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This article is about a piece of terminology in Ciconia When They Cry.

A squad refers to Aerial Augmented Infantry members, or Gauntlet Knights, in a small group.

All squads have different roles, performances, and tactics ranging from offensive to defensive. In addition, all known squads are multi-national (Example: Warcat's members are from Japan, America, and Sweden), but are within the same faction; squads consisting of members from the same nation are mentioned and are attached to that nation's military [1]. All squads have official names, but they are very rarely used in the story and are mostly called by their nicknames.

Most factions use a "Kette" formation that consists of three Gauntlet knights. However, LATO uses a "Rotte" formation with two-person squads [2].


All squad members have a certain role: Attacker, Defender, Supporter, Responder, Sniper, or Fire Support. Among the known squads, Attackers are the most common; with Sniper and Fire Support being used once by Grave Mole and Suparna respectively.

It is possible for members to switch roles depending on the situation. Switching roles may even be a part of their tactics [3].

List of Known Squads







  • The terms Kette and Rotte, are German for Chain and Pack respectfully.
    • In addition, it is a reference to the World War II flight formations of the Luftwaffe. With Kette consisting of three aircraft in formation and Rotte being a two man aircraft formation [8].


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