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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Sujatha (スジャータ Sujāta) is from COU India and the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Suparna.


From COU India

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

During her newborn mental evaluation, she was recognized as a National Special Growth Target, and she also graduated from an Aerial Augmented Infantry officer's school with grades well ahead of the pack.

However, it was recently discovered that she had a flaw, whereby her P3 levels would become unstable while under particular kinds of stress.

Now, in order to help her overcome this flaw, a research team has begun offering her support.

She's incredibly strait-laced and is always putting herself under high-stress conditions, so her support team is always recommending that she rest or find a hobby.


Sujatha is a graceful woman with an athletic yet well-endowed physique. She has a dusky complexion along with emerald green eyes and long wavy brown hair twisted into a loose side braid. Despite her composure, she can be very expressive if the situation calls for it.

Sujatha wears a short-sleeved forest green bolero jacket with gold buttons on top of a white collared shirt and red tie. The left collar features the COU emblem in red. A black inner shirt peeks out of her jacket and covers her arms and midriff. Her long forest green pencil skirt and the red and gold sash wrapped around her featuring the Suparna garuda makes her military uniform resemble a sari. The uniform is complete with a matching red and gold armband, a dark brown aiguillette and black boots.

Sujatha also wears an array of seemingly South Indian traditional jewelry such as a maang tikka, diamond-shaped dangler earrings, a rakodi hair pin at the tail end of her braid and a Vaddanam — all featuring blue, red and white precious stones studded in gold.

Her Gauntlet has a circular shield attached to it and a shoulder guard resembling a helmet with red feathers protruding from the top.


Sujatha tries her best to act serious but typically fails because of her squad mates overwhelming her.


Special Abilities

Aerial Augmented Infantry Tactical Pioneer (SS)

She eagerly researches basic tactics for this new form of soldier, the Aerial Augmented Infantry, and has become an expert. This is a sign of her talent both as a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry and as an instructor.

Immortal Ferocious God (S)

She displays exceptional concentration during close-range attacks against the enemy and is capable of using her Rejection Shield with maximum efficiency. When she strikes while deflecting any and all attacks, she earns the title of Immortal Ferocious God.

Constant Self-Study (A)

Because she studies on her own day and night, her growth never ceases. However, she is constantly under high stress, which continues to cause damage to some of her internal organs.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Sujatha is first introduced alongside her squad mates in Chapter 2 at the International Battle Standard Festival and later accepts the Public Bath Oath.

In Chapter 18, Sujatha's squad is sent on a mission to destroy ABN agricultural plants and in the process are accused of causing civilian casualties. Sujatha decides to ignore these accusations, thinking it may just be enemy propaganda. Later in Chapter 23, Sujatha and her squad work to suppress the drone revolt.

In Chapter 24, Sujatha informs Miyao that many superior officers have begun to notice that they're sabotaging missions and are appointing analysts for the final battle before the second global truce. Suparna is soon reprimanded for it and the accusations that they committed civilian casualties. Rukhshana starts to transform into Rukhi and Sujatha tries to hold her back, but to no avail; Rukhi starts spouting her resentment for the COU and is soon defended by Andry.