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Tatariakashi-hen Part 3 (祟明し編 其の参 Curse-Revealing Chapter Part 3) is the ninth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the third episode of Tatariakashi.





English (Translated)

As Satoko cries out, Keiichi and the others realize that there is not a moment to lose.

The person who set the whole thing up smiles to herself as the members of the club unite in their desire to save Satoko.

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Plot Summary


Satoko watches a Fragment from a previous world: At the Houjou residence, Teppei tries to open a room but it's locked. Satoko grabs his leg and begs him not to go into Nii-nii's room, but Teppei yells that he knows the bankbook is hidden in there. Satoko swears she didn't do anything to it, and Teppei angrily kicks her to the wall, then kicks her in the face. Satoko cries and calls for her Nii-nii, and Teppei worries that he left a mark on her. Satoko continues crying and Teppei yells at her more.

Satoko finishes watching, commenting that it may have been one of the worst Fragments, but now she thinks it was happy as she did get to keep Rika all to herself. Eua says that loopers tend to see a change in what they value. Satoko says that what once was tragedy is now joy and giggles. Eua asks if she likes what she's become, saying that she may no longer be human or may not even be Satoko Houjou. Satoko laughs, saying she's still herself despite living in loops and chasing after Rika. Eua giggles as well.

First Half

Satoko has a breakdown at school as the club watches in shock and sadness. While Rena comforts her, Satoko smirks and her eyes glow red.

Wednesday, June 15. Satoko goes home from school by herself, smiling as she walks. Meanwhile, the club worries over what to do about Satoko. Shion appears and says they need to take action.

Sotsu ep9 fire.png

At home, Teppei attempts to cook dinner and ends up creating an oil fire. Satoko gets home and quickly puts it out with the fire extinguisher. Satoko reprimands her uncle for almost burning the house down and asks why he was trying to cook anyway. Teppei says he wanted to make something delicious to make her feel better. Satoko appreciates the thought and then asks what would've happened if the villagers reported it to CWS. Teppei is shocked, and Satoko says they're the only people they can trust in the whole village and can't show weakness. Teppei asks if they should call CWS themselves and explain things, but Satoko reminds him they won't listen. If the Sonozakis were to get involved, CWS would do whatever they say.

Sotsu ep9 frown.png

Teppei asks if there's anything else they can do, wanting to just live a happy life with Satoko. Satoko is speechless for bit and then says there's no use worrying about it. Satoko says they should start cleaning the kitchen and Teppei goes off to get supplies. Satoko watches him go, her smile changing to a frown when he leaves.

Sotsu ep9 blanket.png

The club goes to the Child Welfare Service center to talk to them. Ooishi and Kumagai see them walk inside, wondering what someone like Keiichi is doing with the Sonozaki twins and the head of the Furude family. Ooishi asks Kumagai to look into it for him later. After cleaning, Teppei sees Satoko sleeping at the table and puts a blanket over her. Satoko soon wakes up and looks at the blanket.

Thursday, June 16. Keiichi recruits the entire class to protest CWS. Meanwhile, Satoko happily cooks dinner at home as Teppei does laundry. He hangs some clothes outside and sees some villagers looking at him, then yells at them to go away. Teppei remembers Satoko telling him that the entire village hates them and wonders if there really isn't anything he can do to help.

Sotsu ep9 teppei begs.png

Teppei goes shopping at Sevens Mart. Ooishi and Kumagai talk about the rumor that Teppei's back in Hinamizawa and keeping Satoko holed up at home. Ooishi says Keiichi and his friends might be blowing things out of proportion, but he's also arrested Teppei many times in the past and pities Satoko. Kumagai notices Teppei walking past with groceries, and Ooishi and Kumagai talk to him. Teppei suddenly drops his bags and bows to the ground. Ooishi and other bystanders are surprised, and Teppei asks the detectives to please help him. Ooishi decides to help, as he can't deny someone asking for help on their knees.

Second Half

Teppei goes home and brings Ooishi with him. Satoko is surprised to see them together and asks what's going on. Ooishi muses about how the situation with them is not as bad as the reports the CWS had received, and Teppei explains everything to him. Satoko confirms that the entire village is bullying her. Ooishi asks to take a look around the house and concedes that there is no apparent physical evidence of abuse. Satoko reaffirms him that Teppei isn't harming her in any way, shape or form.

Sotsu ep9 injection.png

Left alone in the kitchen, Satoko is shocked that Teppei believed her lie and even brought Ooishi to help. A sudden vision of Eua watching the drama unfold flashes and Satoko cackles, her eyes glowing red again. Satoko drugs the second helping of tea before serving it to Ooishi and Teppei, who fall unconscious almost instantly. Satoko injects Ooishi with H173, telling him she pities how he has been unable to solve the Series of Mysterious Deaths and ensures him that the drug she's giving him will show him alone the truth he desires. Eua watches and wonders what kind of tragedy Ooishi will bring once he reaches L5.

Later, Teppei asks Ooishi if he'll help Satoko. Ooishi saw nothing that warranted a call to CWS, and he can't do much since he's a public servant, but he asks for Satoko or Teppei to call him if anything happens. The Houjous thank him for his help. They watch him leave, but Satoko's face falls afterwards.

Ooishi scratches his neck and looks at a clipping inside his badge, muttering to himself about his promise to Oyassan that he'd solve his murder and find his arm. Ooishi rejoins Kumagai at their car, where Kumagai asks what Teppei wanted. Ooishi says he'll explain later and asks if anything happened with CWS, learning that Keiichi's bringing larger crowds to protest. Ooishi says Keiichi might be participating in the bullying without knowing since he's new to the village and asks Kumagai to wait some more as he goes to the Furude Shrine. Kumagai thinks he's scoping out security for the upcoming Watanagashi.

Some villagers talk about how unbelievable it is that Teppei was hanging laundry, even though he still yelled at them. Ooishi greets them and says he heard Teppei screaming at someone when he went by the house earlier, and the villagers say there's a rumor that Teppei's abusing Satoko. They ask Ooishi to help, but he says he can't interfere with civil matters and asks the villagers to watch out for him.

Sotsu ep9 shrine.png

Ooishi goes to the Furude Shrine and stops before a small hokora somewhere off in a corner. Resolute, he violently kicks it down, knocking over the deity and trashing the offerings as he scratches his neck some more. He then pees on one of the torii's pillars. An elderly woman greets Ooishi at the bottom of the steps to the shrine and he asks her if she's seen Teppei nearby, claiming he just saw Teppei running away from the shrine. The woman wonders what someone like Teppei was doing there. Ooishi lingers outside the Sonozaki residence, continuing to scratch his neck and saying that the "murderers" now have a suitable target for Oyashiro-sama's curse.

Friday, June 17. Some villagers discover the damaged hokora, believing that Teppei was responsible for that and relieving himself on the gate. Everyone believes that the Houjous will be the next target of the curse.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:07 1:05 N/A N/A Teppei tries to find the bankbook
2:01 3:31 Analogy Analogy Opening
3:33 4:16 N/A N/A Satoko fakes her breakdown
10:33 11:14 Plan [Takurami] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Teppei wants to help Satoko
12:26 13:07 N/A N/A Teppei begs Ooishi for help
15:26 16:40 N/A N/A Satoko injects Ooishi
20:42 22:10 N/A N/A Ooishi frames Teppei
22:12 23:41 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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