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Sumire (スミレ) is the seventh ranked school youkai, also known as "Sumire of the Twilight" (夕闇のスミレ). She has a human form that she uses to spread bullying around the school under different names, including Reiko Kiyosumi (清澄 玲子 Kiyosumi Reiko), Urara Misumi (三隅 麗 Misumi Urara), and Reiko Osumi (大住 玲子 Ōsumi Reiko). Sumire first appears in the First Night story Utopia.


Seventh Rank of the School Youkai. Sumire of the twilight. If someone plays in the school yard until late in the day, they'll discover a strange girl. It's whispered that this youkai leads those children away and sprits them away.

It seems she was once a child raised learning the ways of tea ceremony on a tatami. But the malicious modern day society changed her. She became a bullying youkai.

Since there's no TV in the tea room, she's envious that Higanbana has a TV.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)

Wearing a kimono of the color sumire (violet). She appears just like a doll that would fit in at a tea ceremony. She used to play among the other children wearing this, but she was bullied for it.

Because she became bullied she mass produced bullies as a spectacle. She is happy the more bullied she is, but now the pleasures she's taking interest in are terrifying.

She often butts heads with Higanbana over prey, and so they are rivals in hunting.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Sumire has short blonde hair with a red bow and green eyes in both of her forms. In youkai form she wears a violet kimono with a pink bow wrapped around it. In human form she wears a blue dress with a purple tie.


When she first appears as Reiko, she presents herself as very kind if unfortunate. As Sumire, she is cruel and loves to see kids bullying each other.


Role in the Story


Sumire first appears as Reiko. She presents herself as a transfer student that nobody takes notice of until she accidentally spills food over herself, drawing all the attention of the class towards her and becoming the new target of bullying after Yukari. Yukari attempts to help her but soon learns she is a youkai.

The entire bully class goes on a field trip without Yukari and Sumire expects to feast on their souls, but Higanbana causes their bus to crash. The third ranked then feasts on the souls of the newly deceased, wasting away Sumire's hard work.

The Lunar Festival

Welcome to the Mirror World

A Thistle of Vengeance

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Reiko appears again. She was the one to sic bullies onto Shuuichi, resulting in him getting beaten up and becoming blinded.


  • Sumire's name literally means "Violet".