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The entrance gate to the main house

The Sonozaki Main House (園崎本家 Sonozaki Honke) is an estate in Hinamizawa that serves as the primary residence for the Sonozaki family. Oryou Sonozaki and her granddaughter Mion Sonozaki live there.


The main house is said to be very big, with enough space to fit a mountain in its backyard. The place is surrounded by forests and high barbed-wire fences. A camera security system watches over the area, and venomous snakes infest the grounds.[1]

Deep in the forest is an underground torture chamber. It contains ritual tools used for the Watanagashi Festival, some prison cells, and a deep well that leads outside to a mountain.

Various parts of the Sonozaki main house were inspired by the Wada House and the Magoemon guest house in Shirakawa-go.[2]


The torture chamber was built by the Sonozaki family to continue carrying out the Watanagashi ritual in secret, as the changing times meant human sacrifices were becoming taboo.[3] The well has been used to cover up people's disappearances for years, judging by the decades-old bones discovered there.[4]

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