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Tatariakashi-hen Part 1 (祟明し編 其の壱 Curse-Revealing Chapter Part 1) is the seventh episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu and the first episode of Tatariakashi-hen.





English (Translated)

Rika despairs that no matter how many times she loops, she cannot stop the tragedy.

The heartbroken Hanyuu is also tormented by her helplessness. As the next world begins, Rika's best friend Satoko gently encourages her to stop crying.

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In the Sea of Fragments, Eua conjures one in her hand and commends Satoko, as all the pieces of the game board are moving as she wishes. Satoko says she still needs to make Rika suffer more. With Eua's power, Satoko can make someone as stubborn as Rika capitulate. Eua giggles and conjures another Fragment of Rika and Hanyuu speaking, saying that Satoko's actions are helping her stave off boredom. Satoko doesn't understand why Eua is so entertained, but she's happy she enjoys it.

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Eua stops Satoko with her staff and reminds her that she has started a game and must see it through to the end. As long as Satoko dies after Rika, they will travel to the same Fragment. However, if Satoko dies while Rika is still alive, she will travel to a world where Rika doesn't exist and was never born. Satoko is taken aback, and Eua sees she's not objecting to these conditions. Satoko says she would never make a careless mistake like that and walks off. Eua is confident she won't.

First Half

Rika wakes up in the Sea of Fragments with Hanyuu looming over her. Rika tells her to get back, noticing that she's not "au au"-ing. Hanyuu is confused but Rika ignores it and says that another tragedy must have happened if she's here again. Hanyuu says she should take a break if she's in pain. Rika says she ought to stay here forever if Hanyuu can promise another tragedy won't occur in the next world.

Rika asks "Oyashiro-sama" what she can do to help her, and Hanyuu apologizes. Rika laments over what she should've done differently; she told Keiichi to give the doll to Mion, but he and Shion still snuck into the ritual warehouse, and Kiichirou still went missing. Hanyuu is about to say who killed her, but Rika interrupts her and says she could remember if someone's power weren't lacking. Hanyuu tells her to calm down and focus on what she can remember, but Rika says she doesn't want anyone, her friends or the villagers, to die anymore. Rika says she herself doesn't want to die anymore and sheds tears. Hanyuu hugs her.

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Satoko calls Rika's name, seeing her sitting on the steps to the Furude Shrine and asking what's wrong. Rika insists nothing is wrong, just that she had a really scary dream. Hearing her half-hearted nipah, Satoko says she doesn't look okay and pats her head. Rika starts crying and hugs Satoko, asking why she has to keep doing this. Satoko smiles and hugs her back.

Satoko says that Rika's dream may not be a nightmare but a sign from Oyashiro-sama. The god is the protector of Hinamizawa, and must be telling Rika something in her dreams. Rika asks what he could possibly be trying to tell her, and Satoko assures her he isn't an evil god and wants her to be happy. Rika says there is no message and keeps getting nightmares.

Satoko asks if Rika ever did or thought anything to anger Oyashiro-sama, promising not to tell anyone. Rika stands up and says she hasn't done anything, as she's a good priestess. Satoko's eyes glow red as she mutters that Rika's lying. Rika asks if Satoko just said something, and Satoko says she heard Rika talking in her sleep before about how she hates living in Hinamizawa and wants to go to a fancy school. Satoko says one of Oyashiro-sama's rule is they can never leave the village, reminding Rika that she's a shrine maiden. Rika says that was a long time ago, and they go on trips to Okinomiya all the time. Satoko again promises not to tell anyone and asks if Rika would really do something that blasphemous.

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Rika says there's nothing wrong with dreaming to go to another school. Satoko reminds her she's Oyashiro-sama's reincarnation, and Rika says she doesn't care about that and was simply born into it, cradling her head in distress. Satoko pats her back and asks why she wants to leave Hinamizawa. Satoko looks at the scenery and compliments the village's beauty and scenery. This place has taken care of them for a long time, watching over them, yet Rika wants to leave. Satoko says that if she were Oyashiro-sama, she'd think Rika was being ungrateful. If these nightmares really are his way of punishing Rika, then she should clear her mind and think about the wonderful things in Hinamizawa. Satoko hugs Rika, assuring her the nightmares will stop if she does so. Rika hugs her back, apologizing for only thinking about herself when Satoko's had bad times in the village too. Satoko accepts her apology, being content with living with her happily. Satoko's eyes glow red as she grins.

