Irie would make Satoko wear a maid outfit, and Irie agrees that she'd look nice. The voice is revealed to be Shion Sonozaki, who Keiichi recognizes. Shion starts to leave right then and Keiichi stops her, asking what she's even doing here. Shion says she's the manager of the Hinamizawa Fighters, with Keiichi asking why she wasn't at the game yesterday then: Shion is actually a phantom manager. Irie tells her to cheer them on next time, and Shion says she also wants in on his and Keiichi's promise. Shion says she's Satoko's "nee-nee" and goes up to hug her, much to Satoko's resistance.

The group starts cleaning up and Keiichi asks where Satoko is, with Rika saying she's gone shopping for dinner. He complains about her ditching everyone when they're cleaning and Rika says she's actually clever unlike Keiichi. Keiichi scrubs some dishes and hears some kids nearby talking about the Watanagashi Festival coming up and wondering if Oyashiro-sama's curse will strike again this year. They also mention that it got Satoshi last year, with Keiichi becoming afraid.

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Keiichi, Mion and Rena walk home when Keiichi stops and asks about Satoko's brother. Mion pauses for a bit and says Satoshi transferred last year to another school. Keiichi then asks if it had to do with Oyashiro-sama's curse, and the three say nothing while looking at each other. Mion breaks the silence to say she promised to lend Keiichi some manga and asks if he wants to go to her house. Keiichi gets confused but soon agrees, with Rena saying she'll go home.

At the water wheel, Mion asks Keiichi how much he knows about Satoko's family, with Keiichi repeating what he'd heard about her parents and brother. Mion explains that Satoko's parents were supporters of the dam project, with Keiichi surprised as he thought every villager was against it. The government paid people to move out and let them build the dam, with Satoko's parents the leader of the pro-dam group. Unfortunately, Satoko's parents died on the day of the Watanagashi, and rumor spread that they died because of Oyashiro-sama, and that Satoshi running away was also his doing. Mion, Rena and the others don't like bringing up the curse or her family around Satoko because they figure she doesn't want to hear any of it. She asks if Keiichi understands, and he apologizes for his lack of tact. He figures Satoko is living a happy life with Rika now.

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An old man is walking down the road when he sees Teppei walking into a house, with Teppei yelling at him and chasing him off. Teppei tells a saddened Satoko to get in the house, with Satoko calling him Uncle as she walks in and Teppei closes the door behind him.

Part 2

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At night, a moped speeds through on a road. Keiichi grips his bat and jumps out from hiding, knocking over the rider of the moped. The rider Teppei cries out in pain, and Keiichi says this is nothing compared to what he did to Satoko. Teppei screams as Keiichi swings his bat down.

Keiichi jolts awake inside of his room and stares at his trembling hands.

Monday, June 13th. Rena comments on Keiichi being late for school and thinks he overslept again. He apologizes says he had a weird dream and couldn't sleep; he couldn't remember what was in it but he thinks it was about Satoko. Keiichi and Rena then hightail it to school after realizing how late they are.

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Keiichi and Rena make it to school just in time, with Mion giving a sigh of resignation. Keiichi sees that Satoko and Rika aren't seated at their desks, which is strange because they're never late. Mion sits down in silence and Keiichi is about to question her when Chie walks into the room to announce the start of class. She asks Mion to start the class when Rika walks into the room. Chie scolds her for being late and asks where Satoko is, to which Rika replies that she might be late. Rika is staring out the second floor school window later when Keiichi goes up and headpats her, wanting to make her feel better for being scolded. Rika gives a sad "mii" in response. Keiichi asks what's wrong with Satoko and Rika turns away from him, going back to staring out the window.

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At recess, Keiichi gets a baseball out of a gutter for Tomita and Okamura and sends them off when a strange man suddenly walks up to him. The man introduces himself as Ooishi, a detective for the Okinomiya police department. Keiichi tells him where the teacher's room is when Ooishi cuts him off and says he's looking to speak with Satoko Houjou about something. Keiichi's demeanor changes and he asks what he wants with her. Ooishi replies that he just wants to ask a few questions, with Keiichi responding that he should just call her. Ooishi laughs at his harsh retort and asks some girls behind him to get Satoko. They say that Satoko isn't at school; cursing his luck, Ooishi then asks for Keiichi's name and gets it. Ooishi says he's heard a lot about Keiichi and grips his shoulder tightly, pulling him close and advising him not to make any enemies around here or else.

Higu2020ep10 bandage.png

Doctor Irie arrives and tells the detective to knock it off. Ooishi greets him and says he was wanting to talk with him at the clinic, and Irie sternly replies that he should get a warrant in that case. Ooishi lets go of Keiichi and says he'll be back as the latter clutches his shoulder in pain. Irie patches up Keiichi in the school doctor's office, with Keiichi saying Ooishi hurt him a lot but there were no marks. Irie says it proves the detective is used to threatening people like that. Keiichi wonders what Ooishi's deal was, mentioning his need to talk with Satoko. Irie hopes he doesn't bother her again, with Keiichi confused.

