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??? is the final arc of TRianThology. It only becomes available after completing the previous three fragments: Country Girl, High School Love Adventure, and Vespio 2438.


After experiencing the three fragments offered to her by Usagi, Alice realizes that every character and story came from the imagination of a singular person. In reality, Alice is a young girl named Alice Ryuzaki who created each scenario as a means to escape from her life. Usagi appears before Alice and taunts her about this, leading her to strangle them with a computer cable.

Alice further realizes the truth: Keiko Futatsumori and Iyo Hikawa were older girls who she used to play with. As they moved on to high school, however, Alice lost contact with them. After that, she only briefly saw them with Mikihiko Inaba on television during their school festival. The events of High School Love Adventure and Vespio 2438 were based on games that Alice played: a school social simulator and an FPS.

Alice sees the various characters from each arc encouraging her to make active choices instead of passively sitting by. Following this, it is implied that Alice hangs herself using the computer cable.



Country Girl[]

High School Love Adventure[]

Vespio 2438[]


  • This is the only unnamed arc in TRianThology.