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Tamahajiki manga

The Tamahajiki no Katana as it appears at the end of the Yoigoshi-hen manga.

The Tamahajiki no Katana (玉弾きの刀, lit. Sphere-Repelling Blade)[1] is a sword featured in Yoigoshi-hen. It is an ancient heirloom belonging to The Three Families.


The character "tama" (玉) can be read as sphere, bullet, or soul.[1]


The Tamahajiki no Katana has been passed down through the Sonozaki family for ages. It is said that the sword has been used in the past to slice through bullets,[2] befitting its name as a bullet-repelling blade. It is used to activate a mechanism in the Sonozaki Main House to reveal a ceremonial handbell.



The sword is first introduced. Mion discovers it inside the ritual warehouse at the Furude Shrine. She later dual wields with it and her own katana against Mifune's men at the Sonozaki Main House. She even uses it to slice a bullet in half when a henchman fires at her.

After getting wounded, Mion hands the sword over to Otobe and tasks him with retrieving the handbell. After retrieving the bell, Otobe holds the Tamahajiki in a fighting stance when Mifune confronts him.

At the very end, the group visits the former site of the Hinamizawa Branch School. Shion sticks the Tamahajiki into the ground as a thank-you to her deceased sister.