Higu2020ep10 abuse.png

The doctor then asks if Keiichi knows about Oyashiro-sama's curse. Keiichi knows that Satoko's parents supported the dam project and that when they died, everyone said it was a curse. Irie explains that after that, Satoko and her brother Satoshi moved in with their aunt and uncle. Their uncle Teppei was their father's younger brother, but he and his wife were terrible people. As soon as they became legal guardians, they stole the money left behind by Satoko and Satoshi's parents and treated them horribly: beating them ,scolding them, even starving them. Irie knows Keiichi might not comprehend what that did to Satoko, as she's always happy and energetic. The thing that changed Satoko was a year ago when on the night of the Watanagashi Festival her aunt died, beaten to death by a drug addict. Teppei fled Hinamizawa, fearing it was the curse. Though Satoko was able to escape her abusive relatives, Ooishi stepped. Irie says Ooishi is a little strange; although every incident in Oyashiro-sama's curse has been made out to be an accident or murder, the detective still wants to solve them. Ooishi even has the nickname of "Oyashiro-sama's messenger".

During lunch, the club sits around with a saddened Rika staring at the bentos she made for her and Satoko. Keiichi asks if Satoko will show up for lunch, and Rena says they will wait for her as long as it takes. Keiichi sees Mion staring down and asks if she knows something, as she's been acting weird all morning. Mion says she heard a rumor from the neighborhood council that Satoko's uncle came back to the village. The class then gasps when Satoko finally walks through the door. Keiichi asks where she was as everyone was worried for her, and Satoko gives a half-hearted laugh while saying they didn't need to worry. She says she was just running errands for her uncle, with Keiichi questioning why it was on a school day. Satoko puts her things up and wants to eat.

School ends and Mion announces the start of club activities, but she sees Satoko packing up. Mion says Satoko can choose what game they play today and tries to be cheerful but Satoko thanks her and walks out the door. Mion asks her to stay or else she'll face a club penalty but struggles to remember what rule that was. Rena admonishes Mion for trying to force her and Satoko says she has matters to take care of and leaves.

Keiichi confirms they're all friends, to which everyone nods, and then he asks Rika to explain what's going on. Rika looks at everyone pleading with her and then explains that yesterday, Satoko went shopping but still wasn't back after sunset. She waited for her at their front door and was about to walk inside when she saw Satoko walking up. Rika tells Satoko to get ready for dinner but she replies she only came to get her things and will be staying with her uncle now, shocking Rika. Keiichi laments that Satoko's been placed in a similar situation as before and Rena says it'll be worse since Satoshi is no longer there. Mion says Satoshi always protected Satoko and shield her from abuse, and now Satoko is all alone with her uncle. Keiichi knows that it's child abuse and they should report it, but Mion replies they tried it last year. The Child Welfare Services sent over a social worker to interview both Satoko and Satoshi and their aunt and uncle to "get both sides." In the end, they said they'll keep an eye out for them. Teppei and his wife beat the two kids but never left marks, and no one had recordings of his rants; there were no witnesses since it all happened at home. The abuse got worse as a result. Keiichi wonders if there really is nothing they can do, with Riak staring at them.

The next day, Rika arrives alone to class again and Chie asks if Satoko will be late again, receiving an affirming nod. Chie tells everyone to study by themselves and goes to talk with Rika privately. Inside her office, Chie confirms the rumor about Satoko's uncle as the rest of the group listens in. Rika asks what Chie plans to do if she knows all of that, and she replies that shell visit her at home. Mion opens the door and walks in, asking if she'll call Child Welfare Services if she sees anything wrong. She says they won't do anything unless there's proof of abuse as Keiichi and Rena walk in, and Chie scolds them. Keiichi says Satoko is more important than studying right now, and Chie replies that she needs to see Satoko's home environment to make a truthful report. Rena and Rika agree and say they should leave things to her for now. Chie tells Mion to take everyone back to class.

Higu2020ep10 chie and teppei.png

Chie goes to Satoko's house and knocks on the door, with Teppei rudely greeting her at the door. She introduces herself and asks to speak with Satoko, though Teppei asks what for. The teacher says she didn't come to school and nobody reported her absent. Teppei replies that Satoko has a cold and might come to school tomorrow, slamming the door closed.

Higu2020ep10 rika stairs.png

Chie returns to school where Mion and the rest ask how things went. Chie says she didn't get to see her, which angers Keiichi. He figures her uncle didn't want her to see Satoko's bruises and Chie apologizes. Rena tells him to calm down as Rika buries her head on the stairs. Chie says she'll call Child Welfare Services, thinking they'll do something if she explains the situation. Mion hopes something will change this time.