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Saturday, June 11. The club helps the Hinamizawa Fighters against the Okinomiya Titans, with Satoko winning the game after hitting a home run. She comments on her wonderful trap, playing cool until the end to ensnare her opponent. The next day, June 12. The club has a barbecue to celebrate their victory. Keiichi and the club mock Satoko by talking about feeding her squash. Satoko cries and activates Rena's Kyute Mode to punch Keiichi, Rika, and Mion. Eua watches the barbecue play out on a Fragment and giggles.

During clean up, Satoko asks Rika for a favor. Keiichi later sees that Satoko is gone, and Rika says she's going shopping for dinner. Keiichi chides Satoko for skipping clean-up. Meanwhile, Satoko bikes to Okinomiya and goes to Teppei's house.

Second Half

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Satoko joins Teppei and his friends in mahjong, where she gets a winning hand. The other two men admit defeat, and Satoko gives her uncle a bemused high-five. The others compliment Satoko's skill, especially Teppei. They begin setting up for another game but Teppei says that's the last one, as he needs to walk Satoko back before it gets dark, not wanting anything bad to happen to her. Teppei's friends accept, commenting on how much he's changed. Teppei says Satoko's the only family he has left, and he's not the same ma he was before; he'd even die for her. Teppei's friends leave, showing their love for the new Teppei.

Satoko starts cleaning and Teppei thanks her for coming over. Satoko notices that Teppei still has a bag full of money, thinking he would've spent it all already. Teppei says he only takes out what he needs, wanting to leave it all to Satoko just in case something happened to him. Satoko asks if Teppei would really die for her, and he professes that he would. Satoko asks him to live with her in Hinamizawa, needing his help for something; her eyes glow red as a wind blows in. Meanwhile, Rika sits in her shack and gazes out the window, worried that Satoko's been out shopping for too long.

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Teppei and Satoko go to the Houjou residence in Hinamizawa. Teppei asks if she'll explain what she needs help with now, but Satoko says nothing. Teppei looks at the old house, which nobody's lived in for a while, and asks if Satoko doesn't want anyone to know they're there. Satoko silently hands him the house key. An old villager nearby sees the two walking inside, and Teppei scares him away. Satoko looks downtrodden as she enters and smirks once she's inside.

Satoko thanks Teppei for scaring the guy away, not wanting him to stare at her. Tepei says she'll be safe here, where nobody can see or hear her. Satoko explains that she's being bullied horribly in Hinamizawa. Teppei is shocked and demands to know who's doing it and threatens to beat them up. Satoko says it's everyone in Hinamizawa that's responsible.

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Satoko says punching people will make it worse, and Teppei asks why they're doing it. Satoko reminds him that her parents were the leaders of the pro-dam movement, and Teppei assures her that it was his brother's fault, not Satoko's. Satoko says the village considers the Houjous their enemy, and they will band together to fight them. Satoko starts crying and expresses how she just wants to live in the village happily, yet she's trated as someone to throw rocks at. Teppei also starts crying and hugs her, apologizing for not knowing about her pain. Satoko nearly hugs him back, before stopping herself and says it's not his fault, asking if he'll live with her here for a while; her eyes glow red again. Satoko says she can be happy here with her family if not outside, and Teppei cries harder. Satoko smiles. Eua watches the Fragment and laughs, saying that Satoko is plunging herself into a pool of pity.

Word of Teppei's return spreads across the village, and many villagers show concern for Satoko and wonder about informing Oryou or the mayor. That night, Rika is still waiting for Satoko at the shack. A smiling Satoko walks and sees Rika waiting, then puts on a saddened look and goes up to her. A worried Rika runs to Satoko and says they should start dinner, but Satoko says she came to get her things and will be living with her uncle now.

Eua laughs at Rika's distress, finding her and Satoko to be very entertaining.


The opening theme, Analogy is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
2:55 4:06 N/A N/A Rika laments
8:12 9:57 Forgiveness Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Satoko explains why Hinamizawa is great
10:08 12:01 In Class Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The baseball game reaches its peak
13:01 13:17 I've Decided! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rena goes Kyute Mode
15:23 16:08 N/A N/A Teppei acts like a good uncle
19:07 20:44 N/A N/A Satoko confesses she's being bullied
21:43 22:12 N/A N/A Satoko breaks the news to Rika
22:15 23:44 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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