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Taishou (タイショ Target) is the fourth chapter of Part 3 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story, the second chapter of Part 3 Showa-hen, and the twentieth chapter of the main story overall.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

Nao wakes up at 4 in the morning, unable to sleep. She's gotten used to having other people around, so sleeping on her own felt lonely. As she gets up, a missanga bracelet falls out of her pocket. She worries those don't exist in 1983 so she ties it to her right ankle and hides it under her sock. Keiichi knocks at the door, he came to make sure she's doing okay. Today is Sunday, June 5th. After breakfast, Keiichi and Nao head toward the Sonozaki house. The dam project was only recently approved in this world, so the village still has plenty of people around and feels more hospitable. They run into Rika in front of the Sonozaki house and they all head inside. Mion comes in with tea and snacks. It's a meeting of all the loopers. Mion tried to invite Rena too, but couldn't get ahold of her. She has "Reina's" memories, Mion says she knows for sure but couldn't say anything sooner. The order they got their memories back was Keiichi, Rika, Mion, then Rena. Nao wonders if there's some rule to the order. Mion says she's been doing some investigation of the village and wants to report her findings. Nao sets aside her worries about Rena and Kazuho, and listens in.

Part 2[]

Mion says this world is like a mix of the previous two. The curse is different. The dam manager was murdered like usual 4 years ago, but the later year incidents never happened, so people are less afraid of Oyashiro-sama. Rika is about to say something else but stops. There's less of a pro/anti dam conflict, so the villagers are less openly hostile to Satoko and Satoshi. Like in the previous world, the acting Kimiyoshi family head is Kazuho's father, Minoru. Nao ask about Kazuho, but Mion promises they'll discuss that later. Mion is suspicious of Minoru. Minoru comes over to talk with Rika's parents nearly every day, but when Rika asked what they talk about, they refused to tell her. Mion is concerned they're leaving the Sonozakis out of these discussions. Minoru still lives in Okinomiya, so it's odd that he's coming all the way to Hinamizawa every day. Rika offers to eavesdrop on their meetings. Nao finally speaks up. She asks everyone to tell her everything they know about the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

Part 3[]

Nao explains her understanding of the gas disaster from the perspective of 10 years in the future. Rika is surprised and asks how Nao knows all this stuff. Nao realizes Rika wasn't actually there when she explained that she's from the future to everyone before. But Rika confirms that yes, what Nao said about the disaster is true. Rika calls the disaster an inevitable fate, and says it was actually a man-made incident. Even Nao is surprised by this. Rika continues, saying she experienced it countless times, and that Takano is the one behind it. Keiichi says he knew it. He remembers how Takano attacked them in the first world and thinks it makes sense, then Nao says it's a good thing Kawata was there to save them back then. Mion has no idea who Kawata is. Keiichi says he had a dream about Takano and her men shooting everyone. In the previous world, the clinic was named the Takano clinic after her grandfather, and since his work got recognized she seemed to be a more compassionate person in that world. Rika explains she knows these things because she's looped through this time period hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Everyone banded together to create a miracle that let her move into the future. But in July, on the way back from the pool, everyone got slaughtered by tsukuyami. Then she looped back to June 1983 again, and was terrified to be in a world with tsukuyami. Then later her body got taken over and she was transported to the world where she was locked in the basement. Rika met 5 year old Miyuki on the night of Watanagashi in the Matsuribayashi world, so she knew who 15 year old Miyuki was the moment they met, but she pretended not to. Miyuki, Kazuho, and Nao showing up confused Rika so much she panicked. Rika thinks the previous world was her punishment for not trusting them, and she apologizes. Nao grabs Rika's hand, then says she understands and forgives her. She wishes Satoko and Hanyuu were around to comfort Rika.

Part 4[]

The conversation was dragging on, so they take a break with some tea and sweets, then they resume. Rika explains they need Tomitake's help to stop the conspiracy, as he's the point of contact at Tokyo. But it'll be really hard to convince him since he trusts Takano and he always gets killed on the night of Watanagashi. Nao remembers how in the first world Tomitake was going to drive them out of town, but they found him dead, and she realizes Takano was the one who did it. Nao asks how Keiichi and Shion convinced Tomitake to help out in that world. Keiichi only knows Shion did what "that girl" told her to do. Keiichi still can't remember who "that girl" is. Mion offers to ask next time she writes Shion a letter. They wonder if she's another Role Card user. They talk about how Irie and Takano's roles were reversed in the last world. But Rika insists Irie is a good person, and Keiichi says something must've changed him. Mion brings things back on track and says they just need to find a way to persuade Tomitake.

Part 5[]

Mion says she wants to talk with Keiichi and Rika about school stuff. Nao can tell they don't want her here for the conversation, so she heads out. She's sure school was an excuse, and they're actually talking about Kazuho. When they split up in the previous world, Keiichi said "Trust Kazuho." Nao decides it's best not to do anything that might upset Keiichi while living in his house. She wants go gather more info. The sweets Mion served had the same distinct flavor as the ones Tomoe served at the public relations office, so Nao wonders if even Tomoe is untrustworthy. Nao heads to the trash heap, thinking it's the only place she might run into Rena, and sure enough she finds her inside a car there. Rena invites her in. She heard from Mion about all the differences in this world, like how her name is "Rena" not "Reina" here. She points out how Nao often accidentally called her Rena before. Nao apologizes for getting her caught up in this situation. Rena tells her not to apologize, and she's glad to see her again. Nao wonders if Rena would still treat her this kindly if she knew she's her sister. Rena apologizes for making Nao worry. Nao wishes she could be more like Rena, able to force a smile for the sake of others. Rena says she needs some time to sort out her feelings, then she'll talk with everyone later. Nao says she'll wait as long as it takes. They walk out of the trash heap, holding hands. Nao vows to protect Rena this time. Rena asks Nao if she met this world's Mion, and Nao says yes. Rena questions if that's actually Mion, then walks away before Nao can even respond. Nao worries what might happen if the real Mion is trapped in St. Lucia and the "Mion" here is actually Shion.


いつもの口調 Usual Tone
秘密の理由 Secret Motives
カワタミドリ "Midori Kawata"

Usual Tone[]

Keiichi and Mion head to the bathroom, leaving Rika and Nao alone. Nao points out that Rika has switched back to talking in her child-like tone. Rika says even if it can be tiring, she does her best to act that way around the club members. Nao says there's nothing odd about that, and Rika thanks her for understanding.

Secret Motives[]

After the meeting, Nao heads home. Rika and Mion tell Keiichi they've been hiding something about Rena from him. They know he's a terrible liar (which they say is normally a good thing) and they wanted to be sure Nao wouldn't find out. Keiichi says it's fine, he won't ask any questions, he just wants them to tell him after everything is resolved. He trusts Mion and Rika to handle Rena. After he leaves, Mion tells Rika that Keiichi seems to be hiding something too. Rika feels the same way. They don't know what he's hiding, but they think they know who it's about. They decide they'll just have to trust him and do their part.

"Midori Kawata"[]

Kasai is meeting with Mion. She apologizes about the trouble with Shion, then they get in a car. She asks if he knows anything about "Midori Kawata." He's surprised to hear the name. He says Kawata works in the same trade as them, as a higher-up at a foreign business in the Kansai region. And Kawata has a back tattoo of Enma, the Shinto god of hell. Mion is surprised that a lady would have a tattoo like that, but Kasai says the Kawata he knows is a man in his 40s, so it must be an unrelated person with the same name.