Wednesday, June 15. Keiichi hears that CWS called Satoko's house and is going to "wait and see" once more, getting mad. Just then, Satoko walks into the classroom and comments on how loud everyone is, with every trace of her sad demeanor gone. Mion asks what CWS said and Satoko says nothing happened; her cold cleared up so she came to school. In private, Keiichi asks Rika what really happened and she says Satoko told the worker "everything is fine." Keiichi knows her uncle told her to say that and Rika says this is actually the third time Satoko's been involved with child abuse. Rika explains that Satoko's dad is actually her stepdad, as her mother remarried. They never had a good family life, and one day Satoko tried to get rid of her stepfather by calling CWS and claiming he was abusing her. The reason they always say they're keeping an eye on things is because Satoko might be lying again, with Keiichi finding it incredibly stupid.

At lunch, the club sits around and admires each other's bentos. Satoko apologizes to Rika for having her make her lunch every day, and Rika replies that she enjoys doing it. Keiichi goes to get a bite of Rena's food but Satoko elbows him and steals it. Keiichi stands up and is about to give her a headpat when Satoko suddenly bats his hand away. Mion asks what's wrong and Satoko starts hyperventilating, pushing Keiichi away and throwing up. Keiichi asks what's wrong and Satoko throws up and runs up to the wall crying. She starts clutching herself and repeatedly apologizing. The rest of the class watches her breakdown in stunned silence, with Rika looking on neutrally. As Satoko calls for her nii-nii, Keiichi wonders what happened to her.

Part 3

Higu2020ep11 rika concern.png

Satoko continues freaking out as the rest of the class watches, stunned. Keiichi walks over to her but Satoko runs further into the corner. Keiichi keeps trying to console her but Rena tells him to back off and starts shedding tears. Mion and Rika are also watching silently.

Chie enters the classroom, sees everyone huddled in the corner and asks Satoko what's wrong. Satoko stops crying, gets up and gives a hearty laugh, saying she was just having a small dispute with Rena. She asks Rena for confirmation and twirls happily as the rest of the class continues watching. Mion laments their powerlessness.

Higu2020ep11 come home.png

School ends and Satoko begins to leave school by herself when Rika walks up and asks her to come home with her. Satoko looks away and says she has to be living with her uncle from now on. Rika knows she doesn't want to live with him but Satoko feels there's no way around it.

Rika returns to the classroom where the rest of the club is and affirms Keiichi's concerns. Keiichi demands to know why CWS didn't do anything, and Mion says that because of her false report they won't do anything without proof. Mion and Keiichi dispute a bit when Shion interrupts them, angrily asking why they're all standing around. She says they need to do something now before its too late and Rena agrees.

Higu2020ep11 keiichi vs shion.png

Keiichi wonders why they need to make another report to CWS when Shion says they can fix it by just ambushing Teppei and beating him to death. After hearing her proposal, Keiichi recalls his dream of killing Teppei himself. Rena interrupts his reminiscence and says murder is not the way they should be handling things. Shion retorts and asks if she has any better ideas, saying that Satoshi told her to take care of Satoko and doesn't want to tell him she failed. Mion tells her to calm down and Shion asks why she doesn't just use her influence to save her, then remembers that the old hag won't get involved with the Houjou family because of her grudge over the dam war; Mion looks away.

Scenes from Watadamashi-hen play out as Keiichi wishes to go back to a happy world.

Shion starts walking away and voices her intent to kill Teppei when Keiichi tells her to wait. He asks if she thinks killing her uncle means Satoko will thank her, and that Shion will wind up regretting it and hating herself for it. Keiichi professes that what Shion really wants is to return to a world where everyone was happy and that killing someone will make it go away; Rika stares at him in surprise. Keiichi walks up to Shion and says that Satoko will blame herself for encouraging Shion to murder, and Shion asks again what his ideas are.

Keiichi changes position to block the doorway and Shion takes that to mean he's on Teppei's side and picks up a chair. Mion calls out and Keiichi admits that he doesn't have a better idea, but he knows there's a way to save Satoko. Shion tells him to get out of the way and Keiichi tells her to believe in him, swearing on his name that he'll save Satoko.

Shion swings the chair down, making Keiichi bleed. He says she'll have to kill him if she wants to leave, and that if she does they'll be living in a world where Satoko will be heartbroken every day. Shion readies her chair again and says Keiichi must not know how serious she is, and Keiichi says again that he wants to live in a world every everyone is happy together. Rika then stands in front of Keiichi towards Shion and starts speaking in a deeper voice, saying that people cannot live without hope and that their world hasn't lost it yet. Keiichi asks Shion to trust him, and her expression relaxes.

Shion goes to sit in the corner facing the wall and Keiichi thanks Rika for the help. Shion then asks what they plan to do after that speech, and Rika says Keiichi must know the truth: that this world is not a dead end. Rena tends to Keiichi's injuries while saying a miracle will happen if they all work together, with Rika affirming it. Keiichi realizes that they should go to the Child Welfare Center, drawing surprise from the others; they know the most about Satoko's situation, so they can help her. The group begins to see the full picture, but Shion says CWS is unlikely to change their mind once they've made it. Keiichi still wants to try. Rena asks Shion if she'll join them, and she agrees to it.

