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Tatariakashi-hen Part 5 (祟明し編 其の五 Curse-Revealing Chapter Part 5) is the eleventh episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the fifth and final episode of Tatariakashi.



綿流しの日、家まで迎えにきた梨花に、新しい服に着替えた沙都子が笑顔で顔を覗かせる。 北条家の中で繰り広げられた惨劇に気づかないまま、梨花は沙都子と一緒に祭りへと向かう。

English (Translated)

On the day of the Watanagashi, Satoko smiles at Rika when she comes to pick her up from her house, having changed into new clothes.

Unaware of the tragedy that has unfolded in the Houjou household, Rika heads to the festival with Satoko.

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Plot Summary


Sotsu ep11 blood.png

Satoko beats Teppei's corpse with a baseball bat, spraying blood all over the room and herself. Satoko casually comments about the mess and takes a shower, washing off all of the blood and humming to herself.

Rika goes up to the Houjou residence. Satoko puts on a new outfit and comments about Rika's timing, her eyes glowing red. Satoko greets Rika at he door and is excited to go to the festival. Rika asks if her house is still dirty and offers to help clean, but Satoko says it's not necessary.

First Half

Sotsu ep11 hanyuu pray.png

Satoko and Rika join the club at the Furude Shrine, their friends happy to see Satoko safe and sound. Rika watches the group go and thinks about Hanyuu, saying that though she's no longer by her side and can't see what's going on, they've changed their tragic future. Rika says that Hanyuu doesn't need to worry about her anymore since they can create their own miracles. Rika performs the ritual dance. As the dance goes on, Hanyuu is shown standing inside the Sea of Fragments and praying.

Satoko takes Keiichi's hand and leads him away from the performance. At the overlook, Satoko says that Rika told her all about how Keiichi rallied the villagers to save her. Satoko asks to start calling Keiichi Nii-nii and hugs him. Satoko says there's something in her house she wants Keiichi to have and wants to show it to him before anyone notices.

Sotsu ep11 bat.png

Ooishi watches the Houjou residence from his car, getting impatient and scratching his neck while complaining about the itchiness. He notices Keiichi and Satoko walking inside the house. Satoko welcomes Keiichi inside the darkened house and asks him to wait in a room. Keiichi steps into the room where Teppei was killed, not noticing the bloodstains. Satoko picks up the bloodied bat and says this is the end of Rika's miracle and the beginning of her despair.

Keiichi turns on the light and is shocked to see Teppei lying dead in front of him. Satoko hits him from behind with the bat and knocks him down. Keiichi panics when he looks at Teppei's corpse again, and Satoko keeps hitting him until he falls over unconscious. Satoko says the rest is up to Ooishi and drops the bat. She walks to the front of the house and cries out, prompting Ooishi to run over.

Satoko cries as Ooishi looks at the blood on her and asks what happened. Satoko doesn't respond, and Ooishi goes to look at the scene. Satoko grins behind him.

Second Half

Ooishi looks at the state of Teppei and Keiichi's bodies. Satoko says that Keiichi killed Teppei because of the curse. Ooishi presses her for information: Satoko claims Keiichi took her away from the festival to talk at her house, and Ooishi figures someone ordered him to do it. Satoko says Keiichi was calling himself Nii-nii and grabbed the bat to attack Teppei with, but her uncle fought back; scenes from Tataridamashi of Keiichi and Teppei's battle is shown.

Ooishi asks more about the curse. Satoko thinks for a bit and says Keiichi was caling it Oyashiro-sama's curse as he was beating Teppei. Ooishi becomes even more convinced in his theory, thinking the villagers really were manipulating the boy. Ooishi picks up the bloody bat, thinking he can finally tell Oyassan all about what really happened. Ooishi scratches his neck and thinks about who the mastermind could be, and Satoko sees he's entering the final stages.

Sotsu ep11 interrogate.png

Ooishi picks up Keiichi's body and tries to ask him who ordered it, and Satoko says that Rika told him. Ooishi remembers that the Furudes are part of the Three Families and is convinced he's solved the curse. He runs outside with the bat. Satoko cackles now that Oyashiro-sama's messenger is going forth.

"Now, go and shatter Rika's heart into pieces, Oyashiro-sama's dear familiar."

At the festival, Rika asks some villagers where Tomitake and Takano are. Ooishi arrives and grabs Rika by the throat. Some villagers try to stop him but Ooishi shoots and kills them. Eua watches the scene while drinking tea and laughs at the children of men's entertainment. Mion tries to stop Ooishi, but she and Shion are killed. Satoko walks back to the shrine and hears the gunshots going on. Rena gets swept away by the crowd.

Ooishi asks Rika for the truth but she refuses to give it to him. Ooishi beats Rika to death with the bat when Satoko shows up. Rena tells her to stay back, but Satoko says he's lacking a lot of bite. Ooishi thinks that Satoko must be the true mastermind behind Oyashiro-sama's curse and aims his gun, and Satoko affirms it before shooting him in the head. Ooishi falls over dead.

Satoko goes up to Rika's corpse and asks if she's really dead, as she can't travel to the next Fragment without her. Satoko shoots Rika in the head as Rena watches and wonders what's going on. Satoko says she won't give up just in trapping Rika and shoots herself in the head.

Sotsu ep11 eua and hanyuu.png

Eua cackles. She looks at a Fragment of Hanyuu praying and asks what she'll do about this, as the "pitiful failure" cannot view the Fragments. Hanyuu opens her eyes.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:07 1:01 N/A N/A Satoko beats Teppei's corpse
2:23 3:53 Analogy Analogy Opening
5:33 7:26 Dance Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Rika performs her dance
10:42 12:17 Intention Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Keiichi sees Teppei's corpse
17:45 20:16 Close Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Ooishi attacks Rika
21:15 21:39 Dependence [Hyoui] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko shoots Rika
22:12 23:41 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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