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Higurashi When They Cry.

Suguru Okamura (岡村 傑 Okamura Suguru) is a student at the Hinamizawa Branch School.


Keiichi's junior at school and classmate.

He's a stocky country boy with a small frame.

He hangs out with his best friend Tomita all the time. Thinks Rika is cute.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Okamura is not given a sprite in the original visual novels. Console ports and various adaptations give him short black hair and amber eyes with his casual outfit consisting of a baby blue shirt and brown pants.


Okamura's age makes it easy for him to be manipulated by others during games, especially when it involves his crush on Rika. He also shows a perverted side from time to time.




During a games competition in Okinomiya, Keiichi faces off against Tomita and Okamura at The Game of Life. Keiichi is on the losing end for most of the game when he makes a deal with the two of them: if they allow Keiichi to win, he'll ensure that as a punishment game, he'll make Rika wear a cat costume wear and follow Okamura all day while acting like a cat; Okamura has a nosebleed at the thought. The club returns to check their progress where Tomita and Okamura announce that Keiichi has won.

During a curry cooking competition later, Keiichi once again makes a deal with Tomita and Okamura, asking them to give him their vegetables. As a reward Keiichi says he'll let them eat the curry Satoko and Rika made, especially the parts they've eaten out of; Okamura has another nosebleed and accepts the deal. Keiichi's curry pot is sabotaged however, but he gets Tomita and Okamura's help in procuring some onigiri as a way of manipulating the judges: they've gotten sick of eating so much curry that they'll want something fresh to eat. In the end, Keiichi's plan helps him, Tomita and Okamura win.

Okamura helps the rest of the village search for Rika and Satoko when they suddenly go missing.


During a bento competition Tomita and Okamura get bought out by Rika and Satoko, giving them their own bentos to make theirs look better. Okamura and Tomita later play in a baseball game and struggle against Kameda.

Tomita and Okamura tell Keiichi that the rumor of Satoko's abusive uncle Teppei coming back to the village is true, explaining her recent absences.

After Keiichi kills Teppei and goes to school, he gets confused by Okamura and the entire class saying he was at the festival.

Okamura dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, as seen in the credits.


The credits show that as of 2004, Okamura lives in Tokyo.


Tomita and Okamura play against the club in a water gun fight and lose. When the club goes to Angel Mort to decide the true winners of the event, the two boys show up during the Dessert Festa and partake in a dessert-eating competition with Keiichi and the other prospective winners.

Okamura and the rest of the class are held hostage when Rena threatens to blow up the school. After escaping, Okamura and the other students start cheering on Keiichi when he climbs onto the school's roof to disarm the bomb.

Okamura dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.


Okamura and the rest of the class join Keiichi and the club in petitioning the child consultation center to save Satoko from her uncle.

Okamura dies in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.