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Takashi Sorimachi (反町 隆志 Sorimachi Takashi)[1] is a prosecutor. He first appears in Miotsukushi Ura.


Sorimachi is a kind man. He has a reputation of being a devoted husband, and even though his wife died, he showed no interest in dating other women. Sorimachi says he'd get remarried if he found a good woman, however.[2]

Sorimachi is busy with work as a prosecutor, and has to rely on his parents to help raise Yuuichi. He considers himself a bad father because of it.


Sorimachi was Mamoru Akasaka's upperclassman in college and later became Chief Prosecutor for the Tokyo District Proescutors Office. Sorimachi married his childhood friend, an unnamed woman who died due to complications in the birth of their son Yuuichi.[2]

Sorimachi and Akasaka were working together on behalf of the Tokyo DPO and Public Security Bureau in a joint operation to investigate Akihiko Chiba, but then Public Security withdrew. Sorimachi has been trying to continue the investigation himself since then.


  • Mamoru Akasaka: Akasaka is Sorimachi's friend and investigation partner. They sometimes went on family camping trips together.
  • Yuuichi Sorimachi: Yuuichi is Sorimachi's son from his first marriage.
  • Miyuki Akasaka: Miyuki is friends with Yuuichi by virtue of Akasaka being friends with Sorimachi. In Yoigoshi's future, Miyuki marries Yuuichi and becomes Miyuki Sorimachi, and thus Sorimachi's daughter-in-law.
  • Tomoe Minai: Tomoe and Sorimachi work together on a case in Miotsukushi Ura. In Yoigoshi's future, they get married with Tomoe becoming Tomoe Sorimachi. They would later have a daughter named Azusa.

Role in the Story[]

Miotsukushi Ura[]

Sorimachi and Akasaka talk about their personal lives and their joint investigation over dinner. Akasaka is regretful that Public Security is withdrawing, and Sorimachi hopes he'll still offer moral support.

Right when Tomoe and her group are packing up investigation materials to hand them off to the Nagoya District Prosecutors Office, Sorimachi suddenly arrives in Kakiuchi Station and introduces himself. He asks for their cooperation but doesn't have a warrant, which makes Tomoe skeptical. Sorimachi explains that the Nagoya DPO people are actually working for Chiba, and if they get the investigation materials then they'll delay the case and allow Chiba to get away scot-free. If Tomoe's group can access Tsukada's hidden records, then they'll get even more evidence to use against Chiba. Sorimachi voices his intent to stop Chiba and the Alphabet Project executives before it's too late.

Tomoe is unwilling to trust Sorimachi so easily, and he pleads for her help and bows. Sorimachi's wallet falls out his pocket then, and when Tomoe picks it up, she sees a picture of Sorimachi's son and Akasaka's daughter together. Tomoe asks Sorimachi for his connection to Akasaka. He explains that they go on trips together and were cooperating on the Chiba case, and that Akasaka is currently at a hot springs. Tomoe decides to trust him then.

Tomoe mails the investigation materials to Tokyo DPO and then heads out with Sorimachi to uncover the secret behind the locker key Tsukada gave to her. While driving, Sorimachi takes an interest in Tomoe after she talks about her duty as a police officer. They go to the Kakiuchi service station and, using the key, discover a mountain of files Tsukada prepared against Chiba. Tomoe entrusts Sorimachi with getting them to the Tokyo DPO. They are ultimately successful in bringing down Chiba, with Sorimachi personally leading the arrest.


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