The group heads to the Child Welfare Services Center and meets with a case worker. Keiichi tells the woman that they heard CWS got a call but decided to monitor the situation, and they have to give more details to it. The woman doesn't understand, and Keiichi says Satoko may have said nothing was wrong but she's being violently threatened by her uncle. The woman says that her case is still being worked on and that a social worker contacted the Houjou residence and will be doing so regularly. The woman says that Satoko will be receiving the appropriate level of parental care and Shion yells that she doesn't know what's really going on, prompting the woman to change her wording that Satoko is getting appropriate guardian care. Keiichi says that Satoko was just fine by herself and that Teppei dragged her back home, though the woman replies that he's supposed to be her legal guardian. Shion loudly complains and Mion quietly reminds her that he became her guardian after Satoko's parents died.

Higu2020ep11 shion vs lady.png

Mion says Teppei willingly abandoned Satoko for over a year and asks what CWS thinks: the woman says she can't reply for case confidentiality but they did get the full story from Teppei. Rena interprets this as CWS being content with his story and deciding to monitor them. Keiichi adds that Satoko was being abused by her aunt and uncle last year as well and that there must be notes, and the woman closes her notebook while once again citing case confidentiality. The woman says they are working on it and after some more complaining from Shion, she suddenly gets up in her face and promises that if something happens to Satoko then she'll regret it. Mion tells her to stop, as it's hurting their case. Keiichi says not to be fooled by whatever Teppei said on the phone, and the woman says she take that into consideration and thanks them for coming.

The club goes to rest in a park with Shion finding it incredulous that the worker actually listened to what they said. Rena wants to believe it'll work and Shion wonders if they should go talk to that person directly. Mion says it must be a difficult job since they must get many threats like the one Shion made earlier. Keiichi asks Mion if she should speak on their behalf since she's used to speaking with city officials and Shion says they only listen to her because she's head of the Sonozaki family; CWS treated them differently since they didn't know them.

Higu2020ep11 preview (2).jpg

The group walks home and a dejected Keiichi asks what to do now. He apologizes for amounting to nothing with all his talk when Rika suddenly says she doesn't believe him. She believed that Keiichi Maebara would save Satoko and is refusing to accept that he would back down so easily. Rika says she still believes in Keiichi and repeats something he said before about being able to break fate like wet paper. Rika starts crying and begs Keiichi to save Satoko from her fate. Keiichi gets renewed with confidence from Rika's words and now knows how important it is for people to believe in him. He rallies everyone's spirits and says they would all lose if this were a club game. Seeing everyone happy again, Shion asks what they're actually going to do.

Thursday, June 16. At school, Keiichi gets the entire class' attention during lunch and tells them all about Satoko's plight. Satoko didn't come to school today and her uncle said it was a cold but they all know it's a lie. The students whisper among themselves and realize that what Keiichi's saying is true as he says CWS has done nothing and is going to "monitor" the situation. Rena affirms his words, as they all know what happened with Satoko and her aunt earlier last year. Keiichi exclaims that Satoko is like family to them, and they aren't going to let her suffer anymore; the club has started the process already.

Keiichi singles out Tomita and asks if he knows what they're doing, with Mion saying they're going to follow all of the rules in fighting them. Keiichi stands on top of a desk and continues rallying the students' support as Chie walks by and sees him through the door window. He announces that the center jotted down that "five students came to visit" and takes it to mean that they need to get more people in there to make their voices heard, which stuns Chie. As the other kids raise their hands in support, Chie moves to enter the classroom but Rika stops her. Rika tells her that everyone is doing their best to save Satoko, soon speaking in a deeper voice and saying she cannot do much by herself, but she can stop Chie if she tries to stop everyone. The teacher takes the hint and says not to get anyone hurt, with a surprised Rika thanking her. Chie walks into the classroom and says she's going to join the class.

Higu2020ep11 everyone is here.png

At the center, Keiichi tells an employee that they're here to demonstrate how important it is to save Satoko: all 16 of them in the school. The class is gathered in a room where another worker says they already know of Satoko's situation. Keiichi says CWS is not actively helping her case despite last year's incident, and the man pulls out a notebook and explains they do not have any confirmed records of Teppei's abuse at all. They know there was trouble between Satoko and her aunt Tamae but nobody mentioned Teppei being involved at all, not even neighbors. Rena thinks it's because the aunt's behavior overshadow his and the man considers it. When asked about Teppei abandoning Satoko for an entire year, the man replies that they've been told he was working out of town to raise money for her. They also asked Satoko directly about it but she denied that anything happened, and so CWS is letting her continue to live with Teppei. Rena slams the table in frustration as the man suggests they all give Satoko and Teppei a chance to rebuild their life.

Higu2020ep11 frustrated rena.png

Shion stands up and asks the man if he considered at all anything they said, and the man says they'll take this meeting into consideration. She then asks if they'll take responsibility if anything happens to Satoko and makes another threat, and Chie tells her to stand down. Mion asks when that decision will be made, and the man says it will take time and hopes they are satisfied.

