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Tatariakashi-hen Part 2 (祟明し編 其の弐 Curse-Revealing Chapter Part 2) is the eighth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the second episode of Tatariakashi.






English (Translated)[]

Rika is told by Satoko that she is going to live with her uncle Teppei.

For Rika, who doesn't know about Teppei's change of heart, this means the beginning of the worst possible world.

Rika desperately tries to stop Satoko, but...

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Plot Summary[]


Satoko packs her things as Rika pleads with her not to go back to living with her uncle. Satoko says they're family and they need to live together, and Rika reminds her of the horrible things her uncle and aunt did. Satoko says Teppei will destroy Nii-nii's room if she doesn't go and asks Rika not to stop her. Rika gives Satoko her bookbag and asks if they'll still walk to school together. Satoko promises to meet her at the stone steps the next morning.

Rika watches Satoko walk off. Later that night, a villager meets Mion at the Sonozaki residence and tells her about the rumor that Teppei's returned. Mion asks if that's true, and the villager says Teppei yelled at a guy. Mion worries about Satoko.

Satoko walks home by herself and chuckles as her eyes glow red.

First Half[]

Sotsu ep8 apron

Monday, June 13. Satoko tells her uncle she's going to school. An apron-wearing Teppei asks if she's sure she doesn't want him to walk with her, and Satoko says she'll be fine. Teppei worries that someone will attack her on the way, and Satoko says that the knowledge he's giving her strength is enough for her. Satoko says she'll always be able to come home to family no matter what happens to her.

Keiichi and Rena meet Mion at their regular place late. Rena says that they were late because Keiichi sleeping in and dreaming about Satoko. Mion looks downtrodden and snaps back to attention when Keiichi asks what's wrong.

Rika waits at the bottom of the Furude Shrine for Satoko and sees her coming. Rika says they need to go, but Satoko says she can't walk with her because she needs to run some errands for her uncle. She needs to do them now, reminding Rika of Teppei's temper. Rika promises to walk her home that afternoon, but Satoko tells her to go without her and will go to school herself when she finishes.

Rika comes late to class, and Chie asks where Satoko is. Rika says she'll be late. Later, the club sits quietly at lunch and asks what's wrong with Satoko. Keiichi sees that Mion knows something, and she explains the rumor. Satoko heads to school and eavesdrops from outside the room. After her eyes glow red and she giggles again, she puts on a sad face and enters the room. The club tend to Satoko, who sadly says she was just running errands for her uncle.

Sotsu ep8 lying down

After school, Satoko leaves by herself. The club asks Rika what's really going on, and she explains the situation with Satoko and Teppei as Mion explains the failed child abuse report made a few years ago. Meanwhile, Satoko lies down in the middle of a road and giggles some more, then rolls around. The now-dirtied Satoko then steps into a rice field.

Sotsu ep8 hug

Teppei sees Satoko's messy state that night, with the girl claiming she just tripped and fell. Teppei demands to know who did this to her and threatens to beat them up, charging outside. Satoko tries to stop him and tells him not to raise a commotion, otherwise she'll be left all alone. Teppei sees her sad face and cools down. Satoko insists she's alright, wanting to forget all the bad things that happened and live a good life with her uncle. Teppei cries and hugs her.

Second Half[]

The next day, Rika waits again for Satoko, but she doesn't come this time. At school, Chie sees that Satoko is late again and asks Rika in her office about the rumors. The club barges in to give their input. Chie says she'll go to the Houjou residence herself and see what's going on.

Sotsu ep8 corner

Satoko sits in a corner in her room as Teppei asks if she'd rather be lying down. Satoko says she felt feverish but is getting better. Teppei says she can go to school tomorrow and will walk her there, but Satoko says she doesn't want to go. Teppei thinks even her classmates are bullying her, and Satoko reminds him that everyone in class is from Hinamizawa. Teppei asks why the teacher isn't doing anything about it, and Satoko says she might get her help if she were just ignoring it. Teppei thinks that even Chie is bullying her.

Just then, Chie knocks on the door and asks if Satoko's there. Satoko starts shivering in fear and cowers. Teppei angrily opens the door, where Chie introduces herself and asks to speak with Satoko since she didn't come to school. Satoko listens to the conversation from behind a wall and smirks. Teppei says Satoko has a cold and might come to school tomorrow, slamming the door in Chie's face and locking it.

Teppei happily tells Satoko that he sent away the teacher. Satoko thanks her but thinks it may not be enough and worries about what they'll do to her next. Teppei promises to fight them all off if they band against her. Satoko places her faith in him, and Teppei gives her a headpat.

Chie returns to school and tells the club what happened. She plans to call child welfare services and explain everything to them.

Teppei gets a call from the center and starts swearing at them. He hears they want to do a welfare check, and Satoko asks to talk to them. Teppei says it's not necessary but Satoko grabs the phone and starts speaking to the worker, hanging up soon after. Satoko says it was just a misunderstanding and Teppei asks why they were calling in the first place. Satoko says it's just another way the village is trying to bully her, and Teppei gets angry. Satoko says the village is lying to CWS, however they should be careful so the center doesn't get a real reason to separate them.

Wednesday, June 15. Rika waits again for Satoko, who arrives this time. As they walk to school, Satoko says her cold's cleared up completely. Rika says she should've gotten a call from CWS, and Satoko says they were just mistaken about her situation.

At school, Keiichi, Mion and Rena talk about the CWS call and get angry. Satoko enters the room and insists she's okay. In the Sea of Fragments, Eua watches the club eat lunch and comments on how sad it is that Satoko can only feel happy when she's in despair and being pitied. Satoko is now moving pieces on the game board and messing with the hearts of others.

Sotsu ep8 red eye flash

Keiichi tries to give Satoko a headpat and Satoko bats his hand away, clutching her head in agony. Satoko's eyes flash red for a moment and Eua cackles, saying that Satoko is no longer human but a witch. Satoko throws up and has a breakdown, prompting Eua to cackle even more. Satoko repeatedly apologizes and starts crying for her Nii-nii.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:21 1:36 N/A N/A Satoko packs up
2:09 2:33 N/A N/A Mion learns the rumor
2:44 4:13 Analogy Analogy Opening
8:12 9:12 N/A N/A Satoko fakes her sadness
10:44 11:24 N/A N/A Satoko rolls around
12:05 12:53 N/A N/A Satoko tries to rein in her uncle
20:51 22:10 N/A N/A Satoko has a breakdown
22:12 23:41 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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