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Sun Zilong (孫子龍 Sūn Zilóng (CH)) is the son of the founder of the Golden Dragon Society and seeks to reform it to better provide support to Chinese countrymen. He first appears in Season 3


Zilong has long black hair that covers one eye and wears a red Chinese robe.


Zilong is very polite. He always thinks things through with a level head, not giving in to emotions or impulses.


Zilong's father founded the GDS, and when he died Zilong sought to take control as the successor. The council of elders felt he was too immature, and so Zilong went to study abroad while the elders took control of the GDS.


Role in the Story[]

Zilong is present in the background of Seasons 1 and 2, where he orders Meijiu not to stir up trouble with Caleb.

Season 3[]

Zilong makes his first proper appearance in 1948, where he calls Wang and thanks him for running the GDS before announcing that he has control now. Zilong had allied with several young leaders in Ba Xian Bang, another Chinese mafia group, and killed the council of elders. Zilong also reveals that he had secretly talked with Rose and settled the dispute with Primavera, where they would disband the Japanese labor union in exchange for being allowed to destroy Wang's warehouses.

In 1949, the GDS becomes implicated in Stella's death, and Zilong has an emergency meeting with Meijiu to decide what to do.

Last Season[]

Zilong believes a third party is purposefully instigating a feud between Primavera and the GDS, however he cannot figure out who it might be.

Richard truly believes the GDS were responsible for his sister's death and convinces Meijiu and Zilong to meet him at a restaurant regarding the supposed third party, where he plans to assassinate them. Zilong arrives at the restaurant and is sniped by Keith, however it's soon revealed to be a body double; the real Zilong disguised as a bodyguard and was following behind, soon retreating after the fake Zilong is killed. Zilong still wants to avoid a real feud with Primavera and doesn't pursue retaliation even after knowing they were behind his attempted assassination.

In 1950, Zilong and Meijiu finally determine that Gabriel is the mastermind behind the Primavera-GDS feud, having been spying on him for a while. Zilong later meets with Rose and Jeanne and clears things up, offering support form the GDS when they prepare a final attack on Primavera. He also contacts various mafia families and convinces them not to get involved in City 23 for a while.

Other Appearances[]

Rejoice! Rose Guns Days Stage Play Season 2[]

Zilong appears with the rest of the Rose Guns Days cast to practice for the stage play adaptation of Season 2, after the success of Season 1. Zilong comments on how he only appears near the end of Season 2.