As the class leaves the center, Mion comments that this is just like the dam war. Rika says Hinamizawa's community spirit is what makes it great. Mion says a proverb about how if one person attacks a villager, then twice more will fight back, with the entire village attacking if a thousand people came; it's an old phrase her grandma used to say. Keiichi sees that large numbers are what they need, and Okamura says he and Tomita know how bad Teppei is since they live near his house, and they aren't going to back down. The rest of the class voices their support for saving Satoko, and Keiichi says they can get more people to show up tomorrow. The kids begin talking about telling everyone they know, and Rika says that this is what the power of breaking fate is really like.

As the cicadas cry, Ooishi is seen walking down a road.

Part 4

Some villagers look at an overturned shrine and wonder who did it. One of them heard that Teppei kicked it over and did his business over it. Rumors around the village say the Houjous will be the target of the curse this year.

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Friday, June 17. Dozens of people are gathered at the child consultation center, including some baseball players, otaku customers, and Angel Mort employees. Tomitake and Takano arrive to compliment Keiichi for bringing in such a large crowd. Rena asks why those tow are here, and Takano says she heard it all from Keiichi last night. Irie shows up bringing signs and banners, all of which are calling for the consultation center to save Satoko. Shion says she's always hated how weird Irie acts, but her mind's starting to change. The group puts on the headbands, with Tomitake saying it reminds him of the dam war. Takano hands Rika a headband, and she takes it and thanks her. Now that everyone's ready, the group heads inside.

The social worker asks how they can help, and Keiichi says that, just like yesterday, they want immediate action to be taken on Satoko Houjou's child abuse case. A manager walks up and says all of their meeting rooms are in use that day; the center director will meet with them, but the meeting space can only fit three people. Keiichi starts to complain but Mion cuts him off and says it'll be fine.

Later that afternoon, Keiichi, Irie and Rika finish the meeting and rejoin the others with the results: the center is still taking a "wait and see" approach, and they'll make a decision within a month. Shion doesn't want to imagine how badly damaged Satoko will be in a month, and Irie says the center seemed to be taking them seriously that time. Mion says they're going to protest again tomorrow, but they might lose some people. Rena and Keiichi still wants to fight however, and Rika says they can't make miracles happen unless they work together. Irie tells everyone to go home since it's getting dark, and they have a festival planning meeting that night. Mion realizes that she has to go that too and says Keiichi should come with her.

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At the Furude Shrine, Keiichi asks if it's okay for him to be there, and Mion says the elders have heard a lot of interesting things about Keiichi, and they've wanted to meet him. Rena asks if she'll be okay too, and Mion says the elders will be pleased to see so many passionate kids. The group heads inside to greet the elders as Keiichi looks on the walls and sees pictures celebrating the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance and the protests against the dam. The mayor Kiichirou Kimiyoshi then enters the room and wonders what the occasion is. Keiichi introduces himself to Kimiyoshi who makes some small talk with Shion, asking her to come to the festival this year. Kimiyoshi then says he wanted to talk with Mion a moment and goes off with her in private.

The club gets acquainted with the elders and Mion returns, asking Keiichi to come with her a moment. Outside the meeting hall, Chie is there with a message for Keiichi: he needs to stop protesting the center after tomorrow and see what happens. Keiichi thinks it's a warning and asks Mion what the mayor told her. Mion explains that back when the Board of Education hadn't officially recognized the school in Hinamizawa, Chie went against them and taught there anyway. Chie believes Keiichi is doing the right thing, however she cannot continue to support him if it means threatening the future of the school. Keiichi knows how strong Mion and Chie are and that they must be some incredible pressure if they're going to give up like this.

Keiichi asks why the older village members hate Satoko and her family so much since the dam war is over; he swears to find the people responsible for it and talk to them. Mion says nobody in the village actually hates the Houjous. Though Satoko's parents supported the dam and became the archenemy of the village, after they died everyone knew Satoko was innocent. However, no one publicly forgave her; the older villagers are afraid of associating with her. Even Mion's grandmother wants to forgive her, however she cannot do that for fear the villagers will lose trust in her.

Mion laments that, though everyone wants to forgive Satoko, they don't want to get involved, and that way of thinking has spread like a mold on tatami. Keiichi and Rena realize that all they have to do is replace that tatami, and they decide to go back to the meeting hall and challenge the elders. Mion and Chie are surprised by this, though Mion agrees with their plan. Keiichi asks Chie to let them try this for now. Rika also voices her support.

Keiichi's group heads back into the meeting hall. Kimiyoshi asks them to save personal matters for the end but Keiichi says he wants to talk about Satoko's situation. An elder says they know all about it and they should let the center take care of things, with another saying they have a problem with their protests since the dam war ended, and they don't need to fight anymore. Keiichi says he doesn't care about the old war and is concerned about the new war, the one he's fighting now. As other elders complain about Keiichi's rudeness, Ooishi takes a seat and wants to see what he's got.

