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Tatariakashi-hen Part 4 (祟明し編 其の四 Curse-Revealing Chapter Part 4) is the tenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the fourth episode of Tatariakashi.




English (Translated)[]

Ooishi, who is obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the series of mysterious deaths in Hinamizawa, comes up with an idea to use the info given to him by Teppei, who asks for help, as bait by turning the focus of the curse at the Houjou family.

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Plot Summary[]


Friday, June 17. Ooishi takes several bags full of trash and dumps them around the Houoju residence. Later, Teppei and Satoko look at the disgusting site, with Satoko shocked and saying the villagers have never antagonized her directly like this. Teppei thinks those two guys who saw him doing laundry earlier are to blame and seethes with anger. Satoko tells him to stay calm, not wanting him to turn violent and give the villagers reason to escalate.

Sotsu ep10 satoko hug

Teppei hugs her, telling her not to worry and lamenting that his hair-trigger temper has caused the family he loves to get hurt. Emotion fosters in Satoko's eyes and a crack appears in her mind as she agrees with her uncle.

At Irie's urging, Keiichi and the club inform the gathered crowd at the Child Welfare Center about Satoko's situation. Meanwhile, Satoko hugs Teppei back.

First Half[]

Ooishi spends some time looking at the dam site before scratching his neck again and walking off. Kumagai watches the crowd at the center. Keiichi's group exits and says the center will make a decision in a month, still "monitoring" Satoko. That night, Ooishi goes to the Watanagashi Festival planning meeting and walks in on Keiichi appealing to the village elders. Ooishi takes a seat and thinks about the situation: he believes Keiichi's been tricked by the villagers into bullying Satoko and wonders how Keiichi would react if he learned the truth. Ooishi chuckles at how easily Keiichi is being used by the masterminds behind the curse.

Saturday, June 18. Ooishi and Kumagai watch the crowd at the center again, which has grown even more. Ooishi says everything is going according to the village's grand scheme and that he needs to make the chief look good. Ooishi goes into the crowd to speak with Keiichi as the social workers in the center watch in fright. Kumagai goes to retrieve Ooishi to speak with the chief.

Kumagai sees that Ooishi was trying something since he didn't use force when talking to the crowd. Ooishi says they'll let Keiichi take the credit today, muttering that the boy doesn't doubt he's doing the right thing. The Sonozaki representatives arrive, and Ooishi goes to speak with them for a bit before letting them pass. At home, Satoko is cooking a nice dinner for her and Teppei. More cracks appear as Satoko smiles.

The social workers agree to go to the Houjou residence to check out the situation. Ooishi offers to bring Harayama there so he can see first hand what's going on. Ooishi asks the crowd to disperse, and he and Harayama drive off.

Sotsu ep10 harayama intro

Harayama introduces himself to Teppei and Satoko with Ooishi and Kumagai behind him. Teppei asks Ooishi what's going on, and the detective says he wanted CWS to see the truth for themselves rather than explain it. Harayama is confused, and Satoko tells him the entire village is bullying her family.

Harayama jots down some notes while Teppei and Satoko sit silently. Kumagai confirms that Ooishi knew all of this the whole time and can't believe the village would do this. Ooishi scratches his neck and says Hinamizawa is the only place it could happen. Harayama finishes his investigation, having talked to Satoko and searched the house. Their home situation is obviously nothing like what the protesters were saying, but Harayama doesn't know what to do since the Sonozakis are involved. Ooishi asks that he transfer responsibility of the case to the police. Kumagai objects since they didn't ask the chief, but Harayama agrees.

Second Half[]

As Harayama and Kumagai leave, Ooishi reminds the Houjous that Watanagashi is tomorrow, and that they may become the next victims of the curse. He recommends they stay inside all day tomorrow, promising to watch over their house while the festival goes on. Satoko watches him leave.

Satoko calls Rika at her shack and lies to her that Teppei was arrested by police after Harayama came. Meanwhile, Teppei sleeps soundly, having been given an overdose of sleeping pills that Satoko put in his tea. Rika is happy that Satoko was saved and thinks she's finally free. Satoko hangs up and snickers since Rika may think her tragedy is over, but Oyashiro-sama's curse is just beginning. Her eyes glow brightly red.

Sunday, June 19. The club is excited to attend the Watanagashi with Satoko. Teppei wakes up with a massive headache as Satoko greets him. Teppei asks wearily asks what's going on and gets up, soon vomiting outside. Satoko says Rika should be here soon, yet Teppei has bad timing; she should be a princess who was just rescued from her horrible uncle and should be fawned over at the festival. Teppei stumbles back inside and asks what happened while he was passed out, having thought the villagers were bullying her.

Satoko asks what he thought of their time here. Teppei says it was nice; he didn't think a person as horrible as him would get to feel happy. Satoko is happy to hear it, but says it ends here as she draws her gun and aims it at her uncle, her eyes glowing red. Teppei is confused, and more cracks appear as Satoko fires.

Sotsu ep10 half eyes

Satoko completely misses Teppei, having forced herself to shoot at the floor. Satoko wrestles with herself, trying to aim the gun away from Teppei. One of Satoko's eyes turns back to normal as she tells Teppei to run away. The other Satoko says she won't let him get away. Satoko continues wrestling with herself as Teppei asks what's going on. Cracks appear all across the environment as the red-eye Satoko tells her other self not to be a fool.

Sotsu ep10 satoko conflict

"You aren't me! You aren't me anymore!"

In the Sea of Fragments, the two Satokos battle over the gun, one with normal eyes and one glowing red. The human Satoko asks her to stop, but the red one thinks she's lost her mind. Satoko says she doesn't want to kill her uncle or anyone else. The red one says she's looping endlessly to ensure Satoko Houjou's happiness, but the human asks her to give Satoko back.

Sotsu ep10 leavings

"You claim to be Satoko, but you are merely the leavings of an old fragment!"

The red one kicks her and insists she is Satoko. Eua cackles as she watches. The red one says the human claims to be Satoko but is just the remnants of an old Fragment and shouldn't exist anymore. The human Satoko says she doesn't know where she went wrong, but she did go wrong; she loves Rika a lot and wants to be with her forever, so she learned to be honest about it and insists the red one isn't right. The red one sighs, thinking the human went wrong when her outdated emotions rejected this reality.

The red one declares that she is a witch as one who lives in loops and traverses the Sea of Fragments. The human Satoko tries to run and Eua stops her, laughing more and saying that this shared tale is very entertaining; lending Satoko her power was a great decision. The human Satoko sees that Eua knew from the beginning this would happen, and Eua says that though it's an unpleasant way to put it since Satoko did accept her power, she still finds it amusing.

Eua says that if this current state anguishes Satoko, then she can relieve her of those emotions forever. The red one aims her gun at Satoko as the latter laments how stupid she was. The red one says she wasn't stupid in the slightest and fires.

Sotsu ep10 blood

Teppei cries and asks Satoko what's going on, but she shoots him in the head and kills him. Satoko's eyes glow red as she procures a baseball bat and beats Teppei's corpse with it, splattering blood all over herself and the room. The bloodied Satoko looks down forlornly at Teppei's corpse.


The ending theme, Missing Promise, is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
1:03 2:29 N/A N/A Teppei hugs Satoko
2:30 4:00 Analogy Analogy Opening
5:56 6:44 Uncomfortable Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Ooishi watches the meeting
18:01 18:54 N/A N/A Satoko fights over her body
20:38 22:13 N/A N/A Satoko's witch side claims superiority
22:42 23:41 Fushin Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Satoko beats Teppei's corpse

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