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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Takeshi Nonomiya (野々宮 武 Nonomiya Takeshi) is the main protagonist of The Spirit Camera. A photographer, he discovers a magic camera that can take pictures of ghosts and begins investigating them.


A falsely-accused boy obsessed with uncovering the truth with photographs

He stalked Yoko Numata and continuously harassed her by taking secret photographs and sending them to her.

However, his ability to take photographs of others without them noticing is genius tier. His true calling might be as paparazzi or as a private eye who takes photos of extra-maritial affairs.

He loves pictures of wild birds, and his dream is to one day be a freelance wild bird photographer.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Nonomiya has short brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. He wears a green buttoned shirt with two breast pockets, a red tie, blue pants adn brown shoes.


Nonomiya is an inquisitive boy. Previously he harbored feelings of extreme hatred towards Yoko Numata to the point of stalking her, forgetting all of it when his memory got erased.


Nonomiya got into photography one day after an incident where several girls, including Yoko Numata, were playing around in the science room and broke an anatomy dummy. Nonomiya was in charge of cleaning the science room and watched it happen, however the girls lied and said they didn't do it. Nonomiya had no proof otherwise, and so the teacher blamed Nonomiya for breaking it.

Nonomiya became very upset. He obtained a camera and began stalking Yoko, always taking secretive pictures of her for any chance she may mess up again and get revenge. Nonomiya mailed his pictures to Yoko and spread them around the class, causing Yoko to get bullied. Yoko couldn't deal with her unknown stalker and eventually committed suicide. Some youkai took interest in Yoko's soul and snatched it up while the Headmaster erased the memories of Yoko from everyone in school, including Nonomiya.



First Night

The Spirit Camera

Nonomiya discovers an old camera inside the photography club room one day. He tests it out by taking a group photo of everyone in his class, only to see Marie standing in the background when she isn't a person that exists. Higanbana encourages Nonomiya to investigate, and he eventually remembers that Marie did exist as one of his classmates.

Nonomiya wonders why he and everyone else forgot about Marie and discovers her home address. He meets Marie's mother and presents the spirit picture, and Marie's mother regains her memories of her daughter and panics since she's been missing for a long time.

While going home, Nonomiya runs into the Headmaster on the street, thinking he's just a weird old man. Headmaster greets Nonomiya and talks about the spirit camera, asking to have it back or else. Nonomiya objects and the Headmaster begins swallowing him in darkness, but Higanbana rescues him. Headmaster asks if he prefers truth or peace, and Nonomiya answers the former. The old man is satisfied and disappears.

Nonomiya thanks Higanbana for saving him, and she replies she's just returning the favor since Marie is her friend and Nonomiya helped Marie's mother regain the memories that Headmaster erased. Higanbana walks Nonomiya home and asks to see the photos he took with the spirit camera.

Higanbana looks at the album. She comments that Nonomiya's pictures started out intense and mellowed out over time, then encourages him to remember why he really became a photographer. Higanbana reveals all the photos of Yoko that Nonomiya took, and then he regains his memories of stalking her.

A horrified Nonomiya asks why he was given the spirit camera, and Higanbana says she did it so she could reveal to Nonomiya just how many of his classmates have been forgotten and erased by the Headmaster. Higanbana shows interest in devouring Nonomiya's soul and then summons Yoko in a zombie form to kill him. Higanbana encourages them to kill each other as Yoko asks Nonomiya why he did what he did. They both understand that it was both of their faults, and Nonomiya apologizes to Yoko. Yoko apologizes as well and asks Higanbana to bring her back to hell.

Yoko and Nonomiya affirm their forgiveness with a hand shake, and Headmaster reappears to escort her back. Nonomiya asks to keep his memories of Yoko so he doesn't repeat the same mistakes. Headmaster and Yoko disappear, but Higanbana gets angry at Nonomiya for foiling her plan and attempts to kill him. Marie arrives to save him and talks Higanbana down. Nonomiya apologizes to her for making her mom remember her, but Marie says the Headmaster erased her memory again. After a brief battle, Marie sends Higanbana back to school and Nonomiya asks what to do about the spirit camera. Marie says he should take a picture of his reflection since there's only one shot left in it.

Nonomiya takes a picture of his reflection in the mirror and sees a human Yoko standing behind him and smiling.

One Girl's Day

Yoko is given the chance to relive a school day as a human. During science class she knocks over an anatomy model despite Nonomiya's warnings and apologizes to him.

Second Night

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Nonomiya takes the guest Shuuichi Arimori on a tour through the school and listens to his story.

After School

In this dream world, Nonomiya, Yoko, and Tomoko talk about spirit photography.