St. Lucia Academy (聖ルチーア学園 Hijiri Ruchīa Gakuen) is a strict private school featured in both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It is not clear if the two locations are the exact same, as both stories feature scenes at St. Lucia in different time periods.

In Higurashi

Shion's St. Lucia uniform

The school is first mentioned in Meakashi as the place Shion Sonozaki studies and lives at for two years before she escapes in 1982.[1] It is a girls-only Christian school that provides education from elementary to college. There are also surveillance cameras and guards posted around the school.

The manga arc Utsutsukowashi-hen also features St. Lucia as its primary setting.

In Umineko

Ange's St. Lucia uniform

The school is featured in Alliance of the Golden Witch as the place Ange Ushiromiya attends for several years until 1998.


  • Shion and Ange's original visual novels sprites both feature the same school patch on the upper left arm of their respective uniforms. The only difference is the coloring, possibly due to the different art styles.


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