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TRianThology ~Alice Through The Tri-Fold Looking-Glass~ (トライアンソロジー ~三面鏡の国のアリス~ Toraiansorojī ~Sanmenkyou no Kuni no Alice~), abbreviated as TRT or Tonsoro (トンソロ),[1] is a visual novel written by Ryukishi07, Tanaka Romeo, and Yuuto Tonokawa and published by 07th Expansion. It was released on August 31, 2016, the same day Rose Guns Days The Best was released.


When three worlds become one, Alice will awaken.

Once you have cycled through the three completely different worlds until the very end, you will find out "Alice's Truth."

07th Expansion presents you with an all-fresh visual novel.


A witch named Alice escapes boredom by experiencing three stories: Country Girl, High School Love Adventure, and Vespio 2438.



  • The three capital letters of TRianThology are meant to represent the three writers of the different stories: Tanaka Romeo, Ryukishi07, and Tonokawa Yuuto.
  • The title is a portmanteau of the prefix "tri" and the word "anthology."
  • The game is themed off of Alice in Wonderland.

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