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This article is about an organization in Ciconia When They Cry.

The June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad, also known as Squad 601, is an Aerial Augmented Infantry squad from the Africa Commonwealth Realm.


Attached to the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps
The June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad
Also known as Squad 601

A one-man ace kette that exists for the sole purpose of assisting Princess Rethabile of the ACR.
To the ACR Royal Family and military, the activities and appearance of this princess are nothing more or less than the ultimate propaganda material. Furthermore, she's well down the line of succession, and it would be possible to deify her if she perished in the line of duty, so while they give her the best support available, they also mercilessly place her on the front lines.
However, Rethabile herself wants to go to the front lines...and seems to have decided inside her heart that if she's fated to perish anyway, she might as well do it gloriously.

Their kette is composed of one Attacker and two Responders.
Fundamentally, it's Ishak and Abdou's job to give Rethabile a chance to shine, but when they see that she's developed tunnel vision from focusing so much on a goal, they provide her support without holding anything back.
They're particularly focused on anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry battles, and their highest ideal is to end conflicts with sportsmanship, by having aces from both sides step forward and duel just like ancient times.



Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Squad 601 is formally introduced in Chapter 2 during the International Battle Standard Festival. They later take the Public Bath Oath. In Chapter 10, they attend a special event for unknown reasons.

In Chapter 12, Squad 601 is sent into combat to face off against the AOU Atlantic Fleet. After defending from the fleet's barrage, Rethabile alights on the bridge of the flagship Roger Jamison and leaves behind some unarmed warheads. The fleet is thus forced to return to port to have these missiles removed, resolving the conflict with no casualties.

In Chapter 25, Squad 601 and other Gauntlet Knight squads are appointed analysts due to their suspected sabotage of missions and heads into combat for a final battle before the second global truce.