Rena asks why the dam war ending means they can't protest, and she is told that the village and the government need to work together now. Shion agrees; the village and government are such good pals that they even pay for the Watanagashi festival, with Keiichi realizing that the village is effectively being bribed by them. This causes more uproar with the elders, and Kimiyoshi tells them to quiet down. Keiichi asks if they're seriously refusing to help Satoko just because she's a Houjou, and Kimiyoshi says it has nothing to do with that. Rena suddenly points out something framed on the wall, a message from the village saying they negotiated with the government but their democracy was crushed, which Keiichi compares to what the village council is doing to his group now. Rika says Kimiyoshi wrote that to commemorate the dam war, and the mayor's serious expression begins faltering.

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Keiichi says he's heard all about Kimiyoshi's bravery in the dam war and has a lot of respect for people like him, especially the courage of the Onigafuchi Guardians. As Kimiyoshi looks at the banners around the room, Keiichi reminds him that their fighting is why Hinamizawa and its spirit if unity still exists today, and he wants to be proud to live there. The elders start to come around, and Keiichi repeats the mantra that united the Guardians, that if one attacks then double that number will retaliate. Keiichi professes that he wants to revive the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance's spirit to help save Satoko and bows his head. The elders finally realize that he's right; though the government has helped the village in the past they've never been one to bow down to them. Another elder tells Kimiyoshi that they can't support Keiichi, but they have no right to stop his movement. The other elders voice their support, but Irie says the center may not hear them out again if they go there tomorrow since they think the village council is on their side. Rika says the elders need to publicly voice their support for Keiichi, and Kimiyoshi says he'd gladly do it if not for a certain someone. Rika goes up to him and asks if he wants that person's permission, and Shion realizes he's talking about her grandmother Oryou. Keiichi confirms that the council will join him if Oryou gives her support. Ooishi comments to himself about Keiichi's skill.

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At the Sonozaki main house, Keiichi's group meets with Oryou and her daughter, Mion and Shion's mother. She says the child consultation center must be doing their job properly and doesn't see why the village council should be having problems with them. Shion doesn't want to wait months for them to help Satoko, and Oryou says a few months won't kill her. She then blows up at the group for making such a big fuss over it. Rika tells her that Satoko is her friend and wants to help her, but Oryou says she needs to choose her friends better. She also wonders why Irie is there despite him being an adult, and he tries to defend her but the old Sonozaki shuts him up.

Mion's mother tells Keiichi to speak up, seeing the look in his face, and he says the problem is not that Satoko Houjou is in danger but a fellow villager is. Mion's mother reiterates that the center is already working on her, finding it selfish that he wants to rush them. Keiichi says Satoko looked miserable the day she came to school, and there's not telling what will happen after a month; he wants to help her right away, and Mion's mother says that's fine, so the Sonozakis shouldn't be involved then. Mion and Shion explain that the council won't help unless they get approval from Oryou, and she angrily asks who decided that without telling her.

Keiichi says all Oryou needs to do is nod her head. Mion's mother asks what will happen if she doesn't, and Keiichi swears that then he'll kill Oryou and make Mion take her place. Oryou gets angry and retorts, calling for one of her aides to throw him in the well. Keiichi exchanges another threat with her and says he's fighting to save his friend, knowing Oryou would've done the same. Irie says that though Keiichi is a newcomer, he's shown promise and can bring good change to the village. Oryou asks why he thinks disrespectful kids like him show promise, and Keiichi decides that if he's acting disrespectful then he'll act respectfully instead; Keiichi bows his head to the ground and asks once more for the Sonozaki family to help save Satoko.

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Mion's mother asks what Oryou thinks, but her answer is the same; she thinks all Houjous are evil, and Keiichi even threatened to kill her just now. Mion soon bows as well, saying she always respected Oryou for fighting for her friends and wants her to fight for Mion's too. Shion, Rena and Irie bow as well. Keiichi pleads for Oryou to help, and the matriarch asks what will happen if she agrees now: the council will support them, and the center will have to hear them. Kimiyoshi says he pities Satoko and thinks it's time to let her back in with everyone. Oryou once again rejects them, and Keiichi declares that she's his enemy and will strangle her. Oryou suddenly cries out in anger, and Rika says she'll bursts a blood vessel. Mion's mother prepares some tea and asks Keiichi's group to leave things here for the night. Keiichi says they didn't get an answer yet, but she tells him that he needs to know what to stop, giving him a glare.

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Outside the house, Keiichi swears at how close they were. Rika consoles him, saying he said all the rights things and they must wait for Oryou to make the right decision. Mion's mother comes out with Kimiyoshi, who explains that Oryou said yes. Mion's mother affirms that the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance will be backing Keiichi, so he can't lose now. Seeing his resolve, Mion's mother becomes impressed by Keiichi's determination and explains that Oryou hoped to fix the Houjou situation by taking her grudge with her to the grave. She really is grateful that it can be resolved while she's alive. Mion's mother says she's also taken a liking to him after that display, teasing him in saying that Satoko should be proud to have his affection. Mion steps in front and says Keiichi and Satoko aren't like that, and her mother says the twins ought to work harder then, drawing confusion from Mion and Shion.

