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Scene: 09 is the ninth chapter of Rose Guns Days: Sorrowful Cross Knife.


Jack falls over dead after being shot in the head, and the shocked Wayne tries to revive him. The shooter, Schneider reveals himself, and Wayne angrily demands to know why he killed Jack without warning. Schneider claims he gave justice to a violent criminal, and reminds Wayne that Jack was wanted dead or alive. Schneider demands Wayne hand over the cross knife as evidence, and he'll be let go. Wayne refuses, and Schneider threatens to kill him as well for aiding a fugitive and obstructing a public servant.

Before Schneider can pull the trigger, Rose, Richard, and Cyrus arrive. Rose says they asked for Schneider's location at the station and rushed to the sewers, but were too late for Jack. Schneider tells them to go away or else he'll also charge them with obstruction, but Richard shows him a briefcase full of money, and Rose asks the inspector to listen to them while they still have time.

Schneider humors their request. Rose mentions how Schneider is wearing a plain black suit today, and recalls that he was wearing his favorite custom-order white suit when they first met at the market. Schneider claims he wouldn't wear fine clothes when going to the sewers and needs to dress appropriately, but Rose says Schneider was wearing this same black suit to their other meetings at Primavera, contradicting his claim. Schneider explains that back then, Jack dirtied his suit and so he disposed of it.

Rose asserts that the murder of the first prostitute was all to frame Jack, and that Schneider was responsible. She felt it off that he was willing to accuse Jack with so little evidence, and switched the focus of Primavera's investigation from proving Jack's innocence to getting info about the real killer. They found that the first victim complained to colleagues that a regular client wasn't returning money she lent him, and that it was an American police officer. The officer would ask the woman for money when he lost at gambling, and threatened her with his authority if she didn't accept. When she finally ran out of money, she was killed; Rose asserts Schneider killed her around the same time he switched suits.

Schneider is unfazed by their explanation. Rose adds that on the night of the murder, another friend of the victim she spoke to said that if anything happened to her, then they should suspect Schneider, and emphasizes how afraid she was to stand up to him. Schneider is still skeptical, and posits that the woman of the night was coerced and is giving false testimony.

Rose has Cyrus pull out the white suit Schneider disposed of, getting surprise from the inspector. Rose explains that the suit was found by a merchant who tried to sell it on the black market since it looked expensive, but couldn't sell it because of the bloodstains on the front and cuffs. Rose reiterates that this is Schneider's one-of-a-kind suit, and the inspector loses his composure. Rose explains how the women of Primavera attract clientele from everywhere, and so they have a massive information network of everything in City 23, from violent, corrupt officers to dubious black-market suits; Primavera allows her to connect to other people and stand inbetween light and darkness.

Rose suggests to submit the testimony, the bloodstained suit, and the cross knife to police and reopen the investigation. Schneider drops to his knees in defeat. Richard goes up to him and provides an offer: they'll overlook everything in exchange for Schneider becoming their inside man. Wayne is shocked.