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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Stella Maiougi (ステラ・舞扇 Sutera Maiougi) is Richard Maiougi's sister and a lady of the night who works for Primavera. Her knowledge of Chinese allows her to act as a liaison between Primavera and Chinatown.


She was Richard's sister and the most successful girl at Club Primavera.
I remember her saying that she could show heaven to anyone in bed as long as they paid her money.
Bewitching and hard to resist. She was the epitome of a cunning, wily, but tough woman of the night.
Her greatest accomplishment was boning up the top brass of the occupying forces. She had a reputation in Chinatown, and her bedazzling diplomacy was a fine weapon in Primavera's arsenal.
She had a lot of cronies, but she also had a lot of enemies.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Stella has narrow, violet eyes and smooth dark-blue hair. She also wears a long blue dress, a burgundy cape, wheel-shaped yellow earrings, a choker and a bracelet.


Stella acts sultry and frequently gets into arguments and fights with Meryl. When Stella drinks alcohol, she loses her mind and starts going off on rants. Over time, Stella develops a sense of responsibility and starts asisting Rose in running Primavera.


Stella was the leader of a faction of ladies of the night who was at odds with Meryl and Amanda's group. They eventually formed the Primavera alliance and elected Rose to lead it.

When Stella's unnamed younger sister died, she and Richard began raising her child Yuuji.[2]



Season 1

Stella is first introduced in 1947 and helps Primavera fight off various gangsters. When Claudia is kidnapped by Alfred, Stella and Meryl drive to the resuce, with Stella accidentally hitting Alfred with her car, sending him to the hospital.

When Alfred recovers and plans to bomb the nightclub during Butler's party as revenge, Stella and other ladies go out to search for his bomb truck and disarm it.

When Caleb takes over City 23 and Amanda makes herself the Madam of Primavera, Stella and Meryl reject Amanda and leave the club. After meeting up with Rose at her apartment, they get attacked by Caleb's men and run away, hiding in an alley. Stella and Meryl then try to steal a car to reunite with Rose but they get captured by some unknown men.

Season 2

Stella and Meryl are brought to a hideout where Rose and the others are staying at, overseen by Meijiu. The group creates a plan to defeat Caleb and retake Primavera, with Stella joining the atack on the club. Stella's group captures Amanda and then fends off attacks sent by Caleb's retaliatory force.

In 1948, Stella meets the amnesiac Zel when she's brought in by Rose. She later meets the Wandering Dogs when they request a camera from Meryl.

Season 3

Stella delivers a memo to the Wandering Dogs from Meijiu directing them to a certain location in City 23's Chinatown. Stella later sympathizes with Rose's decision to reject the GDS's ultimatum.

In 1949, Stella informs Richard of Rose's collapsing and chides him for exhausting the Madam. Stella tends to Rose at her bedside and converses with her about her ideals and the current state of society.

Stella takes Yuuji to the park and meets Keith there, developing a romantic relationship with him over time.

Stella quits her club job and becomes an assistant to Rose, hoping to alleviate some of her work. She has one last talk with Meryl regarding their rivalry and lets Meryl become the new Madam of Primavera. As Stella attends meetings with Rose and the rest, she becomes acquainted with Gabriel Kaburaya.

One day while at the park, Stella and Keith suddenly come under attack by unknown gangsters (sent as Gabriel's plan to instigate feuds between Primavera and the GDS). While Stella and Keith fight them off, Yuuji is wounded by a sniper and used as a trap to lure and kill anybody else who tries to help him. Keith and Stella are stuck hiding behind cover when Stella suddenly gives him a kiss and runs out, getting killed when she's shot in the head. An enraged Keith uses this opening to take out the enemy sniper and rescue Yuuji.

Primavera's members mourn Stella at her funeral.

Last Season

With Stella dead, Richard's heart aches as Gabriel manipulates him into thinking the GDS were responsible for her death. Richard eventually becomes a tyrant and takes over Primavera. In 1950, he attempts to destroy the GDS on the anniversary of Stella's death and claims to hear her ghost speaking to him and seeking revenge.



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