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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

Tamurahime no Mikoto (田村媛命(タムラヒメノミコト)), also known as Tamura, is a character that appears in Kamikashimashi and in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei. She is a goddess who is at odds with Hanyuu.


The same as Hanyuu, the leader of those that are not human. Lived in "that place" for a long time, even in the past, where she once fought with Hanyuu.

Relations with Hanyuu are cold and have not been exchanged for more than 100 years. Hanyuu is not kind to her either. They don't want to see each other again. The troubles of the gods... bring unfortunate disasters to the world...

......The story is about a tragedy again.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Tamurahime appears as a physically young girl around Satoko and Rika's age with short pink hair and small white feathered wings sprouting from the sides of her head in a similar position to Hanyuu's horns. She has red eyes, which sometimes glow when irritated or angry. She wears a white kimono with yellow tassels and black straps, and wears long white boots. Over her short red skirt, she wears a long black hakama skirt that splits down at the front to display her legs.

For her punishment she is forced to wear a skimpy outfit including bondage belts over her upper body, red cavart and blue bat-wings attached to her back. In the Entergram version, she is simply seen wearing black school swimsuit.


Tamura speaks in a very archaic way. She is prideful and tries to do things by herself whenever possible. She also dislikes other races outside of her clan, but she is particularly not very fond of Hanyuu's people and especially hates Hanyuu due to how they once competed in ancient times.

Tamura is also rather petty, having known the whole time that Une was a threat, but refused to tell Hanyuu about it because she once ate an offering given to Tamura. She is also rather territorial, as Tamura is annoyed to see Hanyuu because of how she has been on Earth far longer and sees Hanyuu as an invader.


Tamura is the goddess of Japan who was at odds with Hanyuu for a long time because the latter stole one of Tamura's offerings.


Tamura can grant humans supernatural strength by making them her "miko", such as Miyo Takano. She also can have them act in her will. In spite of appearing to have control over the whole population of Japan, it is implied that Tamura is weaker than Hanyuu.

In Higurashi Mei, Tamura can grant humans the ability to tap into Fragments and draw power to create Role Cards, allowing them to transform and fight monsters. Tamura suggests that this may involve Kazuho being of the "horned people".


Role in the Story



Tamura first appears when Rika and Hanyuu try to leave Hinamizawa and enter Okinomiya. Despite their wishes to take responsibility for Hinamizawa Syndrome breaking out, Tamura wants to deal with it herself and sends Rika and Hanyuu back to Hinamizawa.

Before The Club can enact their plan to have Tomitake escort Une to Tokyo's HQ immediately and spread the Une Virus across the suburbs, Tamura instantly expresses her disagreement and Takano barges into the Sonozaki shelter demanding Une's custody. Tamura is revealed to have made Takano her miko and influenced her to spread Hinamizawa Syndrome, later empowering Takano with superhuman strength and sending her to relentlessly pursue and capture Une despite all attempts to subdue her. Hanyuu uses her divine powers to momentarily weaken Takano and the club members trick her into capturing Satoko dressed in Une's clothes before overpowering her. After Takano is defeated, Tamura explains to Rika and Hanyuu that she did it all to prevent Une from spreading her own virus and destroying humanity.

The boisterous gods are apprehended

Rika and Hanyuu reset the timeline to before the outbreak and capture Une, and Tamura thanks them for their help. However, they also capture Tamura and induct her into the club as punishment for Tamura contributing to the original outbreak in the first place. Une, Tamura and Hanyuu incessantly bicker and try to push the blame onto each other. It soon becomes clear that the root of all conflict was the petty rivalry between the gods. All three of them are sentenced to play games with the club members until they learn to get along with each other. Une loses her game and dons an embarrassing costume along with her fellow gods for their punishment game, as they all lament the outcome and swear to get along better.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Part 1

Tamura plays an important role in the story. She is first introduced when Kazuho Kimiyoshi visits Hinamizawa in 1993 and encounters monsters. Tamura gives her the power to fight them using Role Cards and later sends her back in time to the Hinamizawa of 1983. Tamura sends allies in the form of Miyuki Akasaka and Nao Houtani, and frequently communicates with the girls through phone booths.

When chaos breaks out in the 1983 world because of villagers going crazy, Tamura informs Kazuho that they need to escape that world through the ritual storehouse and need a large Fragment in order to do it.

Part 2

Miyuki and Nao are separated from Kazuho and travel to an alternate 1993 world where the dam project was successful, and are attacked by tsukuyami. Unable to use their Role Cards, Tamura suddenly appears and protects them before dissipating and transforming into a crystal. Miyuki determines that Tamura has weakened due to the ritual storehouse not existing in this world, and reawakens her by bringing the crystal to a sacred tree in New Hinamizawa.

Tamura explains that the 1983 world was supposed to be the "true past", yet something happened that changed the future. Kazuho was sent to an alternate 1983, the past version of their current world, and with enough power Tamura can only send one person to join her. Miyuki and Nao gather some black Role Cards that Tamura purifies, and Nao volunteers to go back to 1983.

Part 3

Tamura shows Miyuki a vision of the future, where she and other people fall ill and die due to a deadly disease. Tamura explains that Une is masterminding the spread of the Sleeping Sickness and entrusts Miyuki with stopping her before disappearing due to a lack of power.


  • Tamura is also commonly known as Tamura Himeinochi to English-speaking fans. However, this is a mistranslation. When Tamura is first introduced, the katakana pronunciation for Tamurahime no Mikoto (田村媛命) is presented in parentheses (タムラヒメノミコト). xPearse literally translated the kanji portion as "Tamura Himeinochi"; 命 is the kanji for life, "inochi." The official 07th Expansion website displays the correct translation of 田村媛命 as Tamurahime no Mikoto.
  • Tamura's "birthday" in Mei is actually called "day of descent" (降臨日). The only other characters who follow a similar format in the game are Hanyuu and the Higurashi Gou/Sotsu character Eua.