The group starts to go home and Rika speaks with Keiichi, saying they can now break fate with this. Keiichi asks her to stop using that word and Rika starts speaking in her deeper voice, saying she won't throw the word "fate" around lightly anymore. She repeats Keiichi's phrase that he can tear fate apart like wet paper, and Keiichi asks when he said that. Rika suddenly goes back to her regular voice and says it's a secret, giving a nipah.

Part 5

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Kiichirou reports that the local government has rejected their plea against the child consultation center. Keiichi is determined to keep fighting back. Kiichirou says he'll rally some council members and go to Oryou's house to discuss this; her response will determine how many others will appear.

Rena and Shion are amazed that their protest crowd has attracted not only Hinamizawans, but people from Okinomiya as well. Several other adults appear to voice their surprise. Tomitake figures Keiichi must be a big deal to gather this many people, and he meekly says he didn't do anything special. Kiichirou speaks to the crowd with a megaphone and says they are representing the village council, so they shouldn't be using any Onigafuchi Defense Alliance signs. Rika tells Keiichi that is is the final push. Keiichi is ready to teach the center a lesson as one of the employees, Harayama looks down at the crowd from a window.

Harayama asks his superior the director what they should do about the huge crowd, but he says he has urgent business outside the city so he needs to take care of it. Harayama warns him that during the dam war, the villager protests had a habit of turning violent, and it would be bad if they saw the center director leaving. The director changes his mind and says they cannot let anybody inside no matter what as Kiichirou addresses the center using his megaphone.

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Keiichi's group begins to head inside when Ooishi suddenly appears and calls out to Keiichi. Ooishi says he has an urgent matter to discuss and asks everyone to come with him, including the mayor. At the park, Ooishi says the child consultation center is a government office, and so disrupting its activities is illegal. Ooishi says this is an unlawful assembly, and city law allows high-ranking officials to ban residents from the premises. Keiichi says they'll protest outside of his property then but the detective tells him he needs a street protest permit. Keiichi refuses to send everyone home after gathering them all, and Ooishi reminds him not to make any enemies around here. Keiichi trembles with rage as he begs Ooishi to overlook this, and he says Keiichi will be arrested for police obstruction if he hits him. Mion tells Keiichi to calm down, as Ooishi is provoking him. Shion tells Ooishi that he won't live long if he keeps this up, but he makes a similar arrest threat to her in return.

Ooishi laughs and walks off, and a fellow detective Kumagai tells him that the chief is calling on the radio. Keiichi wonders what to do now, as the head of the center won't listen to them and they need to disperse legally. Rena can't explain it, but she knows Satoko doesn't have much time left. Rika tells everyone to keep believing that they can do this; they must wait for the right wind to blow.

Oishi and Kumagai drink at their car, with the latter surprised that Ooishi lied to the chief. He thinks they should call for backup just in case the protest turns violent, and Ooishi tells him to just look at all of the people gathered here, all to save one person. If the village council is involved then Oryou Sonozaki must be allowing this to happen, which is truly impressive. Kumagai says Ooishi is quick to use force so when he tried to talk to the protest leaders, he knew something was up. Ooishi says they'll let Keiichi take the credit for today. Ooishi smokes a cigarette and puts it out after seeing a certain car drive up, asking Kumagai to come with him.

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An old man emerges from the car and asks for Keiichi Maebara. Keiichi goes up and the man says they're on his side, him and the bespectacled man behind him. Mion and Shion recognize the old man as their uncle and stand in awe. Uncle Sonozaki tells Keiichi that he's their leader now and to now lose hope. Ooishi interrupts them and pulls out his badge, with Uncle Sonozaki arguing with him that they have a right to be here. Ooishi refers to him as Assemblyman Sonozaki, which intrigues Keiichi. Ooishi says the chief of police ordered the crowd to disperse and brings up city law when the bespectacled man provides his own business card, introducing himself as the attorney Ken Sonozaki. Ken looked into various laws and determined that the child consultation center's claims of obstruction are unjustified and an abuse of power. He ruffles around in his folder and Ooishi relents, allowing the protest to continue.

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Now that nobody else can stand in their way, Keiichi and his friends march onwards. Thanks to Oryou's help, they can finally save Satoko. The crowd gives cheers to the group, with various adults and kids voicing their support. Meanwhile the center employees are wondering why the police isn't doing anything. The director notices it's almost closing time and plans to wait until then but Harayama says they ought to listen to their demands. The phone rings and Harayama answers it, soon passing the phone to the director: the mayor of city hall himself was calling them. The mayor asks them to listen to the crowd's demands, as special matters like these must be handled with care. After they agree, he also asks to have a report of the day's events later.The mayor hangs up and looks towards Oryou and Akane, who thank him for the favor. Oryou figured it would be rude to call in a favor if she weren't in person, and the mayor apologizes for the way his colleagues acted. He comments on how passionate the young people really are, with Oryou happy that the village will be in good hands when she dies. Akane asks if her mother is still upset she never gave birth to boys, noting Oryou's interest in Keiichi.

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The director and Harayama greet Keiichi's group with a bow and agree to investigate Satoko's house immediately. Harayama is ordered to go there posthaste, and the group heads outside where Ooishi stops them once again. Ooishi says to Harayama that the police will be taking him to the Houjou residence. Rena says Satoko's uncle will have to let Harayama in if he's with the police, and Mion questions the detective's sudden change of heart. Ooishi says he wants the center to understand how horrific Satoko's situation is, and seeing it in person is the way to go. Keiichi thanks him and Ooishi asks the crowd to disperse now that everything's taken care of. Harayama enters the car with Ooishi and Kuamgai, and the detective bids everyone farewell as he drives off.

Keiichi wonders if they won, and Rika tells him that he managed to roll a 6 on a die with all 1's. Keiichi is confused by the dice metaphor but Rika says that Keiichi truly achieved victory.

That night at home, Keiichi receives a phone call from Satoko and asks if Ooishi and a social worker came by. Satoko tells him to calm down and that they did. She always thought enduring pain was a form of strength, and that her nii-nii wanted her to stay quiet about it. After seeing what all of her friends did for her; when the doorbell rang, Satoko called out for help. Teppei tried to attack her afterwards, but Ooishi restrained him and took him to the station, so everything should be fine now. Keiichi figures he misjudged Ooishi and should apologize to him. Satoko says they can now have fun at the Watanagashi Festival tomorrow and can't wait to see Rika's dance.

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Sunday, June 19. As the festival grounds get active, Satako takes a shower and gets dressed, with the doorbell ringing and Rika appearing to pick her up. Satoko and Rika gather with the club at the shrine grounds. Rena says the coach told her that Satoko skipped her checkup at the clinic, with Satoko replying that she felt very healthy. Mion figures that Satoko was afraid to spend the night there by herself, with Rika saying Satoko can't sleep without her there. Shion's about to say something else but Satoko stops her, asking what kind of person Shion thinks she is. The group shares a laugh. Mion says that with Shion and Keiichi joining them, they can begin the Watanagashi Six-Demon Battle Royale. The aim of the game is to have as much fun as possible.

The club has fun eating food and playing stall games. Several festival goers ask if Satoko is doing fine and offer to help if she needs help. Satoko blushes from the goodwill. The club soon watches Rika perform her ritual dance when Satoko grabs Keiichi's hand, signalling him to follow her somewhere.

Alone on a cliff, Satoko says she heard everything from Rika about what Keiichi was doing for her. He says it's no big deal since their friends, but Satoko is still very thankful to him. He asks if it's okay to call him nii-nii, and though Keiichi shows some opposition Satoko hugs him. Satoko says there's another thing she wants to give him, something that was important to her original nii-nii. Keiichi agrees, and Satoko says they should go get it before the others notice, feeling embarrassed if they did.

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Satoko takes Keiichi to her house and motions for him to go inside, as this is his house now. Keiichi is told to wait inside a room as Satoko leaves. Keiichi looks around for the light switch and turns it on. Suddenly, a bat slams down on Keiichi and knocks him down, spraying his blood everywhere. After flailing around, a bloodied Keiichi turns over to look at his attacker: Teppei, whose eyes are glowing red. Satoko returns and is just as surprised to see him as Teppei swears at Keiichi for trying to screw him over. As Satoko cowers in fright, Teppei kicks Keiichi over and moves to deliver the finishing blow when Keiichi yells; he knocks over Teppei and takes his bat before beating him with it, splattering more blood everywhere. Even Satoko becomes drenched in blood as Keiichi bludgeons Teppei to death. After seeing that Teppei is no longer moving, Keiichi drops his bat and finally falls over, exhausted. Satoko scurries away.

Keiichi reawakens in a hospital with a bandage around his head. Kumagai soon arrives and introduces himself, asking what happened the night of Watanagashi. Keiichi explains he went with Satoko to her house and clutches his head in pain. Kumagai runs off to call a doctor but Keiichi grabs him and says he's fine, but he can't remember anything that happened that night. He asks where Ooishi is so he can thank him, and Kumagai doesn't answer, instead saying that Keiichi should call him when he remembers anything. Keiichi watches Kumagai leave.

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Keiichi goes to rest on a bench outside the hospital when Rena appears, congratulating him for his improved health. Keiichi wants Rena to tell him what happened that night and why Mion or the others haven't shown up to visit him yet. Rena sits down and says it's probably good that he went to Satoko's house. Keiichi is confused, and Rena explains that on the night of Watanagashi, after the cotton drifting, Ooishi suddenly walked into the crowd with his gun drawn. Mion, Shion, Rika, and Satoko were all killed, and Rena watched it happen. She clutches her head in agony, not understanding why this happened after they all worked so hard for a happy ending.

Rena screams into the sky that this makes no sense.

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