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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Tamaki Sonozaki (園崎 魄姫 Sonozaki Tamaki) is one of the main protagonists of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. She is Mion Sonozaki's daughter.


She is Mion's daughter and the future head of the Sonozaki family.

(Translated from the Hoshiwatashi website).


Tamaki has green hair tied into a long ponytail with a yellow ribbon. Her school uniform consists of a sailor shirt, skirt, leggings, and shoes.


The three generations of Sonozakis

Tamaki is the daughter of Mion Sonozaki and an unnamed man. Her grandmother Akane is the current head of the Sonozaki family, with Tamaki to become the successor after Mion. Tamaki attends the Okinomiya middle school with her friends.


Tamaki intimidates Keitarou into giving her a prize

Tamaki is incredibly gullible, easily tricked into doing inappropriate things when Sakiko convinces her to. She is focused on having a family someday to preserve the Sonozaki family and often talks about finding the right husband, which leads to an obsession with boys and love. To that extent, Tamaki likes to practice sinister expressions, thinking it will help her find love, but also makes use of them in serious situations.

Sakiko relays how Tamaki hides her negative emotions and is actually under pressure due to the Sonozaki Family losing influence in the village.[1]


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


Sakiko and Tamaki are introduced waiting at their usual meeting spot for Keitarou and Kihiro to arrive. Tamaki suddenly gropes Keitarou's crotch, having been told by Sakiko that it will be practice for when she gets married. Tamaki eventually realizes she was tricked and apologizes.(Oniokoshi Chapter 1)

After school, Keitarou tells his friends about a strange girl he met and how she kept ignoring him. Tamaki and the others tell him about the Polaris society and discourage him from trying to get closer. The group goes to Smile Shop after school.(Oniokoshi Chapter 2)

Tamaki goes off on the leader

Keitarou still wants to befriend Polaris and talks with his friends about his plans at Angel Mort the next day. After eating, they run into a girl being harassed by delinquents, and when the leader tries hitting on Tamaki, she gives him an evil glare and insults him. The delinquents are soon driven off, and the group finds that Inori was the girl being harassed. She thanks them and runs off, and then Kururu appears and is introduced to the group.(Oniokoshi Chapter 3)


Tamaki is introduced and does a similar crotch-grab to Keitarou as in Oniokoshi.

After school, Tamaki and the group rejoin, where Sakiko begins to tell Keitarou about how Hinamizawa changed because of the children in the village.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 1) They explain that Polaris's arrival has caused Hinamizawa to change.

The group goes to Smile Shop later. Sakiko talks with Keitarou and Kihiro in private about how Tamaki must be feeling down because of the situation with Polaris and the Sonozakis losing influence in the village.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 2)

Keitarou attempts to befriend Polaris kids at school by passing about surveys about Hinamizawa, and his friends criticize them. Tamaki encourages the group to think about positive aspects of Hinamizawa. The group is soon introduced to Kururu. (Hoshiwatashi Chapter 3)



  • The first character in Tamaki's name (魄) contains the character for demon (鬼), as is the Sonozaki family